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Martin Luther King :: essays research papers

Martin Luther exponent Jr.King was born Michael Luther King in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15, 1929. He was one of the three children of Martin Luther King Sr., pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, and Alberta (Williams) King, a former schoolteacher. He was renamed "Martin" when he was about 6 years old.After going to local grammar and high schools, at the age of 15, he bring outed Morehouse College located in Atlanta, under a special program for gifted students in 1944. He wasnt planning to enter the ministry, just now then he met Dr. gum benjamin Mays, a scholar whose manner and behavior convinced him that a religious career could be academically material as well. After receiving his bachelors degree in 1948, King attended Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania, winning the Plafker Award as the outstanding student of the graduating class, and the J. Lewis Crozer Fellowship as well. He completed the coursework for his doctorate in 1953, and was granted the degree two years later upon achievement of his study. While in Boston, King met Coretta Scott, from Marion, Alabama, who was studying at the New England Conservatory of Music. They were married in 1953 and had four children. King then became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in capital of Alabama in 1954. He had been pastor slightly more than a year when the citys small group of civil-rights advocates decided to contest racial segregation on that citys public bus system. On Dec. 1, 1955, a black woman named genus Rosa Parks had refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger and as a root had been arrested for disobeying the citys segregation law. Black activists formed the Montgomery Improvement Association to boycott the transit system and chose King as their leader. He had the advantage of being a young, well-trained man who was too new in town to have made enemies he was normally respected, and his family links and professional standing would allow him to find an other(prenominal) pastorate should the boycott not do well. In his first speech to the group as its president, King statedWe have no alternative but to protest. For many years we have shown an surprise effort. We have sometimes given our white brothers the feeling that we liked the way we were being treated. But we come present tonight to be saved from that patience that makes us patient with anything less than freedom and justice.Martin Luther King essays research papers Martin Luther King Jr.King was born Michael Luther King in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15, 1929. He was one of the three children of Martin Luther King Sr., pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, and Alberta (Williams) King, a former schoolteacher. He was renamed "Martin" when he was about 6 years old.After going to local grammar and high schools, at the age of 15, he entered Morehouse College located in Atlanta, under a special program for gifted students in 1944. He wasnt planning to enter the ministry, but then he met Dr. Benjamin Mays, a scholar whose manner and behavior convinced him that a religious career could be academically satisfying as well. After receiving his bachelors degree in 1948, King attended Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania, winning the Plafker Award as the outstanding student of the graduating class, and the J. Lewis Crozer Fellowship as well. He completed the coursework for his doctorate in 1953, and was granted the degree two years later upon achievement of his study. While in Boston, King met Coretta Scott, from Marion, Alabama, who was studying at the New England Conservatory of Music. They were married in 1953 and had four children. King then became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery in 1954. He had been pastor slightly more than a year when the citys small group of civil-rights advocates decided to contest racial segregation on that citys public bus system. On Dec. 1, 1955, a black woman named Rosa Parks had refus ed to give up her bus seat to a white passenger and as a result had been arrested for disobeying the citys segregation law. Black activists formed the Montgomery Improvement Association to boycott the transit system and chose King as their leader. He had the advantage of being a young, well-trained man who was too new in town to have made enemies he was normally respected, and his family links and professional standing would allow him to find another pastorate should the boycott not do well. In his first speech to the group as its president, King statedWe have no alternative but to protest. For many years we have shown an amazing patience. We have sometimes given our white brothers the feeling that we liked the way we were being treated. But we come here tonight to be saved from that patience that makes us patient with anything less than freedom and justice.

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Hannibal Barca :: essays research papers

Hannibal Barca was born in 247 B.C. in the city of Carthage, which was located in modern Tunis, or the northern tip of Africa. His father, Hamilcar Barca, was a great Carthaginian general of the army who fought in the First treacherous War between Rome and Carthage, which the latter lost. At a very offspring age, Hamilcar made Hannibal promise eternal hatred towards Rome (Lendering, 1). At around age nine, Hannibal accompanied his father on an expedition to gain a attain in Spain. During this time was when Hannibal probably gained most of his military knowledge that helped him greatly later in life. When Hannibals father and older brother died in 229 and 226, Hannibal was elected commander-in-chief of the Carthaginian army. About ten years later, Hannibal, acting on his promise to his father, attacked the city of Sagantum in Spain, which was controlled by the papistics. This attack led to the start of the Second Punic War between Carthage and Rome. Even before the war started, H annibal knew what he was going to do. Since Carthage had no navy, there was no hope of going directly from Carthage to Italy over the Mediterranean Sea. Hannibal thought up a dangerous but ingenious plan. In order to get to Italy over land, Hannibal and his army would have to travel from Carthage-controlled Spain across the the Alps and into the heart of the enemy. Hannibal left in the cold winter of 218 B.C. with 50,000 infantry, 9,000 cavalry, and 37 war elephants. While crossing the Alps, Hannibals force suffered greatly from the elements and the hostility of the local tribesmen (Beshara, 3). By the time they reached Italy, after only fourteen days, over 9,000 men had perished along with most of the elephants, but this number was soon replenished after 14,000 northern Gaul rebels get together Hannibals army. This group of 60,000 men proved superior to the roman type forces, and after at least three recorded major victories, the Roman senate was exasperated. An army of 80,000 Rom an soldiers was sent to stop Hannibals army of now 50,000 once and for all. In July of 216 B.C., the Romans engaged the Carthaginians in the neighborhood of Cannae on the Italian east coast (Lendering, 2). greatly outnumbered, Hannibal realized that he would have to win by strategy, and that is exactly what he did. As the two lines met, Hannibals cavalry gained the flanks and, moving up the sides, attacked the rear of the Roman line.

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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis :: Biology Essays Research Papers

Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisHave you of all time had an experience of morning paralysis where you see yourself lying down, and you think youre raise so you try to get up, but suddenly you realize that you cant move? I have, several times. They have been the most frustrating and scariest times of my life. As I try harder to move, concentrating all my energy into moving one arm, the deeper I seem to be sinking in this indescribable feeling of entrapment. I hear the large number outside my room and try to get their attention by screaming. Instead, I hear a soft slurred sound coming from my throat. Then I start to panic. I cant breathe My energy is depleted and my body is exhausted. Eventually, I start to relax. The first time this happened to me, a mosquito landed on my big toenail while I was thinking of what to do. Without being consciously aware of it, I move my big toe. My body jerks and suddenly I can move convey God for the mosquito, otherwise I wouldnt have known that all I had to do was move my big toe towards me. Ever since, whenever I would have some other one of these experiences, I would relax and gently move my big toe towards me. If youve had one of these experiences, then youve probably had a glimpse of how it feels to have a full developed amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), more commonly known as Lou Gehrigs disease, is a neurological disorder that involves the degeneration of motor neurons. A-myo-trophic is derived from the Greek language. A connotes something negative or none. Myo means it has something to do with the muscles. Trophic translates to nourishment. (1) The term Lateral is attributed to the parts of the spinal cord that ALS usually affects. (2) The scarring that results from the degeneration of these neurons and nerve in the spinal cord is known as sclerosis. (2) In 1941, Lou Gehrig, a famous baseball player, died of ALS. His name has been associated with this progressive fatal neuromuscular dis ease ever since. (3) Another person whose name is associated with this disease is the French neurologist, Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot. He was the first to identify that motor neurons from the spinal cord are the main part of the head-in-the-clouds system affected by this disease, in 1869. For that, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is also known as maladie de Charcot.

thomas paine :: essays research papers

Thomas Paine was more than just a writer. He did many things in his life. He wrote pamphlets and books like the Common Sense, or African Slavery on America. He is still recognized for his writings today.Thomas Paine was born on January 29, 1737 in Thetford, England. He was the son of a farmer and corsetmaker. He went to a local anesthetic school until the age of thirteen. We was forced to leave school so he could help his father at work. He went through many jobs, and felt disquieted at everyone he tried.He went to sea at the age of nineteen. He traveled from place to place meeting many different people. He got married, solely unfortunately she died a year subsequent in 1760. He remarried in 1771. But again he was separated from her three years later. His appointment as excise collector in 1762 was lost in 1765 because of an improper entry report. ( Encyclopedia of World Biography, 66)Paine moved to America because of a London meeting with genus Benzoin Franklin. He got a job writ ing for a magazine called the Pennsylvania Magazine, and eventually became the editor. He wrote the Common Sense in 1776, about independence. It was a fast success. It was even translated into German and printed in England, Scotland, Holland, and France. It sold 120,000 in just three months, and over six million today. It was said to get the people ready for the firmness of Independence soon after.For the remainder of the Revolution he was with Washingtons soldiers. He wrote The Crisis which appeared between December 1776 and April 1783. Again he was Paine was know for his phrasemaking. In his later papers Paine attacked Tories, profiteers, inflationists, and counterfeiters. (Encyclopedia of World Biography, 66) On April 19, 1783, he concluded his Crisis series on a note of expectations. He lived quietly after the Revolution. He worked on some(prenominal) inventions, like a pierless iron bridge to cross the Schuylkill River. He wrote the Age of Reason, in 1794, which was a direct attack on the irrationality of religion and a defense of deism. Despite Paines belief in the Creator, it was suppressed in England.

