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Any attempt to provide an adequate theory of cognition that ignores Essay

Any attempt to provide an adequate theory of wisdom that ignores emotion is probably doomed to failure (Eysenck, 1995). Discuss - Essay ExampleThis paper is dedicated to epitome of relationships in the midst of cognitions and emotions in order to find out whether Eysencks (1995) thesis is right or not.There ar now few doubts that cognitions and emotions together constitute the core of personality, its set, and in fact make what a gentle is (Kelly, 1969). The value of emotions and cognitions for personality could hardly be underestimated. Already Aristotle admitted the value of emotions in peoples lives (Kafetsios and LaRock, 2003). In the early 18 century J.Berkeley was one of the first to distinguish emotions and cognitions. J. Berkeley came to the conclusion that peoples reactions on the stimuli - the so-called ideas, are combinations of cognitions (the acts of peoples minds) and emotions (the acts of peoples soul and fantasy). tally to Thomists ideas, emotions and cognitio ns are the major characteristics that differentiate human beings from non-humans (Lyons, 1999).Regardless the visible simplicity of the issue, both(prenominal) the nature of emotions and cognitions and their relationships unsounded remain discussable and contestable amidst psychologists and physiologists. There are numbers of approaches and theories that tend to go into two extremes. One of these extremes insists on poor or even no relationship between cognitions and emotions. This extreme reflects metaphysical attitude to affects understood as the antitheses of rationality.Another approach Another approach named biological or physiological theory of emotions summarizes the findings of Ch. Darwin (psychoevolutionary theory), W. pack and C. Lange (organic theory), and W. Cannon (psycho-organic theory) who generally explained emotions as the functions of mind and believed that emotions are unrelated to cognitions. Also this statement is less support by contemporary psychologists, until now the biological approach has a number of partisans. Modern reinterpretations of this approach windlessness assume that cognitions and emotions are completely different in nature. While cognitions are extremely structured and alter, emotions are less individual and, in fact depersonalized, as most people share the aforesaid(prenominal) emotions reacting on the same events (Danes, 1991). The common critique to this point of view usually implies the following statement if peoples emotions are unrelated to their thinking, then our emotional reactions should always be the same and stable regardless the stimuli. However, our emotional reactions, in fact, lie on a certain continuum, where such emotion as attraction may crop from a slight interest to passion depending on our rational evaluation of an object. This statement implies psychological relatedness between emotional and rational (cognitive) processes which participate in rational procession of data.Another extreme, wide ly known as cognitive approach, implies that emotions and cognitions can not be analyzed and understood separately as they both constitute the joint process of reacting. According to cognitivists, emotions

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Assessing IT Security Measures of HSBC Bank Coursework

Assessing IT Security Measures of HSBC rim - Coursework ExamplePre defined and anticipated risks arrive to be assessed meticulously and the adequacy of safety measures has to be find to incorporate all the necessary and change and improvements required in the security systems. This genuine study aims to diagnose the various security issues that eat up blemished HSBCs image and status in the recent past. The base also features the security policy that has been redefined by the organization in order to mitigate the anticipated risks along with the advanced security features that have been installed in the systems for assuring safety and security to its clients. INTRODUCTION HSBC has encountered numerous instances of data theft that has affected thousands of customers. Data reveals that almost 24,000 clients have suffered financial losses. In the year 2006, almost 9000 customers prop an account in HSBC Switzerland had their account data pilfered (Barrett L, 2010). After such in cidents, it became necessary for the bank to incorporate epoch-making improvements to its data security measures and the system as a whole involving technology in order to set ahead the current status. Such revisions added to the overall cost burden of the organization almost $93 gazillion (Barrett L, 2010). ... withal such information was sh atomic number 18d between the administrators and home office staff that created unwanted problems for the firm. After analyzing the current case, it can be said that security issues have greatly tarnished the organizations reputation and image. A huge amount of fine the largest fine ever imposed in UK, approximately 5% million dollars was forced on three HSBC firms for implementing ineffective and inadequate security measures (Barrett L, 2010). LITERATURE REVIEW There ar numerous threats faced by an organization in the modern times, but till now at that place has been no single or uniform strategy that could be adopted by organizations as iodin comprehensive policy to resolve the issues or mitigate the challenges right from hardware to software, from core to application and from topical anaesthetic issues to broad network problems ( Chen L, Dan Feng D & Ming L, 2007). With the rapid advancement and growth in the IT sector, parallel developments have also been witnessed in their illegal and unethical use (Ditzion R, Geddes E, & Rhodes M, 2003 Maher M K & Thompson J. M, 2002). The negative consequences of cyber crime are tremendous causing financial and economic loss both to the organization as well as the economy. The irony is that such crimes require too less a resources and equally low technical expertise. historical data reveals that almost 5percent of US based organizations including banks have been attached by computer virus and hackers which have caused huge losses to the firms and their clients (Barr K, Beiting M & Grezeskinski A, 2003). In a research conducted by Meier D, Mackman A, Dunner M, Vasireddy S, Escamilla R & Murukan A (2006), a systematic process of an attackers methodology was analyzed in-depth

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Reflective paper in PALLIATIVE CARE 260 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Reflective paper in palliative CARE 260 - Essay ExampleThe pain that the patient was going through usually brought in him feelings of slack and hopelessness, especially with the realization that chances of survival were slim. The patient had decided to make an end of sustenance plan in the last 6 months of the 45th category, which doctors had assured him would not end before he died. For sure, he died in the 5th month. The end of life plans included a will, which he gave me to give his son after he completed high school. To him, I was more understanding than his 16 year old son who had wooly his mother in a tragic road accident. He was the only child in the family and my uncle mat that he could be spoiled if he was exposed to the wealth before completion of his final year in high school.Care was provided for the patient to improve his quality of life and also ensure that it would be prolonged to last at least six months from the date that the doctors diagnosed him with terminal illness. Counselors from the local health boil down used to visit the patients home once per week to comfort him regarding the possibility of his life being prolonged despite the illness. Some cadences the local preacher who worked hand in hand with the health care professionals would accompany them to provide spiritual nourishment to the patient. The patient used to sigh with relief every time the group visited the home. He asserted that he felt taken care of and never suffered from rejection. The care that he received was similar to the palliative care that Lee et al. (2002) argued is significant for a society that has value for its members. tally to him, people need to be encouraged even if it is known that there are slim chances for survival. The damage of being aware that the day of dying is nearing may lead to stress and fear especially during the nighttime when everybody else retires to sleep. Loneliness engulfs the ailing person and the fact that the exact time he/she wi ll die is not known generates anxiety and feelings of

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Differences in Globalization.Differences Between Globalization From Essay

Differences in Globalization.Differences Between Globalization From supra And From Below - Essay ExampleIn the business front, globalisation may hit to the aspect of put resources and conducting businesses beyond domestic and national markets to international markets across the world with a view of enhancing closer relations in different markets (Investopedia 2013, p. 1). Indeed, globalization involves the creation of an open and common global market and investment opportunities. Generally, globalization may define distinct political, economic, and social processes of a given society where it involves the decentralization of modern font technologies, ideologies, and practices (Najera 2007, p. 1). This allows for the manduction of information and exercising free will in defined aspects as more people across the globe establish close and relevant relationships. More so, this fosters international trade, international policies, and cultural exchange (Investopedia 2013, p. 1). Ide ally, in that respect are significant benefits that relate to globalization in the modern world and hence the support on globalization by various scholars. Nevertheless, there are differences regarding the future and expansion of globalization with some scholars cover globalization as an inexorable process. This leads to the assumption of different views concerning globalization. This intromits globalization from below and globalization from supra. The proponents of globalization may relate it to industrial growth in developing nations where such nations benefit from increased employment opportunities and technical transfer from the industrialized nations. Indeed, globalization allows the developing nations to derive economic benefits from the industrialized nations thus fostering economic growth in the developing nations. Nevertheless, we still have critics of globalization who claim that the benefits of globalization are wedded to numerous risks. Indeed, the critics of globali zation have homogenizing impacts on culture and exploit the domestic people and environment (Najera 2007, p. 1). Moreover, they keep up that globalization demeans national sovereignty and underrates the domestic labor force (Investopedia 2013, p. 1). There are different instruments of globalization, which include the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank, which recorded immense success in the juvenile past (Brecher, Costello & Smith 2000, p. 1). As such, it is evident that globalization has taken root and its application in the modern world bears potential benefits. There are different types of globalization, which include economic globalization, cultural globalization, economic globalization, globalization of sport, globalization of higher education, and globalization of medicine, health, religion, and science (Ritzer 2010, p. 60). More so, there are distinct factors that drive modern globalization which include technology, capitalism, and multinational corporations (Ritzer 2010, p. 60). Nevertheless, there are differences regarding the future and expansion of globalization with some scholars exhibit globalization as an inexorable process (Ritzer 2010, p. 60). This leads to the assumption of different views concerning globalization. This includes masking globalization from below and viewing globalization from above. Notably, there are significant differences between globalization from above and globalization from below. Ideally, we can refer to the view of globalization from below as democratic globalization and refer to the view of globalization from above as corporate globalization. More specifically, globalization from below refers to a situation where individuals (activists) or

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Teaching Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

command - Personal Statement ExampleThis cooperation occurs between students and their peers as well as students and teachers. Social literacy is supported for example, where in that respect is opportunity to work in groups, discuss issues, and contribution to class works.Appeal to the interest of children this teaching supports lore literacy since it is based on a curriculum that responds directly to the interest of children. This provides opportunities for knowledge construction. The tenet also allows a constructivist teacher to recognize and stimulate the interest of children. This will support science literacy when for example, the teacher observes what children do, solicit the ideas of children, and send off activities that entice children.Teaching in terms of the type of involved knowledge this tenet defines the kinds of knowledge helpful to constructivist teachers. Physical knowledge, conventional or social knowledge, and logico-mathematical knowledge may be used among ch ildren. This supports science literacy in that varying strategies are used for different types of knowledge. For example, with conventional knowledge, children are shown and told the information via direct instruction, in somatogenic knowledge, the children are assisted in getting chances to act on things and their reactions noted while a teacher provides experiences in logico-mathematical knowledge through which student reorganize their own knowledge.Choosing content challenging children this principle creates a culture of inquiry and develop teaching curriculum based on ideas which allow a very in-depth study. It supports science of literacy through providing activities appropriate for wide development levels. For example, it analyzes activities in terms of relationships and regularities.Promote reasoning among children this principle supports science literacy because it encourages

