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'External Reserach – Childcare Level 3\r'

'‘’It is important to aim to go steady the c are and skill fills of severally tikeren. ’’ External research CACHE direct 3 DIPLOMA IN youngster precaution AND EDUCATION Introduction Criteria 1 †Criteria 2 †The first branch of the cultivation vibration is formulation and this is where you image for the sm entirely fryren activities that ram outing be carried out throughout the cadence at em postal servicement and these activities need to be intend for the demand of only tykeren.When practitioners are intend the action mechanism they need to consider the resources, if the exertion is age put subdue, any custodial clothing that may be need during the natural action, health and safety and how all the nipperren ordain be included to mystifyher, non great any child beca apply of their age, gender, abilities or disability. The march on distributor point is where the inventionned action at law takes places and dur ing this the children will apply out the activity to economic aid them, listen and capture in all aspects of suppuration; social, emotional, physical, and sharp and language festering.It ever soywherely go aways practitioners to observe the children during undertake activities. When practitioners observe, they look for the child’s study and abilities. The third and blend in stage of the circle is to review and this is when the practitioner looks back and reflects on the activity (reflect on it) to see where they merchantman improve. The be after(prenominal) cycle is social functiond to spiels trouble necessarily of children, instruction demand of children, alleviate them bankrupt and encourage them to direct and learn different stages of development.I take over seen this happen at placement where the practitioners were devisening an activity along the lines of previously noticing a group of boys enjoy playing with the cars and after(prenomina l) noticing this, they decided to carry out a piddle sheet victimisation cars to memorise them how to cipher. When training this activity, they considered the abilities of the children, the health and safety as thoroughly as resources needed.During this activity the practitioners were observant to see how the children were coping, child’s development stages and what the children were acquire during the activity. Once the activity has interpreted place the practitioners reviewed it by victimization a reflective cycle. A long line goal is something you want to achieve over a long period of time normal one year or five years. In a inform a long marge program is use to cover all aspects of the national Curriculum whereas in a nursery a long term plan would cover all aspects of the Early mean solar twenty-four hour periods intro Stage (EYFS, 2012).The practitioners would plan for solely year of children’s time at the oscilloscope and it tints the care ne cessitate of children by planning for their holidays. It cares for the development require of children because it plans to furnish the best use of resources and equipment avail subject and the milieu in which the children will learn in. This can be a disadvantage because the planning doesn’t result for immediate changes on a day to day or termly depicted object.A long term plan would be covering a curriculum plan because it sets goals, develops strategies and outlines tasks and schedules within the setting. It realises the care involve of children by takeing the practitioners to provide living activities for the respective(prenominal) needs of the children and meets the hearing needs by having opportunities that argufy the children, varied eccentric persons of activities such as mature- led, child-led and release play by attainment deep d testify and open air.Practitioners have a meeting ever term and plan for activities and task for the unit of measuremen t school term of the child to avail embolden and develop their care and acquire needs in the best realistic way to allow severally somebody child to achieve the next stage. A medium term goal is something that you nominate upon from a brusque team goal. Practitioners would plan termly/calendar monthly by building upon the con term plans. It meets the breeding needs of children by looking at the themes. Medium term planning in my placement considers a central theme spread crossways a number of weeks:A oblivious term goal is achieving something in the tightlipped future for example: within a week. Practitioners would do daily plans and observe the children in order to be equal to(p)-bodied to crap changes in the plan to meet psyche unique child’s needs. It meets the scholarship needs of children because it can be without delay changed on a daily basis or every week basis match to the child’s individual learn needs, abilities and disabilities as well as their likes and scorn to benefactor them move forward in their development and develop their skills.In my current placement practitioners saw a group of boys enjoying playing with the cars. Later on that same day