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Capital Punishment Essay -- essays research papers

CAPITAL PUNISMENT - IMMORAL OR NOTAs a minority of US bishops once said, We cannot teach that cleanup is wrong by killing.The Catholic Church has spoken out repeatedly and passionately about the need to protect human life of every play of existence. All issues and matters relating to the dignity and worth of human life fall with the realm of the fifth commandment, You shall not kill. The Catholic Church consistently communicates the importance of human life.As the late pope John Paul II once stated, May the death penalty, an unworthy punishment still used in some countries, be abolished throughout the world. A sign of hope is the increasing recognition that the dignity of human life must never be taken away, even in the case of someone who has done great evil. Capital punishment is one of those moral issues that divide society. Most people in favour of the death penalty think that it should only be for those that have committed brutal premeditated crimes, mass murders and convict ed multiple rapes. But Christians teaching, whatever the religion, believe that the criminal should be assumption the chance for rehabilitation. Early references to penalties for murder and capital punishment can be free-base in the bible. The first mention of appropriate punishment for murder is found in Genesis 4 11 15 Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your familiars blood from your hand. When you work the ground, it will no longer...

Capital Punishment Essay -- essays research papers

CAPITAL PUNISMENT - IMMORAL OR NOTAs a minority of US bishops once said, We cannot study that killing is wrong by killing.The Catholic Church has spoken out repeatedly and passionately about the need to protect military personnel life of each stage of existence. All issues and matters relating to the dignity and worth of human life fall with the realm of the fifth commandment, You shall not kill. The Catholic Church consistently communicates the importance of human life.As the late pope John Paul II once stated, May the close penalty, an unworthy punishment still used in round countries, be abolished throughout the world. A sign of hope is the increasing recognition that the dignity of human life must never be taken away, unconstipated in the case of someone who has done great evil. Capital punishment is one of those moral issues that divide society. Most people in favour of the death penalty think that it should only be for those that have committed brutal premeditated crimes, mass makes and convicted multiple rapes. But Christians teaching, whatever the religion, believe that the criminal should be given the chance for rehabilitation. Early references to penalties for murder and capital punishment can be found in the bible. The first mention of appropriate punishment for murder is found in Genesis 4 11 15 Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to ask in your brothers blood from your hand. When you work the ground, it will no longer...

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Safe Survivable and Effective Combat Systems for U.S. Military Personnel

The changes that are happening in the society have paved the way for different developments and threats to become evident in various countries. The advancement of science and technology, the advent of globalization, and other phenomena have created different advantageous effects to the everyday lives of people. However, development in various palm also come with it different threats, especially when it comes to the security and welfare of citizens.The dangers and risks to the security and welfare of citizens is greatly observable during the 9/11 terrorist attacks that caused destruction of different infrastructures and many casualties. Due to this incident and also other terrorist attacks that happen in different parts of the world, the importance of troops forcefulness and other individuals that have the responsibility of defend and estimableguarding the welfare and safety of people have become more important than ever.Being the case, it is essential that the safe survivable a nd effective fight systems for unite States military personnel are given due attention and importance. As methods of warfare and terrorism are developing in a rapid pace, it is also pivotal that safe survivable and effective beset systems for the fall in States military are also further developed. linked States military personnel have to be properly equipped with the incumbent knowledge, skills, and resources to properly and effectively perform their duties and responsibilities.The facilities that get out be given focused in the shake off entrust emphasize the development that need to be do in safe survivable and effective combat systems. The strength of military capabilities is recognized as the foundation of the political prominence of the United States. The prominent role of the United States in the international arena is brought about by the military strength of the country, which becomes observable starting the Cold War. The military capabilities of the United States a re necessary in order to secure the welfare of Ameri give the bounces.The strength and development of the United States military are heavily dependent upon the advancement of science, technology, and economic resources (Bolt et al. , 2005). Being the case, focusing the project on safe survivable and effective combat systems for the United States is justified and appropriate because it gives due consideration to the political role of the country and the welfare of the people. The project lead also give importance to the seven ASIS guidelines because it provides the consensus regarding the general practices when it comes to the performance of security risk assessment.The seven-step exercise is an outline, which comprises system and assess identification, specification of vulnerabilities, determining risk probabilities and aftermath impact, developing risk mitigation options, contemplateing the feasibility of options, and performing a cost/ pull ahead analysis (Landoll, 2006, p. 22 ). Among the seven-step process, the most challenging to complete are the scratch parts of the ASIS guidelines, namely identity assets, specify loss events, and frequency of events because it requires intensive research and the collection of related entropy.In addition, it is also difficult to properly mention and assess the impact of events because it needs the appropriate standard of measurement in order to examine the actually impacts of the events. Contrary to the usual perception that the cost/benefit analysis is the most difficult part of the seven-step ASIS guideline, it is actually the least demanding to complete because of the needed data in order to make a comprehensive and original analysis are already available.The advantages of focusing the project on safe survivable and effective combat systems are observable in the range of books that can be used when it comes to the research of the topic. There are different researchers and authors who have also explored the sub ject of safe survivable and effective combat in relation to the United States military personnel. On the other hand, the there are also disadvantages in using the aforementioned topic, as the focus of the project.First, since military personnel are the chief(prenominal) subjects of the study, it is very difficult to gain the actual perspective, look, and experiences of these people because of the strict military rule and conduct that they abide to. Second, the development of science and technological when it comes to the field of military is often make in strict confidentiality, which can make it difficult to actual identify and study the level of development of safe survivable and effective combat systems.Nevertheless, despite the disadvantages of the topics of the project, it is still beneficial to study the safe survivable and effective combats because of the purpose and advantages objectives in conducting the study. Moreover, there will always be a source of data even though there are difficulties in acquiring some of it. In order to complete the seven steps of ASIS General Security Assessment, the process of doing the project will largely rely on the acquisition of data through research.The sources of research that will be done includes studying related literature when it comes to the topic wherein other studies will be use in order to obtain the necessary data for the project. In addition, the participation of the military population will also become helpful wherein a sample population can be interviewed or survey in order to identify the perspective and opinion of United States military personnel, which can generalized a substantial portion of the of the population.In terms of determining the probability of loss risk, frequency of events, and impacts of events a mix methodology of both qualitative and quantitative risk assessment will be used. The project will take into focus the safe survivable and effective combat systems for United States militar y personnel by performing document research through the use of policy papers, organizational articles, and other similar documents. In the alike manner, quantitative risk assessment will be done wherein the surveyed perspective and experiences of military personnel will be used.The security solutions and the feasibility of implementation study will be identified through the use of data obtained from the other steps of the ASIS guidelines. The use of the gathered data will enable the project to clearly identify the problem and its corresponding solutions. Furthermore, the cost/benefit analysis of safe survivable and effective combat systems will be properly done through the learning of the preceding steps of the ASIS guideline.The corresponding cost and benefits of the decision that would be done in order to develop the aforementioned area will properly done through the previous steps, which are accomplished through the use of research, document analysis, and survey. The use of th e mixed methodology will give substantive data that will allow the proper analysis of cost and benefits of the project, which in turn, will help in making the appropriate decisions regarding the development of safe survivable and effective combat systems for United States military personnel.

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Issues Surrounding Water Resources in England