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Plagiarism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Plagiarism - shew ExampleIn simple terms, the use of another persons work without giving collect acknowledge to the source constitutes buccaneering. The first step towards avoiding plagiarism is to admit that adhering to the strategies for avoiding plagiarism makes a person no less of a great writer. The following paragraphs of the essay are used to lay out how scholarly persons raft strategized their writing to avoid cases and instances of plagiarism in a wake of an era when plagiarism is gaining more and projection throughout universities in the world. Strategies for avoiding Plagiarism One of the first strategies to avoiding plagiarism is to identify the appropriate mechanism instituted in the selection of a group of words belonging to another person. By academic provisions, a student is expected to either paraphrase a group of words belonging to another person or bring quotation marks when the words are taken verbatim (University of Michigans bookish Publishing Office, 200 6). ... An example can be cited with the same example above to read as plagiarism remains a critical component of academic fraud. From the structure of the paraphrased sentence, it can be seen that the substitution theme of the original message is maintained while keeping close to the same number of words. It is in light of this that the Durkin University (2012) states that a paraphrase is the rephrasing of a short passage from a text, in about the same number of words. The next strategy to paraphrasing and using quotations is much related to paraphrasing and using quotation and this has to do with using in-text citation. In-text citation simply refers to a provision whereby the writer states the name of the original owner of all quotation or paraphrase made Durkin University (2012). In most jurisdictions, it is expected that the writer pass on besides state the date of publication of the said source. The general idea behind in-text citation is therefore for the writer to stat e the name of original owner and the date of publication. However, depending on the referencing format or style being used by the writer, there are difference ways in which in-text citations will be made. any(prenominal) of the referencing styles are APA, Harvard and Oxford. It is very important for a student who wants to avoid problems with plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty to have a fairer idea of how to use in-text citation for the different referencing styles. In a typical APA referencing style, a write who indicates the name of original owner and date before the quotation or paraphrase will be expected to write the surname of the owner and put the date in parenthesis. Example is gardener (2011). If the source is an institution, it is expected that the

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Palmolive - Target Market Identification Report Essay

Palmolive - Target Market Identification Report - Essay Example market mix model focuses on item parts of a watertights marketing strategy. The ingathering is one of the basic elements of this strategy. By promoting a particular fruit, a firm needs to consider in general the following two issues a) would be the development of existing crop a priority or b) speech pattern should be rather given to the step-up of the firms share in the targeting marketing? In the second fictional character, the firm should try to introduce new increases while in the first case the characteristics of a firms product should be rather highlighted through appropriately customized marketing strategies. In the case under examination, the first strategy would be rather used, aiming to emphasize on the advantages of the firms specific product, the Palmolive natural shampoo vibrant color in regard to the targeting market, i.e. the Australian market. On the other hand, Dibb et al. (2008) melodic phras e that the term Product as part of the marketing mix model, refers to a series of issues, including the quality awareness, the product image, the value and the quality of the product but also the product military operation. The marketing policies used by a firm in beau monde to support the performance of one of its products have to refer to the supra qualities/ needs of the product, the promotion of which is the targeting market will be attempted.In the case under examination, the marketing strategy of the firm in regard to the specific product would be additionally influenced by the following facts the Palmolive natural shampoo vibrant color.... 2008, 94). The marketing policies used by a firm in order to support the performance of one of its products have to refer to the above qualities/ needs of the product, the promotion of which in the targeting market will be attempted. In the case under examination, the marketing strategy of the firm in regard to the specific product would be additionally influenced by the following facts the Palmolive natural shampoo vibrant colour has been introduced in order to meet specific needs the needs of people with colored hair for increased hair misgiving and protection (Colgate Palmolive 2011). More specifically, the above shampoo helps towards the recovery of hair damaged by the colour discourse in the specific product, a combination of UV filter and Avocado extracts (Colgate Palmolive 2011) has been used aiming to ensure the ready recovery of hair damaged by color treatment but also to ensure the increase of life of colored hair and the improvement of quality of colored hair (Colgate Palmolive 2011). It should be noticed that a conditioner is available by the firm in order to increase the benefits/ effects of the specific shampoo. The package of the above product can be characterized as satisfactory proving clear information on the content and the qualities of the product moreover, the use of different color in the products packaging compared to the other products of the firm helps to deal the specific product among the others of the same firm but also among other products with similar characteristics. 1.2 Current set The wrong of the particular product can be characterized as of an average to low level compared to the price of similar products of its competitors (Leader et al. 1990).

Do genes cause anti social behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Do genes cause anti cordial deportment - Essay ExampleAnt- social behavior in a person is connected to his personal traits like impulsivity, sensation seeking risk taking attitude hence it is genetic. ( Thesis)Anti social behavior is often studied with many theories and one among them is biologic theory. In this theory the biologic make up of a person influences them to deviate from social norms. We digest see that all children are not aggressive or violent in young age. several(prenominal) children at tender age are more aggressive and violent than others. Such children end up in fights and quarrels even with little provocation. This means their biological make up is more responsive to situations and circumstances. This theory suggest that the physical body, inherited genes, brain structure, hormones has a role to play in anti social behavior. As per ( Cohen) Growing understanding of body mechanism suggest that certain biological factors like cross genes, neurological de ficits ,low serotonin activity can affect a persons biological leaning for crime or anti- social behaviorThe basic behavior of a person is connected to the biological constitution of a person. Not all stack and impulsive and eccentric in nature. Some raft never respond to situation in a violent manner and they would ignore many intriguing situations by being sober and calm. However, a person who has a trait of impulsiveness and aggression can bring a criminal or an anti social element more easily than others. Some people are more aggressive by birth and might have inherited from their family lineageThe criminologist has open a link between the anatomy of a person and their propensity to commit crime. It is understood that height, encumbrance and appearance of a person has correlation with a persons tendency to commit crime. As per ( The Ministry of Justice) Looking at records from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, they have found evidence that shorter men

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Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting - Essay ExampleClinically, however, there is a right need to control PONV since undertreated, PONV may lead to life-threatening complications, such as, wound dehiscence, pulmonary aspiration of gastric contents, bleeding, dehydration, and even electrolyte imbalances if continued unabated. Rapid advances in surgical techniques have brought in a paradigm angle in approach to surgical physical exertion, where the order of the solar day is minimal access and rapid discharge from the hospital, and day care surgeries are rapidly replacing the convention surgical practice of prolonged hospital stay. counterbalance very mild PONV may result in delayed hospital discharge, decreased patient satisfaction, and change magnitude use of resources including medical and surgical care, intravenous fluids, drugs, and other supplies. PONV is the major cause of unanticipated admission to hospital following day-case surgery (Gan, 2006), and from these angles, prev ention and focussing is of utmost importance, and for the reason given above, the nurses must implement the management strategies that consider evidence from research.Nurses have responsibilities to prevent and relieve postoperative nausea and vomiting. ... Most of the nursing practice for management of PONV goes by traditional practice, not by evidence. Classically a majority of PONV is caused by the effectuate anesthetic agents on the brain and other related perioperative factors. With the advent of newer pharmacologic agents that are used to induce anesthesia, it is now important to update knowledge on the management of PONV. There is a huge body of literature of PONV management that covers pharmacological, dietary, and behavioral interventions that may culminate into an updated development of assessment and management guidelines (Eberhart et al., 2004). furthermore, it provide bold an opportunity to identify the gaps in knowledge, so further research can be carried out. Therefore it was immovable that a literature review will be undertaken to find out evidence from published research literature in the current time to examine evidence and rationale for nursing practices in PONV, and the findings will be presented in an organized manner so these can be utilized as a guideline in the practice.Strategy of Literature Review To build a scientific basis of evidence, a comprehensive literature search was undertaken and then evaluated. For the purpose of the review of literature to support the rationale, need, and continuation of the project, the pen conducted an exhaustive literature search. Electronic databases accessed for information included CINHAL, Medline and Pubmed along with the Google Scholar internet search engine. Moreover MEDLINE, EMBASE, and CINAHL and Cochrane databases were searched to identify relevant literature on prevention and management of Postoperative nausea and vomiting. UMI Proquest Digital Dissertations, ISI mesh of Science, Ca mbridge Scientific Abstracts,

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The Situation of African Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel Essay

The Situation of African Refugees and foundation Seekers in Israel - Essay ExampleThis was the first of a series of acts that displayed Israels opposition to further entry. At the end of the year, a violent dispersal of a demonstration by Sudanese asylum seekers in Egypt, in which dozens were killed, resulted into an increase of refugee entry into Israel. The country responded by reviving and enforcing a 50s law, the Prevention of infiltration Law in the early part of 2006. A wave of arrests followed shortly, congealting more Sudanese asylum seekers behind bars without the benefit of a quasi-judicial review. Since then, all those arrested under the Prevention of Infiltration have been held in the Ketsiot prison without their cases heard. Several NGOs had petitioned the High Court of Justice to put a stop on the use of such law by Israeli authorities. The following geezerhood saw more attempts of refugees to enter Israel via the border with Egypt. With the states strict enforceme nt of the Prevention of Infiltration Law, refugees were consistently arrested. legion(predicate) were forcibly sent back to Egypt under a process called hot return. The refugees exactly experienced worse human rights abuses in the hands of the Egyptian authorities. Several sympathetic local governments with the dish of NGOs briefly accommodated those that remained, specially the Eritreans. However, in 2007, the Ministry of Interior implemented measures took away the rights of the refugees and asylum seekers in getting employment. Many were still tracked for hot return and were temporarily detained while waiting to be sent forcibly .

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Manage Projects Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Manage Projects - Essay ExampleProcurement caution plan was designed to place the process and requirements for the cast and a closeout report is presented here. This plan united the scope of the run across with the risks associated with procurement. The plan elaborate the process from procurement planning to procurement closeout. From the first step of documentation to the contract closeout, procurement management takes into account all the risks that may occur in the process. The damage of these risks was not enormous however procurement management deals with these risks beforehand and protects the organization from loss. The procurement process runs smoothly as all the precautionary steps were taken. There was no risk of understatement or overstatement of goods which protected the picture from bearing high cost.This project was chosen because the organization needed high quality shrubs, tires and bricks and companys capacity isnt complete to produce such items inside the co mpany. The project remained well under the limit of $575,000 with $5000 to spare and they were spent on taking care of buyers claims. Project finished before the planned deadline. Out of the set risks, delayed delivery affected the schedule of the project by two days but it was cover up due to managers efficiency. Financial forecasts were very accurate as the intact project was accomplished within the monitory limitations.Management was present and available for supervision. All major management was performed by the procurement project manager but senior management was available for support and necessary tasks adulation for solicitation etc. Finances were also managed adequately. Approval from CFO was taken before planning the whole procurement.Project team worked effectively and efficiently with the stakeholders. Hierarchy was designed specifically for the whole procurement process. The project manager was responsible for the success

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Plastic bags should be concerned more before it poisons our planet Term Paper

Plastic bags should be concerned more before it poisons our planet - Term Paper ExampleThere were even 63 identified uses of fictile bags, specifically Walmart bags. (Trucker 2009) However, as the world progressed and the environment began to be clogged by these charge card bags, its harmful cause could not be idly dismissed.It is in this regard that this essay is written to determine the effects of plastic bags in our environment. After briefly tracing the origins of the plastic bags, the essay would initially present its uses and its over-consumption and discuss its final effects in our environment. Finally, this essay would suggest recommendations address the issues concerning the harmful effects of these plastic bags in the environment.The archetypal identified use for plastic bags is to wrap food products. In 1969 Appierdo (2008) presented that the New York City Sanitation parts New York City Experiment demonstrates that plastic refuse bag curbside pickup is cleaner, safe r and quieter than metal tear apart can pick-up, beginning a shift to plastic can liners among consumers. The 1970s likewise marked more uses for plastic bags as recognized by retail giants such as Sears, J.C. Penney, Montgomery Ward, Jordan Marsh, Allied, Federated, and Hills. (Appierdo 2008) During the 1990s, the technology for recycle enabled the plastic bags to transform its utilization to other productive benefits. Barnard (2007) stipulated that with some trial and error we were able to pass water a pretty durable and usable shopping bag.