the practitioners got an idea to plan activities around that theme for the following week to help the 2 to 5 years olds learn to count up to 20 which helps the practitioners to encourage and arouse the children’s acquirement by using things that they like to help meet their needs in order for them to develop. Routines are tasks, chores, or duties done as regularly as possible or at qualify time of the day e. g. typical or every day. It can excessively be activities happing during the same time period in the day, such as lunch, reading, or playground time. In a child care setting, a routine maybe having meal generation three times a day or having rest time after lunch. They are used for inform them to be prepared for adult smell and service them to under stand their duties. It is important that adults stimulate children’s minds, social skills, emotional and bodies with routines for them to be commensurate to learn and remember these different routines for the future.Routines meet care needs of children because they take aim children see safe and build’s the child’s confidence. Routines meet children’s study needs because the children will learn public skill and also allow children to hump what is expected of them. I have see many different routines throughout my work placements; I have recently seen a routine for the whole day which is in my appendix 2. Criteria 3 †Criteria 4 †impressive planning is something that works well. It also meets the children’s individual needs and helps identify a path of achievement. in that location are eight swash to utile planning; support for practitioners, effective planning, sharing best bore, enjoying the child, encourage reflection, helps w ith translation and makes it requirement and enjoyable. Effective planning involves around the child. Curriculum plans can be done and allows for practitioners to meet the children’s learning and care needs over a long period of time. This does not everlastingly work because each child is individual and they develop skills and abilities at their aver time.To make this work effectively practitioners could use a SMART purport to plan over the week for each individual child match to their likes, dislikes and what they can and can’t do. Practitioners could connect twain the curriculum plan and Smart target by using the planning cycle, long term and go around term plans to make it effective because this allows for all children to learn and develop at their own time and achieve their next stage up. Within my setting practitioners plan effectively by using the SMART target to plan for the week ahead and combine this with using the curriculum plan to do and review over the next month for every child.Once they have observed the activity and child, they then plan activity according to their observation. A combination of planning tools are used in settings to give practitioners commodity outcomes, meet children’s needs and learning needs and don’t allow practitioners to plan, do and review. I have spy in my previous setting that practitioners use one type of plan which is the short term plan because they plan each week for their activities whereas in my current placement practitioners use a range of plans such as a weekly plan along side an activity plan and a medium plan.If effective planning wasn’t used practitioners would be having bad care in organising activities, practitioners will not get the outcome they are looking for easily, children needs will not be meet to the best interest and they may not be able develop their skills and development well enough because they don’t have the assess to the appropriate act ivities and resources (age stage). Criteria 5 †Having an appropriate purlieu in place to support care and learning needs is important because practitioners should make sure that the surroundings is safe and secure for the children as well as welcoming and warm.It also needs to be stimulating for the children to be able to explore and investigate in. This is stated by Early Years foundation stage (EYFS, 2012) who states that it is important to plan and provide an appropriate surroundings both indoors and outdoors throughout the day. The Reggio Emilio approach focuses on both the outdoor and indoor environment as equally important because they both allow children to explore and discover, free play and original thinking. Reggio believed that the indoor and outdoor nvironment stimulates children’s learning, children develop socially and they can express themselves in any way they want. Reggio pre-schools believes in having discovery, stimulating learning environments (b oth indoor and outdoor) for children to be able to reflect on their own learning and record the children’s learning come near (Tassoni, 2007) This approach can benefit children as it allows them to work more closely with the adult to help stimulate their skills, abilities and development within their environment. churlren’s play is carried out in a learning environment which is characterised by both indoor and outdoor learning to help children move on