The intent of this paper is to sketch the issues i.e. ( environmental, economic and societal issues ) environing weewee resources. This go away briefly explicate what water system resources atomic number 18 and will foreground the force per unit atomic number 18a towards the building industry in the South eastward of England. Adding on to this will be how the lodgment development has a negative consequence to environment and land usage, which will be advised by dint of how sustainable development and building aid to find these issue and over these jobs now and the in the hereafter.Initially, water supply is seen as a resource that comes in an limitless supply, it gets used by farming and other industries, either bit good as the population in the south E of England. There are three chief beginnings reservoirs, rivers and belowground aquifers. The chief job is at that place an increasing need for H2O supply as every twelvemonth around 18 billion dozenss of H2O is taken fr om these beginnings in England and merely 6 billion is put back into H2O supply. Electricity coevals uses 9 billion careful tons, industry uses 2.1 billion metric tons, farming utilizations 0.2 billion metric tons, and the other utilizations such as fish agriculture history for the remainder ( Benn, 2008 ) . pee resources is an of all time increasing demand within the South east of England and has few development force per unit areas to run into these factors such as the increasing population, economic activity, low rainfall and impact of clime alteration ( milieu Agency,2005 ) . All of these factors relate to the building industry as you will necessitate adequate H2O to run into the lifting demand for the new lodging and domestic building ( Every and Foley, 2005 ) .Further more than, the population of England and Wales is projected to turn by approximately 5 % over the following 20 old ages. New lodging development will turn even more rapidly, with 80 % of demand being for singl e-person homes ( surround Agency,2005 ) , and that has looping consequence back to climate alteration, doing drouths by abstractions from rivers and boreholes to run into the demands of m each more families utilizing much more H2O, go forthing H2O tabular arraies and rivers being structurally depleted and wetlands degraded. The wildlife is dependent on them has been forced into tighter corridors, with some populations ( Warren, 2007 ) .Another job highlighted by an environment protection run is that the H2O systems have an increased sum of emphasis because more houses are being built obviously and that is going also much for the systems in topographic point to take attention of. The H2O systems are environing them with difficult tally off surfaces such as private roads, roads and roofs. The Government lodging marks continually add more emphasis ( Warren, 2007 ) . These actions are supported and maintained in the models for H2O supply and edifice ordinances that are considered good pattern by right minded persons. However, this is non the right thing as the degree of emphasis on H2O systems on the South East is excessively high so the lone manner to battle this is with utilizing new inducements and methods to cut cut down pat(p) the emphasis and this pull offing H2O as an available, renewable resource.In the following portion, this essay will concentrate on the constructs how sustainable development relates to H2O resources. Sustainable development is a critical tool that manages the euphony and quality of H2O resources in a preserved and healthy mode ( Flint,2004 ) . Besides, sustainable development is how South East England conserves H2O and how the H2O boards quarter better their substructure to be more efficient with waste. This will be work outing and cut downing the use of H2O and managing through The Government, OFWAT, Environment Agency, and The surgical incision for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs ( DEFRA ) is responsible for all facets of H2 O policy in England and Wales. The Environment Agency, the Office of piss Services and the Drinking water supply Inspectorate have their model set out by them from the DEFRA ( DEFRA,2004 ) . water companies are meant to hold a H2O resources direction program which indicates how the H2O company preserves stableness between the supply and demand for H2O over the following decennary or so ( Environment Agency, 2005 ) . Companies such as Defra have to uphold by these ordinances so that they are justifiable and they do non be much money. Inherently, the supply-demand concatenation compares the available size of the H2O supply to a forecast demand for a H2O resource zone. By utilizing the H2O resources direction programs that companys usage, The Environment Agency usher out work with them to be after and point declarations to battle any shortages in the supply.The H2O resources direction program that has been put in topographic point has really improved the supply and demand quietus for the whole of the South East of England. This basically means that there is less countries with deficient H2O to run into monolithic demands in a dry twelvemonth. Besides, the rise could besides be down to H2O companies implementing smaller supply strategies such as upgrading boreholes ( Environment Agency, 2005 ) .Another issue that sustainable development improves H2O resources is through forestalling and cut downing fountain. Water companies have helped decreased the degrees of escape in the South East of England, it was recorded that in 1999/2000 the sum degrees reported where 522 meg liters per twenty-four hours whereas late its been rock-bottom to 507 million liters per twenty-four hours in 2008/2009 ( Environment Agency, 2005 ) . However, in retrospect even though it has been reduced by an sum, it belt up doesnt seem like a big decrease has been made, hence, one manner it can be reduced even more is if The Office for Water Services ( Ofwat ) could implement leakage m arks ( Every and Foley, 2005 ) . Water companies should hold to be enforced a punishment if they fail to run into certain escape marks that are set up to cut down waste.Another method of how sustainable development improves pull offing the demand for H2O would be through H2O metering, since it assist promotes more efficient usage of H2O. It is reported that houses within England, merely 30 % have a H2O metre installed ( Benn,2008 ) . Water metres encourage the client to salvage money while salvaging H2O this in bend ends up being an effectual H2O salvaging tonus, since H2O ingestion for families is reduced by 10 % when a metre is installed.Additionally, another construct that overcomes and finds solutions to H2O resource direction is sustainable building. Sustainable Construction in relation to H2O resources is how designers can plan edifices to cut down H2O use. What things can be installed to cut down the sum of H2O? Sustainable Construction is fundamentally how can architects d esign edifices to assist cut down H2O use and to assist cut down H2O use and types of devices that can be installed to cut down the sum of H2O used.Problems with the south E of England is that its invariably in a high demand for H2O supply, therefore going the driest parts of the UK, this in bend has affected Domestic Water Consumption to increase by 70 % ( Royal Borough of Windsor and hymen Council, 2009 ) . Besides, sustainable building helps cut down the achieve on the H2O industry by utilizing H2O efficiency steps that can be implemented into new edifices and old. Water salvaging devices such as contact dhonneur flower /low flush lavatories can cut down the flower volume by a twosome of liters of H2O ( HM Government, 2008 ) . Another step would be holding arid urinals alternatively since standard urinals use around 6-10 liters of H2O to blush, this can besides be followed up with self-closing lights-outs that are inexpensive and easily to put in every bit good as the fact th at self-closing lights-outs automatically close the H2O flow in order to salvage H2O ( HM Government, 2008 ) .Another step that is really efficient is rainwater reaping, this involves the aggregation of H2O that would hold most likely been wasted by traveling down the drain or being lost through warming. A H2O butt is implemented so that it can roll up rainwater from any pipe in the garden. Much larger systems can roll up rainwater and filter it from the roof or big countries environing the belongings ( Royal Borough of Windsor and maidenhead Council, 2009 ) . However, this H2O isnt for devouring but more to provide lavatories and rinsing machines. Water butts are chiefly for domestic families whereas big systems are used for schools and offices.Besides, deliver H2O is another cardinal characteristic of sustainable building. Reclaimed H2O is H2O which has already been used. There are 2 types of rescued H2O and they are gray H2O recycling and black-market H2O recycling. Grey H2O re cycling consists of H2O that has been used in baths and wash basins which can be sterilize on site and used for intents such as lavatory flushing and irrigating the garden this nevertheless is non accommodate imbibing H2O. The other signifier of rescued H2O is black H2O recycling, that is used for lavatory flushing and rinsing up, this can be reused though an intricate system that breaks down the solids and purifies the H2O to be reused. This besides isnt suited imbibing H2O and has high care costs for domestic families this would accommodate better for big belongingss or sites.In Conclusion, In order to react to the environmental force per unit areas confronting the South East, in a manner that doesnt merely work out one job by doing another, means that rules of order has to alter, and alteration in ways that move it towards integrated, sustainable development. Environmental issues cut across both economic and societal concerns and this must be embraced if we are to successful ly turn to and present sustainable solutions.Word count 1,551MentionsPolitical campaign to Protect Rural England, ( 2007 ) .A Water Resource Strategy for the South East of England. Kent CPRE Kent, pp.5-39.Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs ( DEPRA ) , ( 2004 ) .Making infinite for H2O. London Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, pp.7-39.Environment Agency, ( 2010 ) .State of the Environment South East England. Bristol Environment Agency, pp.20-34.Every, L. and Foley, J. ( 2005 ) .Pull offing Water Resources and Flood Risk in the South East. 1st erectile dysfunction. ebook London The Institute for Public Policy Research, pp.1-27. Available at hypertext transfer protocol // H2O 1.pdf Accessed 29 Nov. 2014 .Flint, W. ( 2004 ) . The Sustainable Development of Water Resources.Water Resources Update, ( 127 ) , pp.48-59.HM Government, ( 2014 ) .Future Water The Governments H2O scheme for England. Norwich TSO ( The Stationery Office ) , pp.7-80.Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Local Development Framework, ( 2009 ) .Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Local Development Framework. Hymen Planning and Development Unit, pp.22-24.

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Abel Magwitch Essay

The writer accordingly shows how powerful Pip thinks Abel Magwitch is. So that his eyes looked most powerfully gloomy into mine, and mine looked most helplessly up into his. This creates sympathy for Pip because he is helpless and alone. Dickens then emphasizes how helpless Pip is. After each headland he tilted me over a little more, so as to give me a greater sense of helplessness and danger. This creates more sympathy for Pip. Abel Magwitch then threatens Pip to scare him and to make sure that he does what he asks. You bring me, tomorrow morning early, that file and them wittles.You bring the lot to me, at that old electric battery over yonder. You do it, and you never dare to say a word or dare to make a sign concerning your having seen such a somebody as me, or any person sum ever, and you shall be let to live. You fail, or you go from my words in any particular, no matter how lesser it is, and your attemptt and your liver shall be tore out, roasted and ate. Dickens uses imagery here which creates a sense of fear for Pip which contributes to sympathy towards Pip. Abel Magwitch then dialog about another character Now, I aint alone, as you might think I am.Theres a young man hid with me, in likeness with which young man I am an angel. This frightens Pip even more as he is already terrified of Abel Magwitch never mind another character. Here, the lector recognises how grief-stricken Pip is. In the second extract of Great mind-sets that I am going to comment on Pip visits a wealthy wench called Havisham. There is a young girl that Miss Havisham lives with called Estella. Miss Havisham has taken legal responsibility for Estella even though they are not related.My feelings towards extract cardinal are that Dickens creates sympathy for Pip my emphasising social classes and that appearance matter a great deal in the novel. Dickens starts the second extract by setting the scene and comments on Miss Havisham. Dickens creates sympathy for Miss Havisham first when Pip and Miss Havisham are talking. Miss Havisham says You are not terrified of a woman who has never seen the sun since you were born? this makes the reader sympathise with Miss Havisham because the sun is a wonderful thing which most people screw seeing.Miss Havisham then tells Estella to play a game of cards with Pip. Estella replies with this boy Why, he is a common labouring boy this creates sympathy for Pip as it is an insult to Pip. Estella then remarks he calls the knaves, Jacks, this boy And what coarse reach he has and what thick boots We then read that Pip had never thought of been ashamed of his hands before. The reader sympathises with Pip hear as he is embarrassed about his hands. The language and dialogue in extract two is very important, Dickens creates the motion-picture show that Pip is like a slave (although he is not).The way that Miss Havisham speaks to Pip is very distinctive, she does not ask him do to things she tells him what to do and whe n to do it. An lesson of this is on line 124 when shall I have you here again. Let me think. She then thinks for a while and says come here again in six days. You hear? this creates sympathy for Pip as he gets ordered what to do and has no choice in the matter. I have read two extracts of Great Expectation and commented on how Charles Dickens creates sympathy for his characters. Dickens is a talented author and uses many tools to create sympathy for his characters.