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Mayor John Lindsay's Time in the office Research Paper

mayor John Lindsays Time in the office - look for Paper ExampleHe was competing with two other political rivals also struggling for the office of Mayor. He defeated A.D. Beame, the thusly comptroller and W.F. Buckley, Jr who were contesting under the banner of Conservative party. When John Vliet Lindsay got the office, the condition of the city was not good as far as the commodities of life were concerned. The city was dumped in serious fiscal and economic upheavals that it was very difficult for any one holding the office of the Mayor to help the City place of this abyss. The outgoing Mayor, Mr. R.F.Wagner, Jr had left a deteriorated economy where the jobs, especially for the uneducated class were disappearing and the migration from the city was at peak. The people were in a very tough condition and the administration has nothing to heal up the problems of the people. The people were thus in coercion and were helpless and have no other option then to leave the city and drawtle somewhere else. The middle class families were moving to suburbs to live with contentment. The industrial field was going down, the public sector was in skirmishes and the workers of the public sector had won the right to unionize. Keeping in mind all these aggravated problems it was very tough for John Vliet Lindsay to hold office and control. ... The city was fritter by crisis over crisis and this was not only due to the predecessors policies but the ill policies of Lindsay gave impetus to these crises which shook the walls of the city. nigh of the issues relating to problematic concerns of the city are as under. Labor Issue When Lindsay took the charge on his very head start day, the pack workers staged a disagree and shut down the whole city including the subways and bus services. They set an ultimatum of 9 days to meet their demands but the poor policies of the Mayor neglected the ultimatum and did not negotiate with the transport workers. The refusal of the Mayor result ed in three more days of strike and lasted for 12 days. Even then when the negotiations went successful, the loss leader of the transport workers Mike Quill in a shift conference made mockery of the Mayor by saying that negotiating with the Mayor is not a hard task. After such an outrageous protest by the transport workers, Lindsay turned a deaf ear to such protests and in a press conference remarked that New York City is a fun city where nothing happens badly. This point of view was quoted by many newspapers in sarcastic and sardonic points. The country crept on moving in to the abyssal interlace and the corporate headquarters started moving out of the city. Still the resonance of the debacle of the corporate sector was in sounds that the Mayor blasted the scene of New York City with another development (Pileggi, 1969). Citys give lessons System Decentralization According to Pileggi (1969), in the year 1968, the Mayor allowed the decentralization of the citys school day system granting three local school boards under the complete control over other schools. This was a thing of concern for the teachers as now they

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Solutions for Renewable Water Sources in Desert Regions of the World Essay

Solutions for Renewable Water Sources in Desert Regions of the World - Essay ExampleWater scarceness is increasing and there should be sustainable solution to provide piss for the urban as swell as rural sections. Desert Regions have less sources of renewable piss and Green solutions have the competency to provide peeing for the desert regions of the world. The main objective of the paper is to Give solutions to reduce or coif water scarceness in desert regions of the world. Water resources The planet Earth is covered with just about 71% of saline water that cannot be utilized by humans for readily use. Although, oceans and seas contribute often in providing life for the marine creatures that are beneficent for humans and balance of the planet, but the water cannot be utilized in the pure state. About 97% water present on water is engaging and remaining 3% is extraneous. The almost part of the fresh water content about 68.7% remains wintry in the shape of glaciers, and mountainous ice caps and 30.1% are saved by nature in ground (Ground water). The remaining 0.9% is in the form of lakes and rivers and visible(prenominal) of humans, animals and plants use. Thus, there is a little portion of water that is available for human use, and there is a need to develop strategies and methods to conserve water for the future of the human flow and for the future of the planet (Reisner, 438-442). soma Source Chenje, nd Water scarcity is rising due to the extend to of climate change. On the other hand, humans have done fewer efforts in developing technologies and strategies to conserve the water resource with the increase in the tribe. Renewable water resources are the resources of water that generate water through natural or artificial processes by utilizing the waste water. Rivers, Lakes and streams are the renewable water resources, where water is maintained by the natural process of rain. Renewable resources can also be considered as the fresh water resources (Reisner, 438-442). Water Scarcity Water stress has a deep relation with the size of the population and the resources the region has. The ration depicts a region is facing the water stress if the regions water sources are unable to provide 1700 cubic meters of water to single person on an annual primer coat (Howard, n.p). However, if the water sources are unable to provide 1000 cubic meters of water to a person annually, the region is considered to be facing water scarcity (Webb 51-57). On the other hand, if the supply water drops lower than d cubic meters, the regions is considered to be facing dictatorial scarcity that can unable to provide enough imbibing water to a person. On the other hand, the quality of water has an inverse relation with the water scarcity. wad will compromise on the quality of water in water scar regions. Water scarcity is directly related to the food scarcity as crops are also unable to survive without water. Image source Accessed from www.re volve-magazine.com A report by United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs (USDESA) writes close to 700 million people in 43 countries suffer today from water scarcity (Un.org, n.p). In another(prenominal) place, the Report predicts By 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and two-thirds of the worlds population could be living under water stressed conditions (Un.org, n.p). The corresponding report depicts that the most stressed regions of the world are Sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East and in the Desert regions of genus Arizona and Nevada in the United States. The Report

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Fundamental Elements of Kimpton Hotels' Strategy Essay

Fundamental Elements of Kimpton Hotels Strategy - try out ExampleKimpton has many unique programs like the Global business program, Kimpton In Touch, Kimpton Cares, Women In Touch, Earth cope program, LGBT, Shop Kimpton Style etc. The Company also takes pride in its commitment to social obligation and leads the hospitality industry in ecological practices done its innovative Earth Care programs. In influence to woo ladies, Kimpton had launched the Women In Touch program. Its features include offering comfortable and safe environments, in-room fitness and wellness options and another(prenominal) essentials catered to suit women. The Company is expanding rapidly and among the companies, newest properties are the Hotel Palomar in Washington D.C., which opened in July 2006, and the Hotel Palomar Dallas, which opened in August 2006. Additional projects are underway in Southern California, Texas, Florida and Virginia.Currently, Kimpton develops, owns and manages more lifestyle hotel s than any other company in the United States. Kimptons unique combination of style, four-star service and fine dining experience on with its constant focus on top line sales and bottom line results have realised the company as the first choice for many businessmen.The fundamental elements of Kimpton Hotels strategy are care, comfort, style, flavor, and fun. They try to watch that these five elements are present in all the group hotels that they own. Kimptons signature elements are care, comfort, style, flavor, and fun. These elements come through in everything we do. 1As part of these five pillars, all Kimpton Hotels are thoughtfully appointed and managed to religious service guests maintain and enrich their lifestyles on the road. Each is individually designed to reflect the energy, personality, and pulse of its distinct location, history, and architectural style.

Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

Strategy - Essay display casePorter argues that the ability to perform particular activities and to manage the linkages amid these activities is a source of competitive advantage. The preceding(prenominal) diagram shows an example of a corporate value chain analysis that can be use to general manufacturing process of a Cadburys product. The analysis can help identify the ships companys core competencies and weakness throughout the manufacturing process and whether competitive advantage is created or lost because of this. Internal means analysis summary (IFAS) External factors Analysis Summary (EFAS) Porters five forces applied to Cadbury plc drag Strong/Weak Threat to Cadbury Industry/ Competitor/Competitive rivalry Strong There argon three main competitors within the confectionery industry, Cadbury , the market leader followed by Mars and Nestle, The competition between the three companies is very strong and each company aims to be the market leader Corporate system Chen et a l (2009) states that Corporate strategy is primarily about the choice of direction for a secure as a whole and the management of its business or product profile. Cadburys corporate directing strategy after their success in 2008 is growth. This is one of Cadburys main priorities for the future. Working alongside the companys business strategy , Cadbury will work towards achieving horizontal growth. This is achieved by Cadbury expanding its products into other geographical locations and/or increasing the range of products and services it offers(Chen et al 2009) Cadbury hope to achieve horizontal growth by pore on five key brands, Cadbury, Trident, Halls, Green and Blacks and The Natural Confectionary Company Cadbury are doing this as an action towards achieving their vision as it is believed that these brands have the strongest potential in new and existing markets on a global level A key factor towards Cadbury mentioned throughout the report, is lack of sales and revenue generate d by Cadbury outside of western Europe. Therefore concentrating on specific brands that are thought to be the most no-hit on a global scale will help the company launch new products in other countries , hopefully

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Barilla’s manufacturing Essay Example for Free

kalis manufacturing EssayManufacturing glasswort has 25 plants, including bulky flour mills, pasta plants, and fresh bread, as well as plants producing specialty products. stark(a) materials, in the manufacturing process, were trans variety showed to packaged pasta on beaty-automated 120 meter long production lines. The plants were narrow by the type of pasta they would produce, with the primary distinction based on the composition of the pasta, e.g. dry or fresh pasta, pasta with or without eggs and spinach. Also, even within the same family of pasta products, individual products were charge to plants based on the size and shape of the pasta. The manufacturing process at Barilla was very precise, and required close heat and humidity specifications in the pasta dry process, so as to keep the changeover make up low and quality high.Distri furtherionBarilla divided its products into dry and fresh product categories and maintained a different distribution system for the two categories. The dry products category includes dry pasta and longer shelf-life bakery products, whereas, the fresh products category includes fresh pasta products (with 21-day shelf life) and fresh bread (with one-day shelf life). Barilla had two central distribution centers (CDC) to which the products shipped from the plants. The fresh products were then purchased from these CDCs by independent agents who then channe lead the products through 70 regional warehouses located throughout Italy.From the CDCs approximately 65% of the dry products went to the highlymarkets, 70% of these (65% of dry products) went to super market chains, whereas, the remaining 30% went to independent super markets. The remaining 35% of dry products were distributed from the CDCs to Barillas internally owned regional warehouses, which then distributed them to smallindependent shops Signora Maria Shops.Dry products articled for supermarket chains were distributed from the CDC to the chains own distributi on organization, known as Grande Distribuzione (GD). While those destined for independent supermarkets were distributed from the CDC to a distributor known as Distribuzione Organizzata (DO), which acted as a centralized buying organization for a large number of independent supermarkets. The CDCs held a months inventory for dry products, and 3 long time for fresh products. The GD, DO and the internally owned regional warehouses (for Signora Maria shops) held a two-week supply for Barillas dry products. The following figure ( go through 1) shows an illustration of Barillas distribution system for dry productsFigure 1 Barillas Distribution Network for Dry ProductsWhat is the worry faced by Barilla? What do you opine are the factors causing this problem?Barillas pasta supply chain suffers from classic bullwhip-effect problem. It has been experiencing large amounts of variability in beg resulting in operational inefficiency and increase manufacturing, inventory, and distribution cost s. The underlying factors of the fluctuating select include Barillas sales strategy relying heavily on the use of promotions in the form of price, transportation and volume discounts sales representatives being rewarded based on the amount of product sold to distributors, which led to sales representatives trying to push product to the distributors during promotions, decreasing the ability to accurately forecast sales the distributors having full control over their orders leading to gaming behaviors and the lack of a computer forecasting system at the distributor level.Describe the solution proposed by Brando Vitali. Why do you gestate this would help alleviate the problem?Brando Vitali suggested the implementation of a Just-In-Time Distribution(JITD) strategy, which is essentially the Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) strategy. Barilla give be in charge of the channel between the CDCs and the distributor and decide on the timing and size of shipments to its distributors. Thus, conflicting traditional supply chains in which distributors place orders and manufacturers try to satisfy these orders as much as possible, in JITD Barillas own logistics organization would specify the appropriate delivery quantities those that will more effectively pucker the end guests needs yet would overly more evenly distribute the workload on Barillas manufacturing and logistics system. If implemented, Barilla digest make better delivery decisions and improve its demand forecasts, be more effective in meeting end-customers needs, and more evenly distribute the workload on its manufacturing and logistics systems. Also, the inventory levels at CDCs will as well as be reduced.What conflicts or barriers internal to Barilla does the JITD program give? What causes these conflicts? How should Giorgio Maggiali deal with these internal conflicts?The main resistance internal to Barilla was from the sales and marketing functions, which Barilla, until now, has relied upon for its success. The sales representatives feared decrease in both their responsibilities and bonuses due to a flatted sales level. The marketing people also feared a reduction in responsibilities as trade promotions would be difficult to run with a JITD strategy. There were also concerns virtually inability to adjust shipments quickly to stock outs, lack of infrastructure to handle JITD, vague cost benefits, and increased competitor shelf space at distributors.I think Maggiali should demonstrate that JITD benefits not just Barilla, but also the distributors. He should run experiments at one or more distributor sites and prove his case. Also, Maggiali should throw out the marketing and sales people to look at the overall benefit to the supply chain. By getting the top management involved, by effectively advocating the benefits for the entire supply chain, and by removing the obstacles of sales incentives and reduced responsibility, Maggiali can effectively deal with this problem and get JITD implemented.How do you think a typical Barilla customer would respond to JITD? Why? How would you influence the customer that the JITD program was worth trying? If you are not adequate to(p) to sway the customer, what alternatives would you suggest to combat some of the difficulties that Barillas operating system faces?I think a typical Barilla customer, if explained to properly, should be able to comprehend the benefits associated with JITD for the entire supply chain. I would convince the customer by mentioning the benefits of the JITD in removing the bullwhip effect. I would point out the fact that they would actually be cut down their costs significantly because Barilla would be responsible for monitoring and replenishing their inventories when levels are low. Moreover, the reduced inventory levels would also save them the cost for both inventories and space.If however, I am not able to convince the customers, I will try other modes, in my capability, to effectively res pond to the fluctuating demand. For this purposes, I would either reduce the varieties of products being offered which will reduce the need to have so many different inventories and SKU for both customers and Barilla. I could also try implementing the Just-In-Time (lean production) approach for Barillas manufacturing processes processes which are internal and Barilla has full control over.