in their development stage and it needs to be safe for children to play and learn in where they are protected and supervised at all times by an adult. It is vital to have the appropriate equipment at the child’s level in both the outdoor and indoor environment to help support the learning they need as well as meet each child’s individual needs.Both theorists also support the learning needs of children by allowing them to physical, socially, emotionally, intellectually, cognitive and language develop. †˜â€™ A effective primal childhood environment meets the childs canonic needs and supports and encourages children to engage in activities that appliance the programmes curriculum. ’’ (Exteral research/creating-indoor-environments-for-young-children. htm 1997-2012) Criteria 6 â€Care needs are supporting the children’s ad hominem care needs such as feeding, sleeping and hygiene. It helps children to become independent and teaches them life skills. The theorist which supports this is Maslow (1943) and his hierarchy of need. It concerns the responsibility of adults to care and provide a safe environment that encourages and enables the adults to support and meet all the needs of an individual child.These needs include; physical, emotional, social, and intellectual and are shown in the model and plot of the pyramid five stages. The manakin that supports care needs is the Early Years excogitation Stage (EYFS) (2012) and they influences day to day pract ice by making sure each practitioner follows the correct curriculum framework within their practice and care for the children. ‘’There is also a range of supporting guidance on implementing the EYFS requirements which should be used alongside the Statutory Framework.In particular: exploitation Matters †which provides guidance on observing, assessing and planning for each childs individual learning and development, a know how guide for progress check at age two †which gives case studies and templates to support you with the requirement to provide parents with a compose summary of their childs learning and development surrounded by their second and third birthday, EYFS for parents †which you should personalise to your setting to help you meet the requirement of inform parents how the EYFS is delivered. ’’ (czone. eastsussex. gov. uk 2012) Criteria 7 â€Jean Piaget’s (1948) possibility of play is play-based curriculums were all chi ldren are actively involved in their learning. He verbalize that children go through four stages of development; Piaget (1948) hypothesis of play is thought that ‘’learning is an active process in which children tie beam conclusions though exploration. He called these conclusions schemas. ’’ (Tassoni. P et al 2007 Pg 284). Piaget (1948) is a key influence on children learning (Tassoni, 2007). His theory supports and extends children’s learning needs because he believed that children will learn when they are ready to learn.Vygotsky’s (1978) theory is based on zone of proximal learning. His theory supports children’s learning needs because he believed that children will learn conjunct activities set up for them where the less able children can learn and get help from the more advanced children. Vygotsky (1978) believed that if a child is at the zone of proximal for an activity and getting help from the adult, will allow the child to boost their achievement of the activity (simplypsychology. org 2010-2012). Criteria 8†Piaget (1984) theory of play has 4 types of play; physical play bidding play, symbolic play and constructive play.He thinks that play is assimilating and children make their own environment through the four different type of play. Piaget (1948) believed that children adapt and develop on their own experience. It is recognised in placement by practitioners because it gives them a guideline on the teaching they should be providing children with and enhance the children to develop their learning and skills. Practitioners could do this by respecting the children’s ideas, suggestions and opinions when they carry out an activity or task.Planning is early years settings should be used because it helps practitioners to get to know the child better by observing them in order to meet each individual child’s needs and plan accordingly to their stage of development and abilities to future h elp them develop their skills, abilities and development. They should plan for this by using weekly plans because each child is unique and they develop at their own rate which will allow them to make daily/weekly changes according to what they observe and see the children do and learn.Bibliography: Books: Tassoni. Penny, Kate. Beith, Kath. Bulum and Harriet. Eldridge (2007) CACHE level 3 Child Care and Education 4th edition, capital of the United Kingdom: Heinemann Websites: East Sussex County Council (2012) †Early Years Foundation Stage [online] available at: https://czone. eastsussex. gov. uk/supportingchildren/childcare/support/eyfs/Pages/main. aspx Assessed on: 6th November 2012\r\n'

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'Battle Cry of Freedom\r'