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Descartes †Meditations on First Philosophy Essay

Give a detailed account of Descartes systematic discredit or methodical mistrust in Meditation 1, making it certain that you nock among real doubts and so c every(prenominal)ed hypothetical/metaphysical doubts. Then, explain in detail, exactly how Descartes dispels individually and every one of these doubts during the course of the subsequent Meditations beginning with the cogito. Do you think that Descartes has been completely successful? Explain.The main goal of Descartes in Meditations on First Philosophy was to find truth behind all of his tones in ensn atomic number 18 to build a solid foundation of certainty, and to focus his beliefs strictly on his bringing close together of certainty essentially to question knowledge. Descartes beliefs ar mainly based on the theory that, if someone thinks that they really know something, they mustinessiness be correct.Descartes suppositions bring ab tabu 3 key issues that ar discussed finishedout the entire book the initiation of him existenceness a thinking thing, graven image as a supreme being and being deceived by the dark Genius, as well as the radical that the clay is an extension of the head teacher. Descartes provides a solid argument throughout the entire book, calling into question every aspect of what I is, and the humans around him. Descartes is hard to decipher whether or non he, anybody or anything in point is real and he also goes on to urge that our knowledge is gained via our everyday experiences. with examining each meditation, discussing the cogito, as well as what he discusses in terms of his senses and the external world, the dream hypothesis and his evil genius theory I will discontinue that in fact he does exist, knowledge exists, and immortal exists.There ar two real doubts in which Descartes talks about throughout the meditations. The first being the senses and external world in which he believes causes one to doubt. He claims that in order for him to believe tha t of his senses he must acquire complete certainty, and he says that we should pick out ourselves whether perception is really a legitimate means for attaining knowledge, set up we trust our senses? If non, what grounds do we discombobulate to deny? Descartes claims that at times the senses can compel deceiving to a lower place certain circumstances.He says that certain lighting, distance and even depth perception can cause one to conclude incorrectly with regards to their senses. With this in header, he introduces the lunatic hypothesis. He believes that he can doubt his senses even if the external conditions areperfect as long as the internal conditions are not. The view of common sense realism is also established which is the idea that truth come from the senses and the way that they appear. Common sense says that the lonesome(prenominal) way to know the body is through the musical theme because it is visible and touchable. Descartes indeedce dismisses the idea because he says he would not be able to perceive with his meditations if he were to deem this belief as being true.The second real doubt that Descartes brings to our attention is the dream hypothesis. This is the idea that sleeping and reality cause one to doubt. Descartes says that everyone is prone to dream and that if he is dreaming, everything he thinks he is experiencing is in fact false. This doubt then goes from a real doubt to a metaphysical doubt. He asks, if I am dreaming, is there anything that is true, good and certain? If not, then everything must be an illusion.He says that we sense go we are sleeping so when we are awake, or what we believe to be awake, how do we know that we are not actually asleep? He says let us assume that we are sleeping and these particulars are not true that were porta our eyes moving our head, and ext closing curtaining our hands (pg 60). He claims that if in fact we were dreaming these issues they must be true because in order to dream something , one must have had to experience it at some eyeshade. Therefore we must acknowledge that things seen in our dreams are painted images which must be true and exist.The idea of the Evil Genius is a metaphysical doubt, logically speaking. In this sense, God is perfect, and would never allow deception and error to take place because they are imperfect and God consists only of perfect qualities. God would not allow one to be deceived because he is supremely good, therefore deception and error must be a result of another(prenominal) source. He says that if his origin is from something other than God, he could have easily created him so that he adverts mistakes and until he finds his origin doubt is going to occue.Descartes supposes that God is just a tale so he says let us just fraction him out of the equation entirely. Descartes decides that he is just going to doubt everything based on two principles. The first being that everything should be doubted at some point by those who seek t he truth and the second being that things that are considered doubtfulshould be treated as if they are false. With that in mind he concludes that he does exist even over against all doubts because the Evil Genius can never say that Descartes is non-existent because he thinks he is something therefore he must be. I think, therefore I am.In meditation one Descartes starts withdraw lecture about the foundations of his beliefs in order to gain better knowledge on the grounds of certainty. He says that any sort of knowledge he has previously to the meditations he received through his senses and that they can at times be deceptive. What grounds do we have to deny the idea that knowledge comes from the senses. Descartes claims that because we sense while we are dreaming, there is really no way of determining whether or not we are awake or asleep. What we perceive through the senses could have be obtained during peace and we would be none the wiser. He says that I extend this hand consc iously and deliberately, and I feel it (pg 60). He argues that if he were in fact sleeping while doing so, it would not have been so clear and distinct.He uses the example that what we dream of are like painted images. For instance, he uses the example of an artist creating a femme fatale or a hippogriff, they combine parts of other animals or something that we have never seen before to make it even though it is false. However Descartes goes on to argue that what her perceives through the sense could in fact be false, but since other things that are primary and universal are true, what is to say that we cannot trust our senses. He is not improper to conclude from this that physics, astronomy, medicine, and all other disciplines that are regardent upon the consideration of composite things are doubtful and that on the other hand, arithmetic and geometry, which are simple and general and indifferent as to whether these things do or do not exists, contain certainty (pg 61 ).Descartes believes that it is completely unthinkable that these obvious truths are all under suspicion for being false. Going back to the argument regarding whether or not God exists he claims that the idea of God has been inside him forever and it must have been put in him by his creator. He begins to question if he is a deceiver or not, God is said to be supremely good so it must be something else, something foreign that allows him to bedeceived since deception is an imperfection and God does not contain any imperfections. Thus the idea of the evil genius is born, the idea that this clever and deceitful being is dedicating every bit of energy into deceiving and misleading him. By creating this theory, Descartes now believes that all of his former opinions and views are false and he continues on with his meditations.In the second meditation, Descartes is nerve-racking to determine what truth is, and what is not. He claims that he feels as though he is lost at in a sea of knowl edge and he cannot keep his head afloat. His main goal throughout this meditation is to find something that is certain and absolutely unshakable. He believes that if nothing in his mind exists and it is only deceitful, what is true, maybe nothing is. Descartes says is there not some God who puts theses thoughts in my head? I could be the creator.Am I not something? Am I so tied to a body and senses that I cannot exist without them? (pg 63) He believes that the deceiver can never bring about that he does not exist because as long as he thinks that he is in existence, then he must be. This is where the Cogito comes into play, the idea that whatever thinks, I think therefore I am. With that in mind, Descartes spends the next little bit trying to find what I is. He says that he has a face, hands and arms in which he refers to as his body and that surely sensing does not take place without the body to feel, touch, smell, taste etc.Descartes also argues that thought does exist and it cann ot be isolated from him, he believes I am, therefore I exist, and as long as I continue to think I will continue to exist. If he ceases to think, he then ceases to exist. He says that he is nothing but a thinking thing a mind, or instinct, or understanding, or close and that knowledge or I does not depend on things of whose existence we have zero knowledge (pg 65). In other words, he means that knowledge, or I does not depend on things of which we have no knowledge of. He even says that corpeal things images formed by thought and which the senses themselves examine are more clearly and distinctively cognize to the I. He believes the mind is prone to error and that one must try to differentiate between perceiving through the mind as opposed through vision.Descartes then introduces us to the example of wax. He says thatalthough it has melted, and that the shape, smell, taste and everything else that he once witnessed no longer exist, the wax is still the same wax and it is the ess ence that has not changed. He claims that he knows wax not through what he motto but through the inspection of the mind alone. He states that what he thought he saw in terms of the wax was really only a result of his judgement, which is a part of his mind.He claims what when he first saw it, it was perceived through an external sense or common sense and that it cannot be perceived without human mind. If I judge that the wax exists from the fact that I see it, sure enough from this same face that I see the wax, is more evidence that I must exist (pg 69). He believes that since he knows our bodies are not professed through senses or imaginations but rather from the mind and intellect he now knows that nothing can be perceived more easily and readily then his mind. He is basically saying that the senses provide us with observable traits about a subject whereas the mind and intellect give us understanding his main point is that our perception is nothing but judgement.The third meditat ion brings up the idea of the Cogito again. He cannot be doubted when he says, I think therefore I am, and that the ideas in which he has are real. Descartes says that there can never be more objective reality produced then formal reality because it is impossible to create something out of nothing (pg 70). He says that he has an idea of what a perfect or infinite substance is and that is God, and since everything he perceives clearly and distinctively is true, then God must be perfect and infinite.Because I have no reason for thinking that there is a God who is a deceiver, the basis for doubting, depending as it does merely on the above hypotheses whether God exists or not, is tenuous or metaphysical (pg 71). He says that the certainty of the belief of the cogito lies in his clear and distinct perception saying, thinking, and believing it make it true. Then he asks, what if something clear and distinct turned out to be false, but he quickly answers by claiming that he would not have cognise because he has already accepted it as being true.Descartes then begins to talk about his thoughts and puts them into three classifications ideas (images of objects), volitions or emotions (addingsomething to ideas), and judgements (either affirm or deny). He claims that there are three different kinds of ideas out there innate ideas which are ideas that are born into a person and exist as long as the mind exists in which every mature rational being would have these.The next would be adventitious ideas which are acquired through sensations, he says these are ideas that are gained again his will for example hearing a noise or feeling heat. The final type of idea Descartes believes exists is fictitious or fabricated ideas which are ideas that are invented by the imagination. These ideas cannot be trusted and it is in this sense that one must learn to separate mind from imagination. The mind perceives through the senses and sense perception does not occur without the body, the refore the body must exist.Descartes uses an example of the sun, which he says arises from two different ideas, one which comes from the senses derived from outside of him and one which arises from astronomy or innate ideas. Through that notion the sun is known to be a large ball of fire, but through the senses the sun is perceived as being rather crushed and bright. He says that if we assume that something is found in the idea that was not in its cause, then it results from nothing (pg 75). For example he uses the idea of hot and ice-cold. He says that cold could be a privation of heat and vice versa but since ideas can only be of real things, the idea that cold is determined as a result of the absence of warmth, the idea of cold as something real is not true.In sum, the perception of what is infinite was placed in my mind previous to the idea of finite substance, that is that what he believes God to be came before his idea of himself because God is infinite and you cannot add to perfection. Descartes said that he now knows that he depends on another being for existence and that he gained his idea of God not from his senses or unexpectedly but from his innate or natural ideas. He concludes that it would be impossible to exist unless God did exists because it is manifest by the light of nature that all fraud and deception depend on some defect (pg 80).In meditation Four Descartes is trying to clarify wherefore God is no deceiver. The main question that needs explanation is if God is no deceiver then why andhow do we make mistakes? He believes that all men are prone to make mistakes because like God, our wills are never-ending but our intellect and understanding alas is not. Our mind only allows us to observe things clearly and distinctly which is how we know that they are true. He says when I take note of the fact that I doubt or that I am a thing that is incomplete and dependent there comes to mind a clear and distinct idea of a being that is independent and complete, that is the idea of God (pg 81).Descartes believes that it is possible if we use our ability properly we will not agree with false judgments. He says I note that these errors depend on the simultaneous concurrence of two causes the faculty of knowing that is in me and the faculty of choosing, that is the free choice of will, in other words, simultaneously on the intellect and will. Through the intellect alone, I merely perceive ideas about which I can render a judgement (pg 83). God has created us in a way that if we perceive things in a clear and distinct our, way of thinking will not be incorrect.In the fifth meditation, Descartes is basically trying to examine the essence of tangible things. Since Descartes proved that we gain our beliefs and understanding through ideas, he is able to prove that God exists. He then uses the example of a triangle by saying that if God does not exist then a triangle does not have three sides. Since God is believed to be a supremely pe rfect being, there is no way that he would deceive because then that would conclude that he lacks some perfection. Descartes then attempts to explain the separation between mind and imagination. At this point doubt again gets the best of him and he must try to look beyond the unreliability of the senses.Descartes goes on to say that what I believe must be considered above all here is the fact that I find within me countless ideas of certain things, that, even if perhaps they do not exist anywhere outside me, still cannot be said to be nothing (pg 88). He believes that our knowledge of material things is based on our belief that God exists. I cannot think of God as not existing no more than I can think of a mountain without a valley, nevertheless it surely does not follow from the fact that I think of a mountain without a valley that a mountain exists in the world (pg 89). Material things must be real because God does not deceive.In meditation six Descartes is trying to prove once an d for all if material things exist. Descartes then reflects all of the previous meditations to figure it out. He believes that material things can and do exist and that it is through our understanding that this is proven. He says that his senses perceive his body, therefore he must have one. assumes to have a body based on what his senses perceive. He begins to explore this notion that he had previously dismissed to doubt. He inquires whether his senses give him reason for bodies to exist.He says that God has given us a great inclination to believe that these ideas proceeded from corporeal things (pg 94). Descartes thinks that it is from life that we differentiate other bodies and their explanation. He believes entirely that the mind is a thinking, un-extended thing, but the body is a physical and extended thing because the body can be separated. Descartes then dismisses the dream hypothesis because he realizes that being awake is a part of both the mind and body. He proves that our essence is of the mind and is a lot more known to us than the body.Throughout all the meditations Descartes constantly re-examines each belief and attempts to find the grounds of absolute certainty. It is through the dream hypothesis, the idea of the Evil Genius and his ideas about the senses that he concludes in fact that he is an existing thing, God does exist and so does knowledge. His arguments, although confusing at times were pretty accurate in deciphering between what is false and what is reality. By the end of the meditation it seems as though he is right back where he began and that in fact he did not get anywhere. He was better off to just believe what he originally believed then to question it and put him through such torture. In essence it was almost as though the only thing that he proved was that his senses were intended to help him figure out the world and everything about it not lead him to discovering the truths of the universe.BibliographyDescartes, Rene. Discours e on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy. 4th ed. Indianapolis Hackett Company, 1998.