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Integral part of British culture Essay Example for Free

Integral classify of British culture Essay pockets atomic number 18 contemporary, which means they ar written in the same poetry that they ar world acted. some(prenominal) attestants develop whats c completelyed social critism or social commentary, when as I mentioned before, viewers get lost in the plots and get carried away with their feelings. You sometimes hear about hoi polloi trying to kill characters that they dont like. I effective ring how pathetic they are that they cant differenciate between a slash opera and reality. Political bias is another issue, which tends to sway the minds of viewers. This happens when a character is portrayed to save a specific political view on a matter. For example if a character is powerfully against the Labour Party, their views may rub off on to the public, and then the public assume that that is their real belief. in reality the actors/actresses are shoved a script to learn. They dont mess about and argue with the script wr iters just because their views differ to their characters. many potentially controversial issues are embarked upon in mucks. For example, when the first lesbian kiss was screened on Brookside a few years ago everyone was horrified.On the otherhand, it encouraged real life lesbian couples to go public, not being ashamed of their sexuality. Soap operas are a form of voyeurism which means you can enjoy watching without participating, which is just up some peoples street. Its nice to come in from school, make a cuppa and be socialise by people for fractional an hour, from a distance, without having to participate. Some people believe soaps are anti-depressants. This is true when you are experiencing serious problems in your life. It is comforting when you switch on the tv and find a character with a much worse problem than yours.It puts everything into perspective, and demonstrates that it is quite possible to overcome such problems. Soap operas prove to be relief from everyday press ures, albeit temporary. This is especially true for me. My artistic merit is Neighbours. Sometimes I cant hold back till 5. 35pm, because I know that I can relax during the twenty five minutes it is on. Soaps are very informative about occupations. You get to know what a characters job involves and requires. For example, Joe Scully is a builder in Neighbours, Paddy is a vet in Emmerdale and Karl Kennedy, a doctor in Neighbours. whole these characters provide sound insights into these careers, which may help you to choose which job suits you. Soaps allow you to study lifestyles. This is especially useful for sociology and psychology students who are required to research different lifestyles and the way they affect our personalities. Using these studies they can compare the lifestyles of regions or countries, and how they differ. Soaps are used as message propaganda. This is when truths or quotes are twisted and end up only half true. Journalists use this technique.Since video recor ders developed, soaps have given them a revolution. Before technology developed viewers who were otiose to watch an episode simply missed it. Now, it is popular to record programmes when you are out, or viewing on another channel. This revolution has increased the viewing figures by thousands. Producers of soap operas have many promotion techniques. Some of these include advertising, omnibus episodes, special length episodes with exciting content, ie, a birth or a wedding. All of these attract the viewer and send the ratings rocketing.There are two types of soaps Imported and home grown. Imported is self-explanatory-the soap is imported from other countries to our screens, Home and Away and Neighbours are examples. Home grown is the screening of soaps from their own country. wealth and power V class consciousness is an issue in soaps. An example of wealth and power is mike Bawldin in Coronation Street. He is portrayed as a filthy rich business man. On the otherhand the employees t hat work for him in his factory are examples of class consciousness. They are of the working class.In my opinion this is vilify because it demonstrates that people of different classes should be treated differently, when really people should be treated with the same sum total of respect. Soaps are a form of escapism, as viewers can escape from the real world to the soap world. Soaps provide a vicarious experience, which means that the viewers experience the soap at second hand. The lunge experience at first hand. Soap opera producers use romanticism to enchance love affairs, to give the viewer a rose-tinted image of the issue. Usually the characters chosen to have love affairs are beautiful, psycially desirable people.We all know that in the real world this stereotypical image is not always true to life. Soap operas move with the times in all aspects such as decor and design in houses and settings, up to the minute technology, lifestyles and relationships, entertainment and the c ultural scene (mores), eg drugs, alcohol abuse. This can have a powerful partake on the viewers who will emulate a particular home or lifestyle. Overall, I think soap operas are enjoyable and fulfilling, but if watched over prolongued periods of time can lead to unhealthy addiction.

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Collective responsibility Essay Example for Free

Collective responsibility EssayThe roles of the characters trans ashes during the play as well. Sheila, who is described at the start as a pretty girl in her early twenties, in truth pleased with life and rather excited, suddenly assumes the role of the Inspector. She starts to understand that the Inspector knows each the right answers and is intrigued as to how. After he leaves she takes on his role and starts questioning her p atomic number 18nts. It is almost as if she is passing her fathers capitalist ideas and is stepping into the Inspectors shoes, conveying his socialist ideas. This shows the audience how socialism is better than Capitalism. Sheila is forced to follow her fathers capitalist ideas, freak upon given the choice she would rather follow the Inspectors socialist idea. as well in that time women were meant to be seen and non heard, just now socialism has given Sheila the chance to talk and state her feeling.This again shows that socialism is the better of the both as it shows equality surrounded by e rattling star. This is also evident in Eric as to fightds the end of the play, as Mr and Mrs birle seem to be celebrating that the Inspector is not real Eric is still mourning Evas death. He also points erupt to his parents that they are to blame for Evas death too. This is shown when Sheila says it wont bring Eva Smith back to life, and Eric adds that we all helped to kill her, This shows that the jr. generation are perhaps more mature than their parents. It also shows that the younger generations habits place be changed, besides the older generation might stick to their beliefs and ideas. An other point of view may be that this shows how the arena is changing and that we must change with it. The people that dont change their ways provide end up the give care Mr and Mrs birle, bitter and old.One of the most important machinations that JB Priestley uses is the Inspector himself, for he is the pathway to truth and is almost l ike Jesus in the way that he gives people the chance to change, but it is up to them to accept and learn the necessary changes. The Inspector is almost like Priestleys socialist voice. The name of the inspector is of significant importance. Goole suggests a ghostly, trace almost omniscient character as he seems to know the outcome of events beforehand. The inspector turns the family against each other and is almost the puppeteer of the whole play. He controls what the family do and say.This is evident at the end of act three when Eric postulate a drink and Mr Birling refuses but the inspector says Yes I know hes your son and this is your house but look at him. He requires a drink now just to see him through, at which point Mr. Birling allows him to have a drink. Sheila also realises the Inspectors ability to make people say what he wants them to. This is shown in act when she is talking to Gerald and she says I know. Somehow he makes you. The Inspector cleverly makes the Birlin gs and Gerald reveal their crimes he only gives them a menial amount of information such as a name and in some manner makes them confess everything. The Inspector pushes the blame of Evas death from angiotensin-converting enzymeness character to another, introducing the idea of collective responsibility. It almost seems like the inspector is the characters conscience or a lawyer cleverly putting forward a case.In act 3 Priestley uses the Inspectors speech to convey his socialist ideas. This speech gives an opposite message to that which Birling gave whereby he said that a man has a mind to his own business and look after himself and his own. He said that we are members of oneness body. This is an ironic reference to the army. This shows how Priestley believes that we are all part of one confederation and like parts of the body we should all learn to work in concert. I think it also shows that no one is any more important than another, like in a body each soulfulness has a spec ific, unique job in life and without everyone working together, we would not be able to go properly, and our world will collapse. His speech is almost structured like an argument. The Inspector shows both sides of the rich and poor, and leaves it up to the audience to decide the final verdict.The Inspector almost represents the wars. This is as when the first war came, no one responded or changed their ways, so another war was sent to make them pay in fire, blood and anguish. This very effectively sums up what the wars were about, and how people should have seen the error of their ways and changed while it was possible, but the Second homo War tried to get the message across at the end which is almost shown as at the end, the Birlings find out that an inspector is on his way to question them on Evas death. This is also a very important and powerful statement, as it would seem that the Inspector is implying that the war was sent to punish people for not working together and at the same time was forcing them to do so.The war broke flock barriers between classes and people all had to work together for their country, not for personal gain, so what the Inspector spoke of was by and large accurate. I think Priestley used the idea of war to convey his message because it was a major skip when the play was written and everyone would have suffered from it and would care greatly about it. This shows that the audience should change their opinions about one another it also shows that if they had stuck together and shown equality between one another, then maybe the wars wouldnt have happened. Also some people may think that this speech shows that although the war may be sent down to punish the people, it may also have been sent down to guide the people. To show them that they should respect one another and they will all eventually have to work together. Some may say that the war may have been a blessing in disguise.In conclusion there are many an(prenominal) dramatic d evices used to contribute the raising political awareness in this play, and to help emphasise J.B Priestleys event view, which is that the world needs to stop being Capitalist and start looking at the world form a socialists point of view. I think that Priestley has done well in showing how Socialism will constantly be better than Capitalism and has used a variety of ways to shows this. Possibly one of the best device used is the juxtaposition between the Inspector and Mr. Birling for this directly shows his personal views on the difference between Capitalism and Socialism.He also tries to show this by having the Inspector say that we are all part of one community, while Mr. Birling says as if we are bees in a hive, as if the community is vulgar, while the Inspector is showing just how wrong he is. Priestly has constructed an almost bed contrast between Mr. Birling and the Inspector, one representing Priestleys opinions and the other representing Pre World War One social opinions . Mr. Birling is ridiculed in the play with his speeches about the future. Mr. Birling is very explosive in his speech, which shows the uncomfortable nature of Capitalism, and how it can be upset by minimal things. The Inspector is given authority in his speeches and shows he is always calm and in control. This shows the audience that of the two ideas socialism is the better.I think that the main dramatic device used is the idea of collective responsibility. This is a major theme of the play. As well as exhausting to make the Birling family take personal responsibility for Evas death he also wants them to know that together they killed her. Priestley wants the audience to take responsibility for their mistakes, he wants them to feel guilty and work together to make things right. The occurrence that Priestley questions the morality of the audience is what makes them interested throughout the play. The audience feel as if theyre the ones that are being judged, and questioned, and th at they need to confess and accept their responsibility. This involvement and idea of responsibility in my opinion is what makes An Inspector Calls an incredible, thought enkindle play.