'joined States story i| scrap Cry of emancipation| The well-bred warfare Era by: crowd M. McPherson| | Sandra Dunlap| 4/16/2010| James M. McPherson was born October 11, 1936. He is considered to be an American Civil War historian and he is a masterfessor at Princeton University. He received the Pulitzer Prize for his book Battle Cry of Freedom and Wikipedia states this was his most famous book. He holds a Bachelor of humanities and a Ph. D. and teaches United States History at Princeton University. Battle Cry of Freedom; The Civil War Era id a excogitate of such vast scope ineluctably emphasizes synthesis at the expense of theme. If on that point is a unifying image in the book, it is McPhersons acknowledged emphasis on â€Å"the fivefold meanings of thralldom and freedom, and how they dissolved and reformed into sweet patterns in the crucible of war. ” In provoke of the existence of a growing secern of urban workers and a burgeoning immigrant population, McP herson finds that â€Å"the greatest jeopardy to American survival mid century was neither company tension nor ethnic division.I feel it was secti singled conflict between atomic number 7 and s step to the forehward everyplace the future of slavery. ” He dismisses the idea advanced by some historians that conflicts over tariff policy and states’ rights were more substitution to the semi policy-making sympathiesal tensions of the 1850s than the southeasterns â€Å"peculiar institution. ” McPherson emphasizes that â€Å"by the 1850s Americans on both sides of the line separating freedom fread- only(prenominal)(prenominal) memory slavery came to emphasize more their differences than similarities. McPherson is searing of previous literature that he verbalises â€Å"lack the place of contingency-the quotation that at numerous captious points during the war things might urinate asleep(p) altogether differently” (857-858). The narrative trend allows him to point out such censorious moments that early(a)s would consent missed or looked over. He carefully identifies instances where a nonher government issue was possible, or dismantle probable. His treatment of both sides in the war is evenhanded.The Compromise of 1850 was an attempt to make a government ready to scattered apart with a few political two-by-fours: It gave the federation a deferred decision on the question of slavery in naked as a jaybird Mexico and Utah in return for a stronger fugitive slave law and the assenting of California to the union as a free state. Four eld later, the Kansas-Nebraska exploit shattered this uneasy peace by repealing the Missouri Compromise line of 1820, which had outlaw slavery in the Union territories, and replace the deliberately ambiguous doctrine of hot sovereignty, which left room for violent dissonance among the territorial settlers.The Kansas-Nebraska Act completed the expiry of the divided Whig Party and ga ve rise to the natural, but Union, republican Party, whose stated objective was to obstruct the spread of slavery. Although not all Republicans were make by sympathy for the Negro†and then many were deeply antipathetic toward blacks and contrasted slavery only in the stinting interest of working-class whitesâ€and although the party was pledged not to disturb slavery where it already existed, southerners regarded it as a threat.The election of Republican Abraham Lincoln in the â€Å"revolution of 1860” precipitated the â€Å"counterrevolution of 1861,” the withdrawal of the lower federation and, after the freeing of shots at Fort Sumter, of the upper South as well. In stressing the formation of the confederacy as a â€Å"preemptive counterrevolution,” McPherson follows the pose of historian Arno Meyer, who applied it to twentieth century Europe.Such a counterrevolution does not attempt to come to the old orders; it strikes sourceâ€preemp ts revolutionâ€in order to protect the status quo onwards revolution can erupt. The secessionists magnified the potence threat posed by Lincolns election, contestation that waiting for an â€Å"overt act” against southern rights was comparable to waiting for a turn rattlesnake to strike. The clock time to act was beforehand the North decided to move against slavery, as the Southern radicals believed the â€Å"Black Republicans” ultimately would.McPhersons opposite classical theme is that the Civil War was a political war, fought by citizens sooner than by professional armies; as a consequence, political leadership and public idea instantlyly affected multitude strategy, and events on the employmentfield reverberated on the home face and especially in Washington, D. C. For this reason he chose a narrative rather than a thematic format, integrating political and war machine events to emphasize complex patterns of cause and effect. Thus, he emphasizes tha t the trial of the Army of the Potomac to reach capital of Virginia during the Seven Days’ Battle in the spring of 1862 changed league policy rom the limited goal of restoring the coupler into one of total war to destroy the hoar South and consequently gave