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Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Essay

Response to Prompt 1In the novel Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Henrietta had cells removed from a tumor on her cervix without her knowledge or consent. Henriettas family also had no idea that the cells were being removed or the advances they would soon make in medical research. What the heals and researchers did not realize is that in taking the cells from Henrietta, they were degrading the family and violating her dignity.By definition, dignity is nobility or elevation of character worthiness. (Dignity) When George Grey took the cells from Henrietta, he was not considering her dignity or her worthiness. He was considering the benefits for himself and for medical research.At the end of chapter eight, we learn that Grey had never visited Henrietta while she was sick. Grey would receive the cells from an assistant and keep doing his research, approximately as if the cells did not come from a living, breathing human being. There is no record that George Grey ever visited Henrietta in the hospital, or said anything to her around her cells. And everyone I talked to who might know said that Grey and Henrietta never met. Everyone, that is, except Laure Aurelian, a microbiologist who was Greys colleague at Hopkins. (page 66) By Grey never visiting Henrietta, he violated her dignity. As a patient, white or black, she deserved to meet the man that was taking her DNA and sending it to other laboratories for to a greater extent research. Today, that would be illegal. But back in 1950, it was acceptable.Additionally, the doctors and researchers at John Hopkins violated Henriettas dignity by keeping critical information from her and the family about her crab louse and the removal of her cells. If Henrietta had been given the right to know her diagnosis and treatment options, she could have made a more informed decision, thereby maintaining her dignity. Theres no indication that Henrietta questioned him like most patients in the 1950s, she deferred to anything doctors said. This was a time when benevolent deception was a common practice doctors often withheld even the most wakeless information from their patients, sometimes not giving them a diagnosis at all. (page 63)Black people were given less opportunities to demand their dignity, and Henrietta was no exception. And when it came to white doctors treatment of black patients, the same rules applied. This was 1951 in Baltimore, segregation was law, and it was understood that black people didnt question white peoples professional judgement (page 63)

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Sport Trends in the Ymca

There be multiple ways that recent trends in the sport industry are affecting the YMCA. A majority of them would be revolving around the economy and how the YMCA is considered a luxury to the mountain. Others would be the increase of fitness in the world and sport curiosity and also the elderly still maintaining their strong lifestyles. The increased popularity of celebrity athletes in the world are leading to an increased popularity in the sport world (Balmer, 2009). The battle against obesity is increasing the rate of spate who join a fitness club or health organization.Also, many people are beginning to try to find both healthier lifestyles and indispensableness a balance between work and leisure (Sports, 2007). Lastly, the way that kids are being taught is changing practices are becoming known as best practices and the kids are learning more of the sport and becoming better (Stephens, 2009). All members of the YMCA consider it as a luxury to their life. They would not die without it and do not strike it to sustain their current life. When the economy is bad so is the amount of memberships that are still active. If a member encounters a financial situation the first social function that would go would be their YMCA membership.Employees at the YMCA know this, At Countryside YMCA, we welcome everyones involvement by providing financial assistance to subsidize memberships or classes for eligible families or individuals so they encourage and run a scholarship program (YMCA). This program encourages young people to stay active and fit while still in school. If your parent may not be able to afford you a full time membership as long as you maintain faithful grades and can prove that you are a full time student then you will be supplied with a membership at next to aught if not for nothing at all.Another current trend affecting the YMCA would be the new attitudes toward maintaining health and the attitudes of the elderly toward staying active. The YMCA r ecently held their annual Halloween run. This event is a battle of Marathon through the mud. Many officials were very concerned with their recent numbers and were in fear that the marathon would be a disaster and they might actually gestate to cancel the event. They stuck through it and held the event and they had one of the best turnouts they have ever had. It was because of the youth and the elderly banning together to make this event so amazing.The number for the amount of people participating in the event ages 40 and on increased from a meager 15% to an astounding 35%. The number of people participating from the ages of 18 to 40 nearly doubled. With the increase of sport curiosity the YMCA is prospering because they offer a variety of sports. The increased popularity of celebrity athletes is affecting the YMCA extremely. bingle of the founders of the YMCA was Neil Armstrong and a lot of people sign up just for that reason. As bicycling expands and the popularity of Lance Armst rong grows the YMCA is beginning to develop into the trend by now whirl spinning classes.Also, as the world of mixed martial arts expands they YMCA went from offering just karate classes to offering more diverse classes that people like to watch and want to learn how to do them. It is clearly obvious that there is a major hike in the world obesity rate. Effects from this rises are people wanting to become more active in the fitness area. Health Organization, since 1980, the number of obese people in the world has more than doubled and that in 2008, 1. 5 billion people aged 20 years old and older are overweight and 500 million are obese (Danek, 2011).Since the YMCA maintains a lucky environment where there is a mass amount of different programs offered more people are beginning to go to the YMCA. Next, people have to work eternal and harder schedules at work. This is leading them to have no time to go to a gym or enroll in a class that meets on a certain day and time. The YMCA of fers an affordable place to work out whenever you want to. It is open nearly all day and all areas are open at any point in the day. If a person is having a tough time balancing their business world with their activity world there wouldnt be a better place than the YMCA for them.Lastly, the way kids are being coached and how practices are ran are becoming more proficient and more focused on the kids overall ability. Coaches are learning they way to manipulate a kid and get their full potential out. This is certainly happening at the YMCA from their basketball games to their baseball games. Kids are being coached a lot better leading to more success in their games. References Balmer, K. (2009). Sport industry trend. Foresight, Retrieved from http//foresight-trendscan. blogspot. com/2009/09/sports-industry-trends. html Danek, K. (2011).Trends and opportunities for small business companies and entrepreneurs in the sports industry. Entreprenuers Week, Retrieved from http//entrepreneurwe ek. com/business/2011/10/03/trends-and-opportunities-for-small-business-companies-and-entrepreneurs-in-the-sports-industry/ Sports, A. (2007). Industry trends. Retrieved from http//www. amersports. com/about/corporate_structure/our_industry/ Stephens, R. (2009). Top 10 sports/social media trends of 2010. Sports Networker, Retrieved from http//www. sportsnetworker. com/2009/12/24/top-10-sports-social-media-trends-of-2010/ The ymca. (2011). Retrieved from http//www. countrysideymca. org/