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The case of Webster v Doe Essay Example for Free

The lesson of Webster v Doe EssayThe case of Webster v Doe deals with a case that ruled upon the balance between national security and the individual rights of an employee. It also rules on the issue of iniquitous vector sum as a result of sexual discrimination. FACTS Under the National Security Act of 1947, the manager of the CIA is empowered to terminate the employment of any employee of the CIA. The law provides that when the manager, in his discretion, perceives that an employee may pose a holy terror to the security interests of the United States he may unilaterally terminate the service of the former. In the case at hand, a former CIA employee was fired after he had openly admitted to another CIA employee that he was a homosexual. This departure was despite the fact that such(prenominal) CIA employee had received excellent and outstanding employee performance ratings. In justifying the termination, the CIA Director utter that the homosexuality of the former employee was deemed sufficient threat to the security interests of the United States. The dismissed employee soon filed suit alleging that the termination constituted a violation of the Administrative Procedure Act as well as his organic Right to Property, Liberty and Privacy.The CIA Director, on the other hand, cites that decisions made under the provisions of Section 102 of the NSA grant him such power. ISSUES 1. ) Do the provisions of the APA supersede the provisions of NSA with regard to the termination of employees? 2. ) Is the act of terminating the employment of a government activity employee based on sexual preferences in violation of the United States system, particularly the First, Fourth, Fifth and Ninth Amendments?HELD The dogmatic Court ruled that the NSA law precludes any form of judicial review for acts that are not inappropriate to the protection of a persons Constitutional Rights. In an effort to uphold the law and the routine for which it was enacted, Protection of Na tional Security, care must be taken in construing the grant of power that is provided. The CIA Director is granted considerable discretion in terminating the employment of individuals.As far as the laws on agency are concerned, the CIA Director is allowed, by law, to terminate the services of anyone deemed to be a threat to the security interests without complying with the requisites of the APA law. Matters of procedure, harmonize to the Supreme Court, cannot be taken to more important than matters of public policy and national security. However, when the acts constitute violations of the Constitution and infringe upon the constitutionally guaranteed rights of individuals, the Constitution must be understood to prevail.

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The Perfect Storm Film Essay Example for Free

The utter(a) Storm Film EssayMy favorite part of The Perfect Storm actually happens when Bobby Shatford, and Albert Pierre have a bad premonition and decide not to go on the trip. Knowing they argon undecomposed adds to the suspense of the situation. This part of the book is the most unbelievable though because the trip is their job, it seems like they would go. The most believable part was how the storm is described. It might seem unrealistic only if I think it is tame to what can happen in the ocean. There are all kinds of dangers in the ocean.Over all I do not like the suffering of the people on the sauceboat and also the later suffering of the people of the town. While I did not like the suffering my favorite character was in fact the storm, the storm represented so much such as disposition herself, the unbeatable opponent, etc. The storm was the most crucial character in the book. The ending was all right but not what I expected. I had thought the book would be a lot divergent starting with some guys going to sea then going through a storm and any ending in the storm or shortly after but a lot of data was given about fishing, and the ending went farther then I expected.The title fits the book because during the book you are told about the past and how bad the sea can be and then this storm happens that could happen at any time now or when people first began fishing in Glouster and it is as abominable a storm as you can imagine. A major theme of the book was man vs. nature.

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Agency Factors Essay Example for Free

Agency Factors EssayFoster proves are in a yob position. On the one hand they are expected to welcome unfamiliar boorren into their homes, invest in them emotionally and physically, and help them through a difficult time. On the other(a) hand, this intense investment is supposed to be temporary. When the placement ends, nurse parents are expected to disengage in a way that is helpful to the child and everyone else involved. In the hustle and bustle of a placement move, whether the child is going home or woful roughwhere else, encourage parents feelings of loss are ofttimes not given adequate attention. Agency Factors In 1989, Lois Urquhart conducted a study to determine whether nurse parents experiences of separation and loss affected their decision to pass rearing children. She surveyed 376 foster homes, 275 of which were licensed and open to children, and 101 of which had been previously-licensed but had closed within the past three years. She give that both groups of families extended love and affection for their foster children and sadness at their loss. The two groups also matte up similar levels of anxiety and uncertainty regarding foster care placements.Urquhart found that although open home respondents more a lot knew how long a placement would be, both groups rarely knew from the outset a childs length of stay in their homes (p. 203). Urquhart did find two key differences between open and closed foster homes. The first emerged when she asked foster parents how surface their agency prepared them for the separation and the tribulation they would feel at the end of a placement. While 36 pct of foster parents from open homes felt they had been taught skills for coping with a childs removal only 19 percent of closed homes felt they had been adequately prepared.The other signifi merchantmant difference between open and closed homes had to do with the degree to which they felt their agency back up them before, during, and after separatio n. Foster parents from open homes felt they were better supported by their agency in every category assessed. Parents from open homes were also provided with information about and connexion with former foster children more often than were parents from closed homes. Urquhart concludes that foster parents who are unprepared or unbacked for the separation and loss experience can be considered foster parents at risk of leaving foster care (p. 206).Emotional Factors To continue on in their work after the end of a placement, foster parents need to resolve their grief. One step in this regale-expressing the pain associated with the loss-can be especially difficult for some foster parents. In When Foster Children Leave Helping Foster Parents to Grieve, Susan Edelstein (1981) identifies four obstacles that prevent people from expressing grief over a loss. Foster parents can run up against any or all of these. First, grieve is difficult when the birth to the lost person was ambivalent or hostile.Foster parents whitethorn experience flux feelings about foster children, especially those who are prone to act out. A second barrier to full expressing feelings of loss when a child leaves the foster home is the number of other demands placed on foster parents. Usually, there are other foster and biological children still in the home. Foster parents must continue to attend to these children, leaving little opportunity to express themselves. Expectations can be another barrier. It may be an unspoken expectation that foster parents should not get too attached to the children in their homes.Foster parents who express feelings of loss may be considered weak by their agency or other foster parents they may even have their ability to foster questioned. The final barrier has to do with differences in individual personalities. some(a) people have a need to always appear confident and independent, and grieving makes them uncomfortable they tantrum the vulnerability that is part o f grief as a sign of weakness. For suggestions for supportingand retainingfoster families, see Support at the block off of Placement. References Edelstein, S. (1981).When foster children leave Helping foster parents to grieve. Child Welfare, 60(7), 467-473. Urquhart, L. (1989). Separation and loss Assessing the impacts on foster parent retention. Child and Adolescent Social Work, 6(3), 193-209. (c) 1997 Jordan Institute for Families Helping a Child Through a aeonian Separation 1. Help the child face reality. The pain involve to be acknowledged and the grieving process allowed. 2. Encourage the child to express feelings. There can be expressions of reasons for the separation without condemning parents. 3. Tell the truth.You can emphasize that his parents were not able to take care of him without saying, Your mother is an alcoholic. Also, try to deal with the fantasy that children often have that the parents will return. The permanency of the loss needs to be realized. 4. Encourag e the child to ask questions. Again, be as truthful in your responses as you can without hurting the child. Never lie to the child, even to mere(a) some pain. 5. Process with the child why the losses occurred. Ask about his ideas of why he has make the moves he has and experienced these losses.6. Spend time with the child. Any child who has experienced separation feels rejection and guilt. This can intercede with his sense of trust in others and himself. By spending time and talking with the child, a new, trusting relationship can be built between the worker and child during preparation. This, in turn, can lead to other healthy relationships. 7. Encourage information about the past. A childs identity is partly a result of having a past that is continuous. To achieve this continuity, various techniques, such as the Life Book, are valuable.Social, cultural, and developmental information needs to be included in the book and made available to the child. 8. Understand your own feelings . It is difficult to appropriate the pain of separation and to be the one who helps the child face realitysuch as the fact that he may never see his biological or foster parents again. Often, the worker would prefer to avoid the pain and hot under the collar(predicate) feelings. However, if these feelings are not dealt with now, they will recur and may jeopardize placement.

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Evidence On Global Warming Essay Example for Free

Evidence On Global Warming EssaySvante Arrhenius was really an erudite as he was the pioneer in discovering the supposition as early as 1886 in the absence of many modern technical instruments and super computers. During celestial latitude 1995, United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC , an international network of more than 2,550 scientists spend a penny substantiate that there existed many evidence of global warming and such phenomenon could not be denied ,though it is difficult to quantify.With the serving of precise satellites measuring equipments and with the assistance of super computers, scientists have irrevocably proved that there are pissed ground for the existence of global warming on the basis of process of large quantity of endure datas. The other evidences of global warming are as follows ? Tanzanias Mount Kilimanjaro legendary snows have melted down about 81% since 1912 and it would completely disappear by the year 2020.? Bermudas coasta l mangrove forest is annihilated by rising sea levels. ? Over the past forty years, beingness ocean temperature has increased by a net 0. 12 degrees Fahrenheit. ? Glaziers at Himalayas in India are withdrawing at a record speed and it is predicted by scientists that all eastern and central Himalayan glaziers will evaporate by 2025. ? Pakistan witnessed the longest drought from 1999 to 2001 which had affected about 2.3 million people and about 16. 1 million livestock. ? As compared to 20 to 40 years before , the ice volume in glacial ocean has decreased by 40% ? In Washington D. C, Cherry trees have advanced their rosiness season. ? Europe has witnessed an extreme heat wave in 2003 and more than 25,100 people were died. ? During May 2002, southeastern separate of India witnessed heat wave which exceeded more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit and more than 1210 people died.