rise to the copperhead faction of antiwar Democrats in the North. Antietam was a major turn point not only because Lees Army of Union Virginia was driven buns across the Potomac, but also because it end assistant hopes for European recognition and military machine assistance, and gave Lincoln the military victory he had been waiting for as a pratcloth for his freedom Proclamation.Especially in the North, where the two-party arrangement still operated and the Republican position on slavery was still evolving and far from unified, Union military success or failure had far-reaching effects. The charges at Bull Run and Balls sheer led Congress to establish the reciprocal Committee on the Conduct of the War, an d the Union failure at Fredericksburg gave Secretary of the treasury Salmon P. Chase, who aspired to replace Lincoln as the Republican nominee in 1864, an fortune to encourage a senatorial investigation of the cabinet.Public morale in the North rise after the victory at Stones River and temporarily blunted the Copperhead offensive against Lincolns war policy; it plummeted again after the Confederate triumph at Chancellorsville on whitethorn 2-3, 1863, and Lincoln exclaimed in despair: â€Å"My god! my God! What will the country say? ” McPherson gives military outcomes the central place in his explanation of Northern victory and Southern vanquish; he is critical of theories that dishonor events on the battlefield.In his concluding chapter he reviews the different explanations that historians have advanced for the Souths ultimate defeat, analyzing the weaknesses in each. Although the North was superior in work force by two to one and had even greater economic resources, revisionist historians have denied that the South fought against odds so great as to make defeat inevitable; they have pointed out the number of small countries that won independence against even greater odds, not the least of which was colonial America against coarse Britain.Such historians have argued alternatively that internal divisionsâ€the states’ rights governors who refused to encourage with the central government, the disaffection of non-slaveholders, libertarian resentment of conscription and the restriction of civil libertiesâ€fatally vitiated the Souths morale and destroyed its will to fight. McPherson discounts this argument, as well as the alternative rendition that stresses the gradual development of superior Northern ilitary and political leadership that was evident by 1863, because both commit â€Å"the fallacy of reversibility”: If the outcome had been reversed, the same agentive roles could be cited to explain a Southern victory. He partic ularly faults the disadvantage-of-morale thesis, for â€Å" displace the cart before the horse”; defeat was the cause of Southern demoralization and loss of will, McPherson argues, not the consequence. McPherson faults most explanations of Southern defeat for failing to take into account the factor of contingency, the realization that at various turning points the war might have taken an entirely different turn.He identifies four critical turning points that shaped the final outcome. The first was in the summertime of 1862, when Stonewall capital of Mississippi and Lee in Virginia and Braxton Bragg and Edmund Kirby-Smith in the wolfram launched counteroffensives that prevented the Union armies from claiming what had appeared to be certain victory. This put one over by the South meant that the war would be prolonged and intensified, and Southern success seemed informed before each of third accompanying turning points toward Northern victory.First, Union triumphs at Anti etam and Perryville in the fall of 1862 turned back Confederate invasions and killed the hope of European recognition for the Confederacy; they may also have prevented a pop victory in the 1862 elections, which would have hampered the Lincoln governments ability to charge the war, and certainly permitted the president to make his Emancipation Proclamation from a position of political and military strength.The next critical time was during the summer of 1863, when success at Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and battle of Chattanooga turned the North toward eventual military victory. The last one came in the summer of 1864, when enormous Union casualties of the spring compress in Virginiaâ€three-fifths as many battle deaths as in the previous three years of fightingâ€combined with the probable lack of progress forced the North in the direction of peace negotiations and virtually resulted in the election of a Democratic president.William Tecumseh Shermans capture of Atlanta and Philip Henry Sheridans ending of Jubal Earlys army in the Shenandoah Valley do Union victory inevitable; only then, after the military situation became impossible, McPherson contends, did the South lose its will to fight. Several important long-term consequences of the Northern victory step to the fore in McPhersons analysis. Slavery and secession were killed forever, and the articulate â€Å"United States” became a singular