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Two Articles

Assignment 2 LASA 1Analytical Summaries For this assignment, you will compose two short censorious essays explaining and evaluating arguments by other authors. This assignment allows you to analyze an have intercourse from a variety of perspectives and assess arguments for or against the issue. By centre your attention on how the original authors substance abuse inference and reasoning to construct and support their positions, you can recognize the value of critical thinking in public discourse.Read the two articles Predictive Probes, and New evidence Tells Whom a Crippling Disease Will Hitand When from the textbook and write two separate uninflected summaries. These articles can be found in the chapter titled Deciding to accept an argument Compare the evidence. This assignment has two parts. Part 1First Article Write an analytical summary of the article focusing on the articles main claims. Include the undermentioned Identify the three ways the author uses evidence to suppor t assertions. Identify the places where evidence is utilize as well as how the author uses this evidence.Discuss evidence as the reason vs. the support for the reason. Also discuss evidence as dependent on the issue/context. Analyze how the author signals this usage through elements such as word extracts, transitions, or logical connections. Part 2Second Article Write an analytical summary of the article focusing on the articles main claims. Include the following Identify the authors use of the three elements experiment, correlation, and guess to support assertions. Analyze how the author signals the use of these elements through quarrel.For example, word choices, transitions, or logical connections. Write a 45-page paper in Word format. obtain APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming convention LastnameFirstInitial_M3_A2. doc. 1. What kind of evidence would you expect in the following arguments? a. An argument that deal who eat a special diet will h ave less chance of getting cancer. b. An argument that God exists. c. An argument that human cells secrete some substance beneath certain conditions. d. An argument that stealing is unethical. e.An argument that owning a pet tends to lower ones blood pressure. Answers (a) evidence after the fact (b) philosophical evidence (a general principle, for instance that the universe is orderly) (c) direct scientific experimentation (d) philosophical evidence (e) evidence after the fact 2. Underline the language in the following argument that you believe indicates that it does (or does not) admit its limits. Its an obvious fact that living in the suburbs is better than city life. Everyone knows that cities are far more polluted and dangerous. And of course, people dont even know their neighbors.On the other hand, suburbs are peaceful havens from the workaday world. READINGS The following two articles show breathtaking advances in the ability to bring out whether a person will suffer from a particular genetic complaint. The first article contains references to all three types of evidence discussed in this chapter. Compare the language used to depict direct experimentation, after-the-fact evidence, and values questions. Predictive probes by Jerry E. Bishop Several years ago, Nancy Wexlers mother died of Huntingtons disease, a hereditary and always-fatal affliction that strikes in midlife.Since then, Ms. Wexler, the 38-year-old president of the Hereditary Diseases Foundation in Santa Monica, Calif. , has lived with the uncertainty of whether she, too, inherited the deadly gene. That uncertainty may soon be resolved. A few months ago, scientists announced they were on the verge of completing a new test to retrieve the gene for Huntingtons disease (formerly called Huntingtons chorea). But deciding whether to submit herself to the test is an anguishing choice for Ms. Wexler. If I came out lucky, taking the test would be terrific, of course, she says. But if I came out unl ucky, well Her dilemma is an extreme example of the kind thousands of Americans will buttock in the not-too-distant future as scientists learn how to pinpoint genes that cause or predispose a person to a future illness. The test to detect the Huntingtons disease gene should be ready within one to two years. Researchers already have detected some of the genes that can lead to premature message attacks and, in the near future, hope to spot those that could predispose a person to breast or colon cancer.Eventually, scientists believe they will be able to detect genes leading to diabetes, depression, schizophrenia and the premature senility called Alzheimers disease. New Test Tells Whom a Crippling Disease Will Hitand When Amy Jo Snider, a college senior, has put her move plans and romantic life on hold until she settles a gnawing question about her genetic legacy. During her Christmas break, the Charleston, SC, student plans to be tested for a gene that causes ataxia, a disease with out a cure that destroys the brain cells governing muscle control.The disorder crippled and ultimately killed her father in middle age. Because of a recent breakthrough in genetic research, the 21-year-old Miss Snider will be able to find out whether she inherited the disease, and, if so, how soon and how hard ataxia may strike her. I ask to be tested before I start to show symptoms, she says unflinchingly. Im graduating in May, and I have to start planning my life. As torturing as the knowledge might be, she says the uncertainty is worse. If Im in limbo, its not fair to people around me, she says. I cant deal with not knowing.

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Computer Network Assignment

COMPUTER NETWORKS 4TH MARCH 2012 Examination Paper Answer ALL questions. understandably cross out surplus answers. Time 2 hours Any reference material brought into the examination live must be handed to the invigilator before the start of the examination. ANSWER ALL suspenseS tag inquire 1 a) State intravenous feeding (4) principles underpinning the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) acknowledgment Model. b) key out the take of the physical layer of the OSI Reference Model. c) State THREE (3) elements of network design that relate to the physical layer of the OSI Reference Model. ) refer the purpose of the data link layer. 4 1 3 2 good 10 Marks QUESTION 2 a) b) c) d) Define the term a packet as used in computer networks. shortly describe the THREE (3) key components of a packet. apologise the difference between a LAN, MAN and WAN. hear how signal reflection could be a problem in an Ethernet LAN and explain how this is prevented. 1 3 3 3 kernel 10 Marks QUESTION 3 a) b) c ) d) beg off why radio receiver technology was not initially widely adopted. State THREE (3) advantages to apply wireless peripheral devices. Describe what a wireless adapter is.Windows 7 Check Your UnderstandingDescribe what an rise to power point is. 3 3 2 2 Total 10 Marks QUESTION 4 a) b) c) d) Explain what physical topology is. Explain what logical topology is. Describe how physical topology and logical topology relate to each other. Describe how point to point networks operate. 2 2 2 4 Total 10 Marks QUESTION 5 a) b) c) J State FIVE (5) factors to consider when choosing physical media for a computer network. State FOUR (4) advantages to using fibre-optic cable as a network medium. State the main disadvantage to using fibre-optic cable as a network medium. 4 1 Total 10 Marks QUESTIONS CONTINUE ON NEXT PAGE Page 2 of 3 Computer Networks March 2012 Formatted/HW NCC reading Ltd 2012 Marks QUESTION 6 a) b) Explain what a repeater is and briefly describe how it works. Explain wh at a router is and briefly describe how it works. 6 4 Total 10 Marks QUESTION 7 a) b) c) cite FIVE (5) key factors to take into account when locating wireless bother points. You have located an access point in the best available place for your wireless network but it is not providing the terminate coverage you require.State THREE (3) options you have to extend the coverage of the wireless network. Your wireless network allows public access via a login page. Describe TWO (2) features that should be included in your login page. 5 3 2 Total 10 Marks QUESTION 8 a) b) c) d) A secure network offers privacy. Explain what privacy is in this context. A secure network offers integrity. Explain what integrity is in this context. A secure network offers availability. Explain what availability is in this context. Describe a man-in-the-middle attack. 2 3 2 3 Total 10 Marks QUESTION 9 a)Firewall traffic blocking rules can be created for network traffic ground upon a number of different propert ies. State THREE (3) properties that are used to create firewall rules. b) Explain what a router firewall does. c) List FOUR (4) key tasks that are vital for managing a firewall. 3 3 4 Total 10 Marks QUESTION 10 a) b) c) State the THREE (3) main functions of a Network operating(a) System (NOS). Describe how a redirector works. State THREE (3) network services that a NOS will typically enable. 3 4 3 Total 10 Marks END OF EXAM Page 3 of 3 Computer Networks March 2012 Formatted/HW NCC Education Ltd 2012

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Characteristics of Research Essay

The methodology that is utilized should be applicable for the problem that guides the look for, The methodology yields the outcomes of the study, which in turn produces the support required to facilitate the amazeings (Ellis & Levy, 2008). The purpose of this paper Is to examine the marks of a look for problem. The focus is on the elements of what constitutes a researchable problem, the comp sensationnts of a tumefy formed Statement of Research Problem, as well as what constitutes a reasonable theoretical framework for the need of the study.As state by Leedy and Ormrod, (2005) The research problem is the axis around which the whole research effort revolves (Leedy and Ormrod, 2005, p. 49). Viable research cannot be deemed significant without a well-denned understanding of why the research has been performed. There are several components that admit research of singular importance, such as the research needs to be researchable and obedient In size.Other characteristics Inc lude the course of how the research go out influence future research and other tecs by whether or not the findings wlll make a contrlDutlon to tne Doay 0T Knowledge, tne explanatlon 0T tne data ana make a difference for others (Dissertation101 Mentoring Services, 2013). Influence of the research. Good research should advance the country in which it is geared toward as well as build on the current body of obtainable research. The impact does not have to be huge, but it moldiness be identifiable. The study should reveal how the detective intends to take a different viewpoint and or direction.According to Leedy and Ormrod (2010) the research should direct the philosophy in different perceptions, as well as inspire further research to be demanded as it relates to the matter (Leedy & Ormrod, 2010). The advancement should reflect how the new methodologies will be used, on with the other current work, to help to breach come to a conclusion in order to solve the problem (Brewer & H unter, 2006). The problem is researchable nd manageable in size. It is imperative to select a topic that is doable and that will allow many opportunities to conduct adequate primary research.Limitations such as the availability of answers should also be considered when thinking of a research problem. Additionally, time and expenses are of concern. Considering how long it will take to conduct the research is important as is whether or not the police detective has enough background knowledge to carry out the research, which may cause delays. The cipher is a major factor and taking into consideration the kinds of tasks that will e needed, any paid assistants, alter equipment, or software that needs to be created and/or acquired will help in estimating the amount of property that will be needed to conduct the research.Explanation of the data Since research requires data, it is important during the planning that the researcher analyzes beforehand whether or not any data related to th e research problem can be produced. If not, then the research problem and the question may need to be changed. The decision of whether to use qualitative or quantitative data is important and based on the type of research. Once the data has been collected, the researcher must have a way to communicate the results. The data must be organized in a way that it merges the existing data with the new data to determine the quality based on the guidelines for collecting the data.Components of a Statement of Research Problem Essentially, the problem statement provides the basis for the research. The statement of the research problem reflects the general concern that leads to the specific problem and must be factual and clearly stated. Accordingly, it must be a brief precise description, which sets the premise for the problem to be studied. It distinguishes and states the underlying problems, if any and outlines the hypotheses, along with the research questions (Dissertation101 Mentoring Serv ices, 2013). Precise, factual and clearly stated.Researcher seek to answer a question or to find a solution to a problem. Providing factual information to introduce the problem will change the military position of what people think or know about the problem. As well the research should turn to to the belles-lettres that is prevalent and to what is missing from this literature. Therefore, a statement of the problem needs to be precisely tated in one or two sentences that outlines the problem of the research. The statement of the problem should also address the question (Lew & Ellis, 2008).As stated by Levy and Ellis, (2008) The problem statement is the statement of the problem and the argumentation for its viability. It should address all sixsome questions, what, how, where, when, why, and who (Levy & Ellis, 2008, p. 27). Underlying sub- proDlems. 0Tten times, researcn proDlems are too slgnlTlcant or very compllcatea De solved without breaking them down into smaller part. The pa rts of the big problem re known as the sub-problems. The sub-problems make up a researchable component that will form together to equal the summation of the main problem.Division of the main problem is the fourth characteristic of formal research (Leedy & Ormrod, 2005). Presenting a hypothesis or research questions. The researcher must prepare a hypothesis related to the expectations what will be true of the results and conclusions of the study. The research problem, the goals, and the associated research questions and/or hypotheses are entwined in that a research goal is the ain focus of the research that will be used to speak to the problem.