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Understand employment responsibilities and rights in health and social care Essay Example for Free

understand employment responsibilities and rights in health and social sympathize with EssayUnit 201 Understand employment responsibilities and rights in health, social care or children and young peoples settings. depict the toll and conditions of own contract of employment. Probation periodWhen I joined Children 4 Most I was told I was on a 6 month probation period, This means that the management are able to terminate my contract if the attach to is unsatisfied with my change by reversaling standards. Place of WorkI was as well told that I whitethorn fill to work at other locations for the nurserys needs. Pay arrangementsMy pay is 433 a month which is paid Into my posit account in or around the 23rd of each month. I am also empower to 150 bonus every 3 months this is given to each staff member if they hastennt had a sick day or been late to work in the 3 month period. undertake HoursMy hours of work are 35 hours a week, A Monday to Friday arrangement. HolidaysMy hol iday year runs from the 1st of April to the 31st of March. I am entitled to 28 days holidays which include the days I founder to take for assert Holidays. Holiday PayHoliday pay will be at the normal rate pay. maintain periodIf I choose to leave within my first month of being with the company a notice period is not permitted, However If I have been working with the company longer than 1 month a 1 week period will be provided, If I will have been with the company longer than 6 months a 4 week notice is required. ConfidentialityShould I breach this it may result in my contract being terminated. However if a child is view to be in need or at risk of suffering harm, Legal advice should be obtained.Describe the information which needs to be shown on your pay slip. My salary should be shown and the hours which I have worked, withal the rate of my pay for recitation 433.3300. Also the sequence of the payslip, the tax code and employee number, The net pay and also my name. Total gross pay, Gross for tax, Tax paid, Earnings for subject area restitution and also My National Insurance number. Explain what could happen when not carrying out the discipline requirements of your role.If I didnt carry out the rig requirements the children may not get the correct care that should be given. The nursery may also regain a visit from OFSTED and they may culmination down the nursery or change the rating for caseful from outstanding to pass, Parents may also take their children out of the nursery which may cause the nursery to close down. Explain how your role contributes to the overall delivery of then service provided.I provide all the correct care to en sure enough all the childrens needs are all correctly met and that they are glad and learning to all of their abilities. I have lots of responsibilities around the nursery from maintaining care of the children to protecting them and boost them with their learning. I also have to monitor the children and check the reg ister frequently and carry out conduce count checks every 30 minutes. I also have close bonds with the parents and when carrying out activities making sure the safety aspects are all addressed and followed. If the correct care wasnt provided, overall care may be dropped and accidents may happen.Explain how you could influence the quality of the service provided by following the best put within your work role. In a great position to influence a quality of care by setting standards of care, I show respect towards the children at all I times, I throw in the towel each child to have one and one time with me and I also allow each child to talk when they would like something. I deal with private situations with great respect for a example toilet routines, I encourage each child to close the toilet door behind them and I encourage each child to wipe themselves independently and pull up their clothing before they have opened the toilet door. Identify the personal information that must b e kept up to date with your employer.The information includes* name* address* date of birth* sex* education and qualifications* work experience* National Insurance number* tax code* details of any known disability* emergency affair detailsExplain agreed ways of working with employer.Without a personal line of credit description you wouldnt be able to apply for the job as you wouldnt know what roles and responsibilities the job would entitle. Your employer will also have agreed on your pay and the benefits you may or may not get within the job for example a company car, you will have agreed to this by signing a contract.

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Economics Essay Example for Free

Economics Essay1. What did Keynes intend some of the chief benefits and defects of capitalist economy were?Keynesian theory which was developed by Keynes counsels for a mixed prudence where the government and private sector be important. In Keynesian ride economy is assumed to be below full employment. Keynesian argues that the aggregate demand for well-grounded which seek to increase employment of resources in the country is the driving force of an economy. According to Keynes, the governments role is to reduced unemployment rate and deflation train to enhance increased output in an economy (Baqliano and Bertola, 2003). Capitalism developed by Max argues that the worthless in capitalistic society atomic number 18 so because of exploitation by the merchants who own the means of payoff and distribution. The merchants are said to exploit the poor through low wages. Marx argued that the value of any economic good should be determined by the apprehend used to manufacture. Any cost that is laid-backer than the cost of labor represents the surplus which is the profits the capitalists true(a)ize from exploitation of their laborers. Marx believes that all means of production should be owned by the government or should control by the government. Marx advocated for socialist government that owns the means of production or republican administration that control them.Economists who include Keynes deny the claims of Marx that labor is the only visor for surplus. According to Keynes who control capitalism, employers and employees are guided by the prevailing securities industry wages hence employers offer employment to forgeting workers. gutter Keynes believes in capitalistic economy and called on the government to stimulate it but not eliminate it. However, Keynes rate defect in capitalism where he argues that capitalism does not promote full employment, wealth and incomes which the model seeks to achieve in the long run.Keynesian ideologies have been employed by politico but two abuse of the model, inflation has resulted. This is evident with government manipulating policies to make economic conditions favorable during election which has led to high inflation in most state. Action by government leads to reduce authoritative wages and real incomes which do comply with Keynes model. Capitalism has led to segregation of the society into strata according to income and wealth owned. Most politician use Keynes ideologies by making promises that will earn them votes. Implementations of the promises require higher taxation which reduces income of individuals (Baqliano and Bertola, 2003).Keynesian advocate for full employment which should be accompanied buy steady controlled inflation level as an efficacious means of guiding the economy in he interests of capital. Keynes argue that real wages can be allowed to fall, government expenditure on schools, hospitals and infrastructure can be reduced as anti-inflationary measures and this i nflationary measure should be continued until employment level desired is achieved.According to Keynes denied that unemployment is contributed by capitalism. However Keynes argued that unemployment in capitalism is brought by inadequate demand of personal articles of consumption and profitable articles of consumption. Keynes argue that inadequate demand is as a result of the workers tending to accumulate part of their incomes through savings and the inadequate demand for productive consumption is brought by failure of people to invest their capital profitability which would lead to increase in output and hence reduced unemployment.Keynes advocates that employment can be increased by lowering real wages through inflation introduction and decreasing rate of interest. Increased rate of interest will encourage investment of capital which will increase aggregate demand. The government should then expand its compute to allow mass investment.Consumptive demand can be increased through in creased enthusiasm of the ruling class investing in war prone areas and increased non-productive expenses by the state. The increased non-productive expenses to run across full employment of the population will actually lead to diminished living standards of laborers.Keynes in his support for capitalism argued that the workers should not be assisted to rise above the capitalists because capitalists who consist of intellectuals are the quality of living and they carry seed of achievement. Keynes argued against socialism where the government owns the production.Keynes in support of capitalism advocates the governments to support monopoly. The wage halt policy by the federal government in Middle East helped increase the profits of the monopolies epoch lowering the living standards of the workers.Keynes argue that inflation bring about equilibrium position I n capitalism. In Capitalism Boom lead to increased profits and hence increased prices. Production expands up to overproductio n point where equilibrium is achieved through boom bursting.2. What is the identification problem in using econometric analysis?Identification problem in ecometrics involves solving unique determine of the parameters of the structural model from the values of the parameters of the reduced form of the model. Reduced form of a model presents a model where endogenous variables are expressed functions of exogenous variables. For example prices in a marker are determined by yield and demand, hence must establish the demand and supply functions. However, the equation obtained by regressing quantity on market price cannot be identified specifically as either supply or demand function. In special cases, we use regression to get demand function. While holding supply function uninterrupted or vice versa, but cannot obtain regression while accommodating fluctuation changes in both (Baqliano and Bertola, 2003).

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Examination of the Literature Review Essay Example for Free

test of the Literature Review EssayI selected Guidetti and Thams (2002) paper because I am fascinated by the work of occupational therapists. They are tasked, by the nature of their profession, to assist people with impairments or disabilities in achieving competency in their daily activities and consequently, they empower these individuals to grab hold of their limitations and transform them in a fashion that nurtures their horse sense of control and brings peace of mind to their loved unmatchables who lives with them.The paper sought to elucidate the strategies utilized by occupational therapists in their self-care intervention process with neurologically-impaired clients, specifically those who had had stroke or spinal cord injury. The study tapped the soft look for design. Specifically, it employed a modified phenomenology approach called EPP (empirical, phenomenological, psychological) method in generating and analyzing the data.The purpose of EPP method is to follow the essence, structure and character of the studied phenomenon (Guidetti Tham, 2002, p. 260). Although it informs the research question, the literary productions review (as well as the reference list) is not sufficient to build a platform for the need to provide a definition and description of the pattern of self-training and the typical therapeutic strategies used by therapists (Guidetti Tham, 2002, p. 258).It lacks relevant scientific texts. It is understandable that there is no vivacious study on the subject, moreover there is more scientific information in the literature some the therapeutic strategies in adjacent fields which could add valuable background to the introductory problem recognition as well as to the incisive discussion of the results later on. In the introduction section, the scholars presented the important variables of the research question finely (i.e. , meaning of self-care, therapeutic strategies), but failed to include a review of empirical literature , manifestly stating that there is a lack of empirical studies identifying the therapeutic strategies in self-care training (Guidetti Tham, 2002, p. 258). Although the statement may be correct, there are still many relevant studies worth reviewing that would guide the inquiry.It may not necessarily be those on self-care therapeutic strategies utilized by occupational therapist with persons who have neurological disorders, but also those studies on strategies used by the same professionals on rehabilitating persons with orthopedic injuries, lymphedema or amputees which do not specifically addressed the phenomenon, but may have implications for the study. In addition, the physical therapy literature on confusable issues could also add important insights. A look at the reference list of the article reveals that it is special in three ways.First, five of the papers in this list were written by either one of the same two authors, in collaboration with early(a) scholars. Second, the re are solitary(prenominal) three occupational therapy journals where they garnered articles for the review (i. e. , occupational Therapy International, American Journal of occupational Therapy, and Clinical Rehabilitation). Finally, the doctoral dissertations/theses reviewed in the paper came only from Sweden. This is not ideal especially in a journal with international circulation.The authors could have scoured articles from other journals of similar discipline that are available like British Journal of Occupational Therapy, Journal of Occupational Science, OT Practice, International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, Journal of Integrated Care, etc. Further, they could have utilized the abstracts available in the talk Abstracts International to offset the Swedish-focused dissertation reviews in the study. In qualitative studies, an in-depth, exploratory literature review is lively to discover what currently exists in the body of knowledge about the concerned phenomenon (Ta ylor Bogdan, 1998).Thus, the articles literature review and reference list in this regard only supported halfway the research question. more could have been done.ReferencesGuidetti, S. , Tham, K. (2002). Therapeutic strategies used by occupational therapists in self-care training A qualitative study. Occupational Therapy International, 9(4), 257-276. Taylor, S. J. , Bogdan, R. (1998). Introduction to qualitative research methods (3rd ed. ). New York John Wiley Sons, Inc.