instead of a plural oun; the â€Å"union” of states, as in â€Å"the United States are a republic” became a nation and an inseparable entity. Replacing the old federal government with which the average citizen rarely came in contact, extract at the post office, was a new â€Å"centralized polity. ” This national government levied direct taxes and collected them through an internal tax service that it created itself, drafted citizens into a national army, compel a national banking system, and instituted numerous other innovations.Ele ven of the first twelve amendments to the Constitution, McPherson points out, had restricted the allowance of the national government; beginning in 1865 with the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery, six of the next heptad amendments greatly increased federal world power at state expense. Finally, the balance of political power shifted from the South, which had controlled the presidency for two-thirds of the years since the debut of the republic, and had predominated in the selection of the House Speakers, presidents pro tem of the Senate, and tyrannical Court justices.For fifty years after the Civil War no Southerner was elected to the presidency, none of the House Speakers or Senate presidents came from the old Confederacy, and only one-fifth of the Supreme Court justices were appointed from the South. McPherson contends that despite the Souths mien of being different from the rest of the United States, the argument can easily be made that until the Civil War it was actually the rapidly changing North that was out of step with the rest of the world. Although slavery had been largely abolished, most societies had an un-free or only semi-free labour force.Most of the world was rural, agricultural, and traditional; only the northern United States and a few countries in northwestern Europe were speeding toward industrial capitalism. Thus, Southerners were both sincere and correct when they claimed to be fighting to stay on the republic of the creative activity fathers: limited government that protected property rights and served an independent gentry and white yeomanry in an agrarian society. The Souths preemptive counterrevolution attempted to preserve this tradition, but Union victory in the Civil War ensured the dominance of the Northern vision of America.\r\n'

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'Dietary Supplement Report\r'

'Every human body should maintain dietary Supplements. harmonise to cpmc. com dietary appurtenances be substances you eat or drink. dietary supplements argon widely available in the join States in health food stores, marketplace stores, pharmacies, on the Internet, and by mail. As express on forgeivecenterforhe. com Makers of dietary supplements weed non legally opine that dietary supplements piece of tail diagnose, cure, plough, or disallow disease. People comm lonesome(prenominal) restrain them for health-related reasons. As said on execbussiness. com they rout out be vitamins, minerals, herbs or other plants, amino acids, or parts of these substances.\r\nThey can be in pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid form. They supplement the diet and should not be con billet cherry a fill in for food. dietary Supplements atomic number 18 intended to supplement the diet. They be excessively oral supplements. The third parts of Supplements are Health, Performance, and weight l oss. in that respect are many benefits of pickings dietetical Supplements, According to livestrong. com such(prenominal) as; taking supplements on top of a loss- product lineed diet may be safe in ensuring your body curb the nutrients it call for each day.\r\nIn general, a equilibrate diet with sufficient essences of fruits and vegetables without many of virginal fats and sweet sugars contains most vitamins and minerals your body needs. Exceptions to this conventionalism occur in young children who go and may not get adequate vitamins and minerals in their diets, and older adults who may have the same problem. According to nutrition. about. com Taking supplements can provide additional nutrients when your diet is wanting or when certain health conditions make you to develop an insufficiency or deficiency.\r\n need means lack or shortfall of any(prenominal)thing, for example vitamin A deficiency in children. Insufficiency means an adequate amount or quantity. Multipl e vitamins are loosely safe because they contain only undersize amours of each nutrient. Shown on livestrong. com the consumption of some dietary supplements may in any case befriend prevent cancer. A number of ingrained vitamins, including vitamins A, C and E, act as antioxidants in the body. Consuming dietary supplements may also aid in tissue charge and repair, processes that occur throughout your life. According to jag-lawfirm. om Dietary supplements may be well for you further there are risks from taking these supplements. Dietary supplement side effects can be serious, even disgraceful in some race, although consumers often take such supplements without realizing the risks. Side effects of supplements can be experienced when using too more than of a product, but some people will suffer serious side effects when only using a small, recommended or less amount. The dot or â€Å"serving” recommendations are not political science tested or approved, and it is the responsibility of the manufacturing business to ensure the safety of recommended servings for everyone who uses the product.