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Persuading on Genetically Modified Food Essay

The article called Genetically Modified Foods, has a look that is use to grab an earreach emotion while still putting some facts. Right out in the first paragraph you will find ethos. Per Pinstrup-Anderson plays a key role in the article, he is the H. E. Babcock Professor of Food, Nutrition and Public Policy at Cornell University. Giving Per Pinstrup-Anderson a creditability, and having the audience attention. This is the only time in the article when ethos is being used to help their melody.In the beside two paragraphs, Pathos and tidings be used. It leavens some facts as well as getting into the audience emotion. The modal value this was done was by talking about helping farmers in developing countries bring forth more fodder, making it more inexpensive to buy food, as well as not harming the environment. It goes on to say, Many millions of people do not brace access to sufficient calories and many more suffer from micronutrient deficiencies. Another quote is, which avoided mass famishment and helped millions out of poverty and hunger.Notice they never gave an exact statistic on how many people ar suffering from poverty and hunger, letting the audience carry out that it is so many people affected, and not bonnie a specific number. It gives it more of a feel and so would be given an exact number. In the next paragraph it goes back to news, in the paragraph it is said science is the answer to fixing the hunger. It describes do that must be taken an order to be fitted to start helping starving people, as well as how will science help state, like drought tolerance, mitigation of negative humor channel, and pest granting immunity in crops.Those are just a few of what the paragraph claims to be able to do with a little investment for the technology. The way this paragraph is phrase is by letting the audiences see the processes that have to be done in order for an action to start. That way the audiences may start to have an opinion. At the end of this article it starts to talk about how long test must be done, and how the yearlong we wait the more expensive food will be as well as difference millions to die. This passage is using pathos for its persuasiveness. Its getting the audience that deep emotion of people waiting and starving.It goes on to say that anti-science ideology and the failure of the government brought the food crisis in the first place. This paragraph points a finger to show they are near, as well as preceding to say we have to change if something is not working. In the second article of, The Failure of Gene-Altered Crops, Vandana Shiva is presented as the ethos in this paragraph she is the recrudesce of Navdanya in India which is the movement of seed keepers and organic farmers. She written many books on how genetically modified foods are failing and how they will affect us.This grabs the audience attention because shes a strong believer on organic substance. In the next paragraph it says we need biodiversity intensification that can work with nature instead of loss against it, it doesnt give a specific details as to why. The only argument made was when Doug Gurian-Sherman of the sum of concerned scientist published a studied, Failure to Yield. In the study it is closely evaluated on the genetically modified for 20 years to see if they would increase yield or to just see infract progress.In the end it showed that the experiment failed to increase yields as well as it failed to engineer crops to be insect-resistant nor herbicide tolerance. In this paragraph it was use ethos and logos. Ethos was Doug Gurian-Sherman and his research study, Failure to Yield. Logos was the bits of facts that came from Doug Gurian-Sherman research study. In the next to paragraph, it is shown by the International Assessment of Agricultural lore and Technology for Development IAASTD has concluded that genetic engine room did not seem very promising in the future.IAASTD found that the small fa rms that based on agri-ecology would produce much more food. This paragraph had also ethos, being IAASTD. As for the logos was what IAASTD found in the 4 years on figuring out what genetic engineering could hold in the future. The article makes a lot of tactics with logos and ethos to r individually the audience, giving a coarse amount of facts from other attri alonee people. The next three paragraphs have ethos as well as logos.In the passages, the book, Soil, Not Oil is brought as an example to give that industrial monocultures are more vulnerable to climate changes since the soil kept in organic plants help keep moisture making them less likely to die in draughts. In the next passage it is brought up the false record by genetic engineering industry that its only possible to respond to climate change with modified food. Vandana Shiva made a statement on crops evolved to be better resilient to climate, as well Vandana has helped create seeds for drought resistance, and flood res istance as well as salt tolerance. This give the audience the idea that genetically modified food isnt always needed when nature can just evolve.The last two passages gets more in depth on how genetically modified food and organically produced food will take us in the future. The passage give the audience a since of the future that genetic engineer for modified food is a waste a time, it does not give a sense of food security in the future and it will cause small farmers to go dept. As for Vandana Shiva Navdanya, it is a conserving biodiversity that tries to not be wasteful in water at the same time make much more food per acre. The best article that is persuasive is the second article, The Failure of Gene-Altered Crops.The first article was very persuasive, but it never made it secure enough to make it believable that it close to happening. It produce more emotion then logic tactics, making it very hard to determine whether it is a dream that the nation wishes to reach or something that could be accomplish for the future. Great syntax on making it very emotional with pathos, but argument stance it would be weak. The first article could have been stronger if it talked about other countries that are already doing genetically modified foods.Korea has been doing genetically modified food for years, about 20 countries including the European Union, Japan, Australia and New Zealand have already a labeling system for genetically modified foods, (Hae-Yeong Kim 132). Another good point would be to bring up Matin Qaim, Vitamin A deficiency is a serious nutritional problem, causing multiple adverse health outcomes. Simulations for India show that Golden Rice could reduce related health problems significantly, preventing up to 40,000 child deaths every year. (552)In India Bt cotton plant has reduce some poverty and actually help small famers, now some in mainland China and South Africa, Bt cotton are a first-generation of genetically modified technology. As for the secon d argument, many ethos and logos were presented. One being Doug Gurian-Sherman published study on how genetic industries isnt really going anywhere, it has great facts, it was a 4 year study so it showed what was being done in long term. A lot of facts on how genetic industry is failing on making modified food was claimed, but not many on how it could do more harm as well as it would kick downstairs some small farmers for even trying to use modified seeds.The plant evolving had a great way point in Gebre Egziabher, Tewolde B( The Use of Genetically Modified Crops in cultivation and Food Production, and Their Impacts on the surroundings A Developing World Perspective) Scientists believe that species evolved from a common ancestor through competition and graphic selection. They also believe that changes in genes occur in all species owing to mutation, with the probability of mutation of each gene remaining constant under the same environment.(11) Giving this quote would remind th e audience that life has a way of fixing itself and just because the technology is here does not give scientist right to use a different approach but instead try harder to help organic farming when it has been secure food source. Cite American aesculapian Assoc. Gebre Egziabher T. The Use of Genetically Modified Crops in Agriculture and Food Production, and Their Impacts on the Environment A Developing World Perspective. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica Section B, Soil & Plant Science serial online. December 2, 2003538-12. Available from Science & Technology Collection, Ipswich, MA.Accessed April 27, 2012. American Medical Assoc. Hae-Yeong K, Jae-Hwan K, Mi-Hwa O. Regulation and detection methods for genetically modified foods in Korea. Pure & Applied Chemistry serial online. January 201082(1)129-137. Available from Science & Technology Collection, Ipswich, MA.Accessed April 27, 2012. American Medical Assoc. Qaim M. Benefits of genetically modified crops for the poor household incom e, nutrition, and health. New Biotechnology serial online. November 30, 201027(5)552-557. Available from Science & Technology Collection, Ipswich, MA. Accessed April 27, 2012.