Minimal Intervention Minimally Invasive Dentistry Health And Social Care Essay

Minimal Intervention Minimally Invasive Dentistry Health And Social C be experimentDentistry has very some(prenominal) vended from an invading to a more than than than conservative approach over the years. This is overdue to an extended understanding of the nature of the distemper and its process and discovering more powerful modes of intervention instead of the tralatitious cut, drill and fill technique. Hence, the concept of minimally invasive and minimal intervention dentistry is at once gaining popularity in modern dentistry.Minimal intervention is a modern medical approach to the interposition of cavum centre on prevention and detection of alveolar complaints at the earliest stage to avoid invasive treatment.When working(a) intervention is necessary, minimally invasive techniques ar being use widely to conserve as much tooth bodily structure as vi sufficient and reduce risk of tooth fracture and pulpal problems.The minimally interventive approach involves reduction of cariogenic bacteria. It uses noise measures such as topical fluorides, fling sealants and patient education on oral examination exam hygiene. Early lesions argon remineralised by non-interventive caution, such as fluoride ions in saliva. The surgery carried out if necessary is minimally invasive and uses tenacious sensibles such as glass ionomer cements and adhesive composite systems. Innovative, modified bodily cavity determinations ar apply with peradventure no drilling such as art techniques.The resurgence of send abrasive technology with newer quinine water materials has given a new dimension to minimally invasive dentistry. The micro-mechanical bonding of the coming back to the tooth structure by maximum preservation of healthy tooth structure negates the need to fol get-go courtly G.V. Black cavity excogitate parameters.Firstly, the difference between minimal intervention dentistry and minimally invasive dentistry need to be pointed out. Minim al intervention can be defined as a philosophy of professional alveolar consonant consonant consonant apprehension, with emphasis on too soon detection and earliest realizable cure of the carious distemper. This is followed by minimally invasive dentistry, which is the conservation of healthy tooth structure by use techniques that ar patient friendly and give birth minimal damage to the dental create from raw material and localisees on rep furrow of irreversible damages arrestd by the disease and remineralisation.1The concept of minimally invasive treatment emerged in dentistry in the early 1970s. One of the early examples of this is the application of diamine cash fluoride, which arrests the carious process and prevents the formation of any(prenominal) new tooth decay. The silver ions in the diamine silver fluoride kill pathogenic organisms. Application is dim-witted, cost effective and does non require any complex formulation to carry out.2 Several separate examp les are the development of preventive resin restorations (PRR) that were introduced in the 1980s, a injurytic soda pop treatment (ART) which is the treatment of enclosed space using only render instruments and restoring with an adhesive filling material such as glass ionomer cement, and Carisolv in the 1990s which is a chemo-mechanical method that is efficient at removing carious dentine.3The fundamental components of minimally invasive dentistry are the risk assessment of the disease paying particular attention on early detection and prevention of bodily cavity, remineralisation of the embellish and dentine, use of a wide range of restorative materials and techniques that cause minimal intervention and resorting to surgery only if absolutely necessary.The following definition can be used to summarise the different aspects of minimally invasive dentistry the maintenance and monitoring of oral health by dint of continuous care, comprising comprehensive preventive management, a longitudinal approach to risk assessment and diagnosis of inveterate disease, and a minimally interventive approach to any necessary operative intervention.4Minimally invasive dentistry is non only restricted to the management of caries. The concept can be used in various dental applications such as the treatment of periodontal conditions, wear of odontiasis through erosion and attrition and management of chronic oral mucosal diseases such as xerostomia.The patient is very much involved in this theatrical role of approach to preserve and maintain their dentition and oral health. The patient takes responsibility for the daily care of their mouth and to control and prevent the risk of developing disease or progression of existing disease to the best of their ability. To do this, patients must dedicate a cracking understanding of the disease process and realise what to do to maintain good oral health and should be consistently motivated by members of the dental team.(REWORD FULL Y)Minimal intervention suggests remineralisation of any e listl margin that is not yet cavitated as well as remineralisation of the lesion cut down to avoid irritation of the pulp. Demineralised enamel around the margin of the lesion will be restored during the stabilisation phase of treatment aimed at elimination of the disease through application of fluoride. The floor of the lesion will be remineralised through the positioning of a glass-ionomer cement for the restoration and this, at the same time will seal the margins against microleakage.14The minimally invasive approach has been described by Tyas and co-workers as followsEarly caries diagnosisThe classification of caries perspicaciousness and progression using radiographsAn assessment of individual caries riskReduction in cariogenic bacteria, in state to decrease the risk of further demineralisationThe arresting of active lesionsThe remineralisation and monitoring of non-cavitated arrested lesionsThe spatial relation of restorations with minimal cavity designsRepair rather than replacement of defective restorationsAssessment of disease management outcomes at regular intervals13 enduring Motivation (CUT EDIT COMPLETELYYYYYY)Preventive care is the foundation for minimally invasive dentistry.Preventive care is an subjective factor of the minimal invasion technique, plainly is reliant on the patient carrying out effective oral hygiene techniques. The motivation for this is most likely to stem from educating the patient about the carious process so that they understand the importance of maintaining good oral health. The most active method of doing this is likely to be certain demonstration of the carious process to patients as such stimulation is likely to show them the full effects, and pass on them to take part in preventive care on their own. An crucial factor to take into number is that each patient will have a different caries risk and assessment of this risk is necessary before treatment can take place. Caries risk is much more meaningful if there has been previous history of caries risk. In fact the best way of addressing treatment, in my faith is to use the risk score assessment method, treatment by this method ensures that management of the disease is specialist to the patient, so that the results are the most successful. A risk score is worked out and used to manage the disease in a specialised way based on the individual patient. Several different caries treatment techniques will be discussed.Firstly, Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA), developed by Featherstone in university of San Francisco, This tool provides not only the assessment mechanism exactly also a specialise of interventions tailored to the disease level predicted.- havent changed words aroundSecondly, the technique of DIAGNOdent is lesion specific and detect lesions Some types of caries detection tools are lesion-specific and detect lesions at their earliest stages.DIAGNOdent is v ery useful in detecting demineralisation on certain clears, particularly the occlusal surfaces of teeth.Prevention stems from patient motivation to carry out effective oral hygiene techniques at home and maintain good oral health.Educating patients about dental caries in addition to talking about cavities is an distinguished factor in motivating the patient as when they have a better understanding of the carious process they are more inclined to maintain good oral health to prevent such disease.The ability to demonstrate the caries process to patients might be the best motivational tool.If patients could rule the process actually happening before cavitation occurs, they might be more likely to practice appropriate oral hygiene methods at home.It is first necessary to assess the patients caries risk.One of the most important predictors of caries risk is the history of caries.Featherstone and colleagues at the University of California, San Francisco have developed and time-tested a caries assessment tool called. This tool provides not only the assessment mechanism that also a set of interventions tailored to the disease level predicted.Some types of caries detection tools are lesion-specific and detect lesions at their earliest stages.DIAGNOdent is very useful in detecting demineralisation on certain surfaces, particularly the occlusal surfaces of teeth.DIFOTI which stands for digital imaging fibre optic transillumination uses visable light between and through the teeth to see shadows that might be indicative of caries or different defects in the tooth structure.Quantitative light-induced fluorescence (QLF) scans the entire surface of the tooth and detects caries lesions at their earliest phases. By superimposing the lesion at two separate stages, it can assess the office of remineralisation. This is an example of psychological effect of caries management by risk assessment and early detection.A technology such as QLF chuck up the sponges the patient and practitioner to work together to achieve remineralisation. This empowers the patient and shows them the important of their role combined with professional recommendations in reversing the process before its cavitation stage. (Motivation is key hence patient more likely to follow and successful outcome).An increase in patient awareness of treating disease has developed a new kind of dentistry.Only at such an early stage can the patients focus shift from restorative dentistry to disease management.15GV Blacks Approach(REWORD REARRANGE ORDER)In 1895, G.V Black introduced the concept of computer address for prevention. The principle of computer address for prevention is that not only must the lesion be admitd in the outline, but any neighboring areas not at present carious but likely to do so in the well-nigh future should also be included to reduce the risk of subsequent carious recurrence tightlipped the cavity margin.The principles of cavity design, as described by G.V. Black underpinned operative dentistry for almost a century. As a consequence of adhesive techniques and new understanding of carious process, Blacks principles have been revisited. Eg Blacks concept of extension for prevention has been replaced by prevention of extention.17The preparation of a retentive lock or key in the occlusal aspect of posterior teeth in order to prevent displacement of non-adhesive amalgam restorations result in substantial loss of tooth structure, weakening the tooth.The purely surgical approach to caries control as taught by Black is now recognised as being too invasive and destructive. It is inefficient as it does not eliminate the cause of the disease and also leads to a continuing process of replacement dentistry, enlarging the cavity further. The restoration is subjected to an increasingly heavy load and the tooth gets weaker.The cavity designs proposed by Black required geometric precision with keen line angles, flat floors and remotion of all signs of dem ineralised tooth structure.The fundamental problem with Blacks classification is that it proposes a cavity design regardless(prenominal) of the size and extent of the lesion. Therefore, there will be a standard amount of tooth structure outback(a) whether it is involved with the disease or not. This results in the cavity preparation being larger that it necessitate to be. Also extension for prevention increases the areas for access of microbes, resulting in even more tooth structure being get hold ofd to remove the secondary caries.18New Cavity ClassificationThe concept of minimal intervention cavity designs is now being used as a replacement to the handed-down Blacks classification. The new classification will diagnose both the position of a lesion on the exposed crown of a tooth and the extent to which it has progressed. It is not required to specify a particular design for the cavity that needs to be assembled.(Table 1 Mount GJ, 2009)The preceding(prenominal) table shows a new cavity classification that has been developed by Graham Mount which takes into account the changes in caries activity so is classified by size as well as siteSite 1 lesions are homogeneous to pit and fissure class I restorations and other defects on smooth enamel surfaces.Site 2 lesions are those at contact areas between any pair of teeth.Site 3 lesions are those originating close to the gingival margin including exposed root surfaces. 13, 14As the size of the lesion extends so does the complexity of the restoration. The sizes that can be identified are as follows coat 0 the initial lesion at any site that has not yet had surface cavitation so whitethorn be possible to heal it.Size 1 the smallest minimal lesion requiring operative intervention.Size 2 a moderate sized cavity. There is muted adequate croak tooth structure to maintain integrity of the rest crown.Size 3 cavity needs to be modified and enlarged to provide some certificate for the remain crown from the occ lusal load.Size 4 cavity is now extensive following loss of a cusp from a posterior tooth or an incisial edge from an anterior.14Cavity preparationOne of the most important aims of minimally invasive techniques is to preserve as much sound tissue as possible. The smaller the cavity preparation, the better the performance of the restoration placed inwardly it.It is important to excavate only the irreparable, diseased enamel and dentine, keeping the cavity as small as possible. The cavity walls have to be modified in order to restore the cavities with a qualified adhesive material that can strengthen and support the remaining tooth structure, promote remineralisation and ideally have antibacterial activity. Any remaining bacteria need to be sozzled off so that their nutrient supply is cut off and the carious process is arrested.When carrying out the stages of caries remotion, it is imperative to follow a minimally invasive approach, and for this to be successful a good friendship of the chemistry and handling of dental materials is essential. There are many different approaches for proximal cavity preparation, with focus on preserving as much tooth substance as possible.5 Several techniques will be discussed as followed.transonic TechniquesThe sonic oscillating, SONICflex system is used in minimally interventive occlusoproximal preparations. It was developed to cut small proximal cavities and used a high frequent oscillating preparation instruments in an air-driven oscillating handpiece. Damage to adjacent teeth is minimised by the use of safe-sided diamond coated, round ended preparation tips. SONICflex can be used in situations where access is hardal, such as proximal sections. The SONICflex PrepGold and SONICflex PrepCeram instruments are designed for minimally interventive gold and ceramic inlay preparations.Figure 1 preparation with SONICflex Prep Ceram (Wilson NHF, 2007)Figure 2 Preparation with SONICflex Prep Gold (Wilson NHF, 2007) sonic instrum entation allows proximal beveling with limited risk of damage to the adjacent tooth surfaces.4 air Abrasion Bioactive GlassesThe air shekels technology was developed by Dr Robert Black in 1945 and was successfully introduced in 1951 with the Airdent air abrasion unit by S.S. White. Air abrasion can be described as a pseudo-mechanical, non- synchronous converter method of cutting hard dental tissue where the tooth surface is bombarded with high amphetamine desiccated abrasive particles, transferring energising energy to the tooth surface, which is micro-chipped away. (REWORD) Studies have shown that bonding of enamel and dentine surfaces that have been prepared with air abrasion are much better than those prepared with conventional carbide burs or acid etching.6Air abrasion produces no heat, vibration, pressure, fuss or noise and extent of hard tissue damage is far less than that accomplished using rotary instruments, then making air-abraded hard tissue surface more favourable to adhesive bonding.It deeds by using a stream of aluminium oxide particles produced from compressed air. The abrasive particles strike the tooth with high velocity and removes a small amount of the tooth structure. Efficiency of removal is relative to the hardness of the tissue or material being distant and the operating parameters of the air abrasion device. (REWORD) A number of parameters such as air pressure, operating distance, powderize flow rate, particle size, diameter of the nozzle tip and time of exposure modify the amount of hard tissue removal and depth of penetration. The safety for clinical use of alumina was back up by the fact that the particles are large enough to exceed the upper limit for respirable airborne pollutants.4Air pressure usually varies from 40 to 160 psi and most common particle sizes are 27 or 50 micrometres in diameter. A high powder flow rate will allow more particles to abrade the tooth faster. Operating distances from the tooth range from 0. 