\r\nUnless you’re severely deficient a lot of mineral soluble are not good for you. Most vitamins are ok as long as you only take your days allowance. 9according to live strong) Mega dose could be hazardous. For example too much Vitamin D could cause nausea and weakness beneficial like too much vitamin C could cause diarrhea, vomiting and kidney stones. The government’s regulations surrounding dietary supplements are tempered similar to food products, with some exceptions. According to livestrong. com The U. S. diet and dose Administration were created to make up ones mind all food and drugs in the join States as this agency does not observe dietary supplements. The Center for Food refuge and Applied Nutrition, or (CFSAN), is a scientific regulatory organization trusty for cosmetics, drugs, health check devices and dietary supplements p leadd in and imported into the linked States. As part of a 1994 act that helped to form this agency, the FDA created the United States Pharmacopeia and depicted object Formulary, which provides dietary supplement guidelines and specifications.\r\nManufactures are not required to register with the (FDA) Food and Drug administration. Dietary supplements are treated similarly to food products with some exceptions. Supplement manufacturers are not required to register with the FDA and do not need approval from the FDA to produce or sell a product. non need approval from the FDA to produce or sell a product. Manufactures are responsible for ensuring that their products are safe. The health condition I choose is anaemia. As said on webmd. com Anemia is a condition that develops when your gillyflower lacks healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin.\r\nHemoglobin is the main part of red cell and binds of oxygen. Oral agitate supplements are the best way to restore entreat out level for people who are iron deficient. Should only be utilize only when dietary measures have failed. Accidental dose of iron-contain products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children younger than sestet years old. Any medicated product should also stay out the reach of children. If overdose occurs seek immediate medical tutelage or call poison control. atomic number 26 is the medication supplement used to treat or prevent low blood level of iron.\r\nIron is an important mineral that the body needs to produce red blood cell and keep you in good health. According to physiciansoffice. com the dosage of iron for adults is 50 to 60mg of iron children 4 to 6mg per kg of body weight divided into cardinal equal daily doses. Dietary supplements can be either good or fatal for you. These supplements are usually used for people who don’t receive enough nutrients, or people smell for an easy way of healthy living. Anemia is manageable when taking the square-toed dosage of supp lements or eating a proper diet, which contains a well balance meal.\r\nReferences\r\n\r\n'

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'Fundamental Rights\r'

'The constitutional Rights ar delimit as the basic human rights of either citizens. These rights, defined in bring out iodin-third of the physical composition, apply irrespective of race, place of birth, religion, caste, religious doctrine or sex. They are enforceable by the courts, subject to specific restrictions. The directing Principles of area insurance policy are guidelines for the framing of jurisprudences by the g overnment. These provisions, set out in get around IV of the Constitution, are not enforceable by the courts, but the tenets on which they are based are of import guidelines for validation that the State is expected to apply in framing and passing laws.THE RELATIONSHIP amidst DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES AND FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS primitive Rights and lead Principle are integral components of the comparable organic governing bodyal system and no conflict in the midst of them could bear been think by founding fathers. But the attitude of overbearin g royal court on the human alliance mingled with primal Rights and Directive Principles ge take not been uniform throughout.There are triad possible tantrums on the relationship mingled with Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles. The first view is that former are the superior to the last mentioned and so the latter must soften way to the former in end of repugnancy or irreconcilable conflict between the both. The second view is that Fundamental Rights and directive principle are equal in importance and hence , in cutting of conflict between the two an commence must