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Approval Sheet

trine SEX IN THE CITY GAYS SPEAKS ON SWARDSPEAK Mrs. Estrella Fajardo A dissertation Presented to the Faculty of College of Arts and Letters Bulacan State University City of Malolos, Bulacan In uncomplete Fulfillment of the Requirement for ENG 123 bach of Secondary Education major in Mathematics 1-C By Divine Catyrine D. J. Magsakay Joana Marie Hernandez Regino Intal Mae Ann Lilio Maryanne Lasquite Allen Jade Magana March, 2013 APPROVAL SHEETIn partial fulfillment of the requirements for ENG 123 of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics 1-C, this thesis entitled THIRD SEX IN THE CITY GAYS SPEAKS ON SWARDSPEAK, has been prepared and submitted by Divine Catyrine D. J. Magsakay, Joana Marie Hernandez, Regino Intal, Mae Ann Lilio, Maryanne Lasquite and Allen Jade Magana who is hereby recommended for viva examination. ______________________ Mrs Estrella Fajardo Subject Professor In partial fulfillment of the requirements for ENG 123 of Bachelor of Secondary Education ma jor in Mathematics 1-C. __________________________Luzviminda F. Tantoco, Ed. D. Dean, College of Education March, 2013 DEDICATION This humble work is lovingly dedicated to the sources of my inspiration. First and Foremost to the almighty God for His focusing and countless blessings and to our families, relatives, teachers, friends, and colleagues for their prayer, moral support and who have helped us in carrying out this task. Researchers acknowledgement The researchers wish to express their sincere gratitude and profound appreciation to the following people for their invaluable support which make the preparation of this issue possible.First and foremost, to the Almighty God, for leading her Wisdom and will to continue this Mrs Estrella Fajardo, our professor, for her unending patience, continuous guidance and for granting her the opportunity to finish this paper and for letting us do the study. To Ms Rachelle Almuete for helping me to finish this thesis with the help of her fam ily. To our very unique classmates, Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics 1-C, for their discriminating critics and comments. To all our colleagues and friends in Bulacan State University especially in College of Education for taking time in answering the questionnaire.To our beloved families, for their sacrifices, love and support and for giving us the will to finish this. And to all of who, in angiotensin-converting enzyme way or another helped, the researchers sincerest thanks and gratitude abduct The study attempted to answer the general questions (1) The frame of Gaylingo speakers (2)The number of people who understand Gaylingo (3) How to prevent the usage of Gaylingo nowadays? The following are the significant findings of the study (1) Not all people love to speak Gaylingo, (2) It was not just gays or the third provoke used it (3) It creates friens who have the same interest.Based from the problems, this hypothesis were formulated (1) the rate of understan ding of Gaylingo was depending on the environment of the some whizz being question (2) The usage of Gaylingo I our literature is somewhat not so famous, but nowadays, Gaylingo is one of the most used Jargon language which led to the readers to learn how to speak Gaylingo (3) Gaylingo, for those who dont extremity to learn it, will be prevented with the helped of ou literature. The reaserchers applied this methods (1) surveying (2) questionnaire and (3) interview. Keywords Gayspeak, Swardspeak, Sex TABLES OF CONTENTSTITLE PAGE. i THESIS ABSTRACTii APPROVAL SHEET. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. AUTHOR DEDICATION TABLE OF CONTENTS .. CHAPTER ITHE PROBLEM AND ITS priming Introduction Statement of the Study Significance of the Study Scope and Delimination. Notes in Chapter I.. IITHEORETICAL FRAMEWORK applicable Theories Review of Realated LiteratureReview of Related Studies. Conceptual Framework. Hypothesis. Definition of Terms Notes in Chapter II IIIRESEARCH METHODOLOGY Methods and Techniques Us ed. Population of the Study Research Instruments.. selective information Gathering Procedure. Data Processing and Statistical Treatment.. Notes in Chapter III. IVSUMMARY, CONCLUSIONS and RECOMMENDATION Summary of Findings Conclusions. Recommendation.

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The Privilege of Being White: An Auto-ethnography

One of the most distinct and powerful aspects of the American society is diversity. It is constituted by different people of various races, ethnicity, origin, color, beliefs and even languages. America leads in this international phenomenon as it features itself as the home of the free, the land of cosmopolitanism and universality.Immigrants in the US such as Latin, African and Asiatic Americans have become an integral part of American society. And as part of the American culture, unique individualistic identities of immigrants argon encouraged to be asserted and accepted for assimilation and continued growth of the American culture.Behind that so called American dream that many immigrants yearn for is the issue of racism that continues to pervade American society. Racial contrast has metamorphosed in new forms and channels in the modern age. It has been institutionalized and cunningly integrated in spite of appearance the fabric of society as both institutional and cultural ph enomenon. (Kivisto and Rundblad)The established forms of racial inequalities before remains actually much existent but manifests itself in institutional mechanisms today which provided a new dimension of racial segregation in the form of privileges and racial stigma.An ordinary everydayUpon getting this assignment, I quickly started a aware reflection of my regular activities and made a critical analysis of my social environment in influence to recognize the so called privilege that white people enjoys in society. The first thing that come up in my mind on my way home is that in a society dominated by whites, the white people is a norm.Thus, non-whites are regarded as different or non customary. In the most rum yet common way, I can easily socialize with or get into a family of white people most of the time. On the new(prenominal) hand, I would have some hesitations in go up or getting along with non whites. At this point, I realize that there seems an unconscious prejudice w ithin me that I can relate better with white people because I am one of them and unconscious assumption that they see me as a reflection of themselves as well because I am white.On the other hand, my hesitations to approach non white people may have also stemmed from some kind of warp that non whites are hostile or unwelcoming. In worst scenarios especially towards non-whites in the streets, there seemed an automatic venture on my part that they are gang members and are potentially dangerous.I believe that these subconscious feelings are beef up and sustained by the popular media particularly how non whites have been negatively affected by stereotypical characterizations and the how whites are given privilege. (Branscombe and Doosje)The motion picture is one of the many media through which systematic racial, cultural, and historical discrimination and social stratification in society is depicted as a reality in society. The movie, Boyz in the Hood for instance, tells of the str uggles and perils of a young black man living in the ghetto were joining a gang is a natural selection kit and that violence in the neighborhood is a way of life.The controversial film Do The discipline Thing in 1989, on the other hand accounts a series of events that described the racial tension in a predominantly black neighborhood that resulted to violent conflict in the end. The movie, higher breeding on the other hand, tells of the discrimination that extends in academic institutions that led to the murder of students as well. The constant portrayal of non whites as gang members made me think that most blacks and Latinos are gang members and are therefore potentially treacherous and threatening.

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New Product in Marketing Aspect Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

New produce in Marketing Aspect - Assignment ExampleThis strategy aims at increasing membership quite a than maximizing on profits. The company in addition emphasizes on expansion and acquiring of additional markets, with little center on marketing strategies, such as, market prices, share prices and characteristic the target market (Yglesias, 2014). Although this leads to increased sales turnover, it is also accompanied with increased operation costs, which reduces the gross and net profit margin significantly. Therefore, there is destiny for the company to develop sound pricing strategies that focus on maximization of revenue and profits alongside its objective on growth and expansion.Dynamically continuous innovation refers to a technology that articulates effect on consumption practices and patterns, through incorporation of a new technology (Hoyer & Deborah, 2008). Recently, the Guardian Telecom Company has launched an broad line of indoor industrial voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telephones, in an effort to try versatile telephone products, designed for use in adverse areas. The technology requires a simple conjunctive to Guardians VOIP, over the internet protocol address, and to the users phones. The new technology aims to enhance consumer support and communication, in industrial areas that are prone to moderately harmful environment. Compared to consumer phones, this technology is ideal for emergencies and direct assistance communication, since it enables the consumers to drill calls from any locations with the availability of internet connection (Valdes & Dave, 2014). In addition to its intended use, this new product also provides additional services to include, call waiting, call transfer, and repeat dial features.Stewart, J. (2014). Is Amazons fairy sell story coming to an end? Retrieved on 7 May 2014 from

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Earth Science Class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Earth Science Class - search ExampleIn other words, they are low-lying clouds (Allred, 2009). Formation of a cloudiness depends on the chromosomal mutation between temperature and dew point which should be less than 2.5 C or 4 F (Ahrens, 1991). The formation of fog is very similar to those with a cloud. The evaporated weewee fuses in the atmosphere in the form of water vapours which are obtained from the local ground water sources like lakes, oceans, water streams or marshy areas. This transformation of water into water vapors from the sources results in the mixing and rise of these vapors in the argumentation or atmosphere. gradually and slowly, these vapors start bonding up with the small dust particles present already in the air forming the dew droplets. Further, this condensation of dew droplets causes the fog to form slightly above the ground (Miles, 2007). TYPES OF FOG There are fundamentally two main types of fog out of various other types that are categorized on the d ry land of the process of their formation. shaft fog and Advection fog are the main types to emphasize on. 1- Radiation Fog exceed weather and calm winds at night are the main sources behind the formation of this type of fog. Radiation fog is formed at night when heat is discharged from the Earths surface with a unique swiftness. This heat has been entrapped during the day by the surface.

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Biological basis of schizophrenia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Biological basis of schizophrenia - Essay ExampleThis paper will discuss the biological basis of schizophrenia and what has led to that belief.Schizophrenia is a complex debilitating psychotic disorder that involves a disconnection between thought and language. It affects, thoughts, feeling, perceptions, and overall behavior. The usual onset is age 17 to 25. 90% of those that be being treated be 15-55. Onset before 10 and after 60 is r are (Porth & Matfin, 2008). late(a) question and data present a complex image of a brain dysfunction with alterations in anatomic structures as well as protein synthesis and functional disturbances. Some of the manifestations include incomprehensible speech, delusions, hallucinations, and sometimes catatonic behavior. It is thought that sounds and color are more vivid and louder to these patients (Porth,, 2008). There is paranoia as they retrieve populate are watching them or out to get them.Though the studies following show some research i nto the neurophysiology of schizophrenic symptoms, it is still virtually unknown what the pathogenesis is. It is known from the imaging techniques being used that there are abnormalities in the construction of the brain but how do those abnormalities relate to the psychological issues. This is still unknown. It will be important to discern at what age this disease begins to manifest itself. One of the studies noted leads the researcher to believe that it may be a manifestation of development in uterus and not occur digest partum. Young children are not often scanned so it is not known for sure (Porth, 2008). It is known, however, that adolescents who have a strong family history and who have been scanned do have the larger ventricles shown in a parental scan. intercession at this time has not changed much though future study may change that. in short the goal of treatment is still to attempt to induce remission, and improve behavior and cognitive function. Outcomes from the illnes s are improved and some