5 to 2 mm.Applications of air abrasion include caries removal, removal of superficial enamel defects, detection of pits and fissures, removal of pit and fissure surface stain, preparation of tooth structure for the placement of composites and ceramics, surface preparations of abfractions and abrasions, removal of existing restorations and as an adjunct to the conventional handpiece bur.7Air polishing is an alternative type of air abrasion that removes plaque and surface stains effectively by using sodium bicarbonate powder instead of alumina.Advantages of air abrasion include majority of patients do not need local anaesthetic, aggravation can be managed by reducing air pressure and patients are less anxious with the sound of air abrasion compared to a turbine drill.Air abrasion has a large number of indications but several(prenominal) contraindications are that it cannot be used to remove large amalgam restorations and is not efficient for removal of rank caries because it does no t cut substances that are soft. It also produces a round cavity that is not suitable for preparations requiring sharp margins.13Bioactive glass particles are recognised for their bone inductive properties and there is evidence that shows that bioglass particles can interact with dentine through the formation of a hydroxyl carbonate apatite layer which can provide an effective interactive seal. Bioglass particles can be used for extrinsic stain removal, desensitisation of exposed cervical dentine, removal of selective demineralised enamel and composite removal. They have the ability of discriminating incipient lesions from sound enamel, treating them selectively and minimally.Chemomechanical preachingChemomechanical treatment is a gel-based dentine caries removal system and remain the least interventive approach to the removal of carious dentine. Carisolv gel is used with this system and has the advantages of limiting the need for anesthesia, preserves dental tissues, reduces the u se of rotary instruments and is effective in controlling patient anxiety.Carisolv gel is applied into the cavity and subsequently the carious tissue is removed using specially designed hand instruments. The Carisolv hand instruments scrape away the material change state by the gel, hence preserving remineralisable layers of dentine and underlying sound dentine.Carisolv gel consists of a 0.1% hypochlorite-based alkaline gel with amino acids. The mechanism of the gel is that it dissolves infected dentine that has undergone proteolytic breakdown of collagen, causing further collapse of the collagen network for liberal removal with hand instruments. The gel has no detrimental effect on healthy, hard dental tissue.Indications include the treatment of anxious patients, root caries and wakeless lesions of caries.4Chemomechanical methods of caries removal is considered to be less painful compared to the use of rotary instruments.8 It is a well-accepted method by patients, despite the p rolonged time taken to carry out the treatment. It is a self-limiting technique only removing infected dentine so it is not possible to cut away too much of the tooth structure.13Polymer Cutting InstrumentsMetal and diamond burs are not able to discriminate between infected and healthy dentine. Polymer instruments have been designed to differentiate between these two structures as it is able to remove softened dentine but cannot cut the hard, healthy dentine. These instruments have the potential to prepare selected cavities without the need for local anaesthesia.9Sound enamel has a Knoop hardness of approximately 400 and for dentine is 70-90. unhealthy dentine has a much lower Knoop hardness between 0-30. This allows a cutting instrument with a Knoop hardness of around 50 to be developed, which is halfway between carious and sound dentine.The polymer instrument remains largely intact when removing carious dentine but when it hits sound dentine, it is visably worn away therefore ca nnot remove or damage the sound dentine. This also means that it does not operatively expose vital odontoblasts and therefore has a limited capacity to cause pain and discomfort. Consequently, it may be possible to complete caries removal without having to use local anaesthesia.10Stepwise Excavation Atraumatic Restoration Technique (ART)Stepwise gibe and ART are modern applications of the minimally invasive approach of managing deep cavitated carious lesions. Both techniques use simple hand instruments such as excavators to remove the necrotic caries-infected dentine and also some caries-affected dentine.5 The reasons for using hand instruments instead of electric rotating handpieces is that it requires minimal cavity preparation that conserves sound tooth tissues and cause less trauma to teeth. Also, the need for local anaesthesia is reduced as the patient will not have to put on as much pain.The stepwise jibe technique involves at different intervals. Carious tissue was remove d and a thin layer of atomic number 20 hydroxide was placed followed by a temporary restoration. The calcium hydroxides primary purpose is to act as a protective seal of exposed dentine surface. It is a strong alkali so stimulates secondary dentine formation in very deep cavities.No final excavation is performed in the first visit. Re-entry and final excavation is do at a by and by date. There are several variations to the stepwise excavation technique such as Magnusson and Sundell placed a zinc oxide-eugenol cement temporary restoration and carried out the final excavation quaternary to six weeks later. In 1962, Law and Lewis placed calcium hydroxide and an amalgam restoration and re-entry was made six months later. More belatedly developed ART techniques restore the cavity with chemically adhesive GIC which forms a better seal, instead of the traditional amalgam and also let ons fluoride which prevents and arrests caries.5When the restoration is removed, arrested caries-affe cted dentine which is darker and harder is exposed and tertiary dentine is also deposited.In the excavation procedure, all the undermining enamel has to be removed to allow easy access to the carious dentine on the enamel-dentine junction. 1 mm of carious dentine is left behind on the pulpal wall and re-entry takes place afterward a year and the final excavation is carried out.By removing infected dental tissue in deep cavities, excavation is at a very close level to the pulp. By using the stepwise excavation, pulpal exposure is avoided and any pulpal complications are minimised.11(Figure 3 Bjorndal L, 2008)Figure 3 show the less invasive stepwise excavation procedure. The red zones indicate where plaque is found. A closed lesion environment before first excacation (a) and after (b) followed by application of calcium hydroxide material and a provisional restoration(c). During the treatment interval the demineralized dentine has clinically changed into signs of slow lesion progress , seen by a darker demineralized dentin (d). After final excavation (e) the permanent restoration is made (f).11Restorative MaterialsAt present there are several restorative materials that are congruous with a minimal interventive philosophy such as resin composites, giomers, ormocers, compomers, resin-modified and traditional glass-ionomer cements. The use of adhesive techniques such as resin composites removes the need of occlusal keys and undercuts, therefore conserving more tooth substance.13Amalgam (REWORD)Amalgam is one of the oldest direct restorative materials still in use. It is an alloy of several metals including silver, tin, copper, zinc and a small amount of mercury. Amalgam is not compatible with the minimal intervention philosophy despite its proven durability. It requires an undercut to retain the restoration macro-mechanically hence more tooth structure is removed or damaged, ultimately weakening the remaining tissue. Consequently amalgam is not recommended for the initial management of lesions of caries and where a minimally interventive approach is indicated.(REWORD)It is possible for the amalgam to be bonded to teeth with dentine adhesive systems, reducing the need for undercuts. These are called bonded amalgam restorations.Modern techniques for cavity preparation such as air abrasion are not well suited for the removal of amalgam and there is fretting for the levels of mercury released when amalgam is abraded. Air abrasion of amalgam for one minute released mercury vapour four times in excess of the OSHA standard.12Resin Composites (REWORD COMPLETELY)Resin composites are glass filler particles in a resin matrix. Composites for anterior and posterior teeth require different properties. Materials with a higher filler resin ratio are recommended for posterior restorations, whereas materials with more resin matrix are used for anterior restorations. This is because materials with a higher filler resin ratio tend to be stronger, more wear res istant and resile less when cured. A high concentration of filler particles makes the material more opaque and is more difficult to finish. On the other hand, materials with a higher filler resin particle ratios are more advantageously finished and translucent so better suited for anterior teeth restorations. However they shrink more when cured.All resin systems contract on curing. The concept of soft-start polymerisation has been shown to produce better marginal registration which may lead to reduced interfacial leakage. Also the net overall shoplifting is less.Composite restorative materials follow the minimally invasive concept as they can be used in union with a dental adhesive system with minimal tooth preparation. Another advantage is that light-curing provides command cure which allows for prompt finishing and polishing. The restoration, if placed correctly in suitably prepared teeth, seals the tooth restorative interface, reducing interfacial leakage. It is possible to add material to cured increments, which allows for incremental build-up and further additions at a later date.Disadvantages include shrinkage typically 2-3% which can disrupt the marginal adaptation of the restoration. Bonding to dentine still remains problematic and water absorption with surface and marginal staining may occur after some years.Flowable composites are used in the repair of marginal defects in restorations and as a liner. They have a low filler resin ratio and suffer relatively large percentage shrinkage when they are cured, but have the advantage of easy of adaptation to preparations.CompomersCompomers are made predominately from resin composite with the addition of a polyacid-modified molecule, which makes the material more hydrophilic. Compomers are initially light-cured, but subsequently absorb water, allowing for an acid-base reaction to set the polyacid-modified molecule.initially the material shrinks due to polymerisation contraction but expands subsequently a s water is absorbed. Compomers are easy to handle and release fluoride. they are resin-made so a dentine bonding agent is required. Properties are similar to composites but wear and fracture resistance are less than for composite.Glass-Ionomer Cements (GICs) and resin-modifed GIC (RMGICs)GICs are used for cervical restorations, fissure sealants and proximal lesions in anterior teeth. RMGICs are indicated for bonded-base restorations, temporary restorations especially between appointments in endodontic therapy. They are also used in high caries risk patients and atraumatic restoration treatments. GICs not indicated for definitive restorations in adult dentitions expect for the treatment of root caries.The advantages include self-adhesion to the tooth tissue through bio reacting with the tooth surface and the release of fluoride and other ions. They perform well in low-stress areas. It can also be rechargeable, therefore taking up fluoride from the environment.20The disadvantages of G ICs include poor fracture strength and wear rates. They are also quite difficult to handle but this can be overcome by adding resin to create resin-modified glass ionomer cements which is easier to place and has improved aesthetics. traditionalistic GICs are more opaque and less aesthetic than RMGICs and also cause more marginal chipping. exogenous stain build-up is common with traditional GICs.20GiomersGiomers are a relatively new type of restorative material. The name giomer is a hybrid of the words glass ionomer and composite. They have properties of both glass ionomers such as fluoride release and recharge, and of resin composites such as aesthetics and biocompatibility. Therefore the material combines advantages of both materials. The material is composed of prereacted glass-ionomer particles within a resin matrix.OrmocersOrmocer stands for Organically Modified Ceramic. It is a three dimensionally cross-linked copolymer. Their chemistry is based on a polyvinylsiloxane backbon e. Ormocers are fully polymerised materials. Ormocers undergoes 1.97% volume shrinkage which is lowest value recorded so far for a resin based filling material.Due to their cross-linking and chemical nature, Ormocers ensure that it is a highly biocompatible filling material. Their advantages compared to conventional composites are outstanding biocompatibility, minimal shrinkage, resistance to masticatory loading and aesthetics resembling natural teeth.Examples of minimally invasive proceduresSealantsA Dental sealant is a thin protective covering made of resin that is applied to the grind surfaces of posterior teeth to prevent the formation of cavities. It is a primary preventive procedure. If the sealant is placed mightily it does not require any cutting of the tooth structure. Placement of sealants in suspect teeth within s