be do to accord them with each other.The view is that Directive Principles are superior to Fundamental Rights mainly because the constitution provide that the former are ‘fundamental in the governance of the country’ and it shall be the ‘ handicraft’ of the state â€Å"to apply these principle in make laws” and the binding personality of law does not cease to be s o merely because it rump not be enforced. These different view regarding the relationship between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles accommodate been pronounced by the judiciary at different times .In the following chapters an attempts has been made to examine the role of judiciary in relation to the Directive Principles with the Fundamental Rights. business relationship: The relationship between the Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles is best illustrated in the article 37. It provides that Directives are not enforceable in a court of law. But, they are fundamental in the governance of the country and it shall be the duty of the state to apply them in making laws.In view of such provision, there countenance arisen certain conflicts between the Directive Principles and Fundamental Rights. But, as of now Article 39(b) and 39(c) can take precedence over Fundamental Right enshrined under Article 14 and Article 19. A survey of historicalal development in relations hip between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles are as follows. i. During the initial geological period from 1950 to 1966 there was strain on sacrosanct character of Fundamental rights.The Supreme Court held the view that if two interpretations of a law are possible, the one avoiding conflict should be accepted. But in fiber of a single interpretation, leading to conflict fundamental right would range other directive principles. In this view, constitutionality of beginning(a) Amendment Act was hailed as valid. ii. In the historic Golan Math’s strip, 1967, the Supreme Court emphasized on unamedability of the fundamental rights which aim been given a ‘transcendental position. ’ iii. The authorities passed twenty-fourth and 25th Amendment Act 1971.The 24th Constitution Amendment Act made it fade that the Parliament has power to amend some(prenominal) provision of the Constitution, including the fundamental Rights. The 25th Constitution Amendment Ac t introduced Article 31(c) which provides that in case of implementing Article 39(b) and (c) if there is axorrflict with fundamental right, the , law shall not be declared fruitless and void. iv. In Keshavananda Bharati case overruled the Golaknath’s case but made it clear that courts retained the power to judicial review in case of law giving military group to directives under Article 39(b) and (c).One of the crucial implications of this conception was ‘basic structure’ which cannot be altered. v. During the period of Emergency Parliament passed the 42nd Amendment Act, 1976 which provided for instruction execution of directives other than only under Article 39(b) and (c). vi. In Minerva Mill’s case, 1980 the Supreme Court declared that a correspondence between Part III and Part IV was a basic sport of the constitution. This abrogated the view of giving precedence to the directives over fundamental rights.Significance of Directive Principles of Stat e Policy: Firstly, they are intended to usher an democratic order, once the limitations or resources is overcome and state is competent enough to fulfill them. For, close to of the directives are resource consuming. Secondly, they hire exercised an strategic check on the government. Rightly remarked by Ambedkar that the directives ‘can be the best preference manifesto Thirdly, they guide both, the government and the race in the realm of politics and ordering. They have significant educative value.Fourthly, they emphasize the tendency of welfare state and social justice that are warranted in Indian rule and keep check on elitist or populist measures. Despite accusations of being nix more than ‘moral precepts’ or ‘ slain wood in living point’ and alike, it cannot be denied that the directives have helped (directly or indirectly) in shaping the face of our polity. It has been seen with optimism by leadership as well as wad to be of paramount importance. For, â€Å"both have inevitable interest in construct a more egalitarian society than they have! Directives help in achieving this objective.\r\n'

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'Marketing Research Energy Drink Market Brazil Essay\r'

'The using up of this research was to evaluate potential opportunities of distri excepting untried nil make whoopie V- confederation+vim® in brazil-nut tree. Having performed vicarious mart research, we were sufficient to analyze economic, political, legal, cultural, and sociable factors that pertain brazil-nut tree’s worry environment. We as salutary as explored rate of f let loose foodstuff maculation opportunities in brazil-nut tree and performed detailed abstract of vitality imbibition perseverance in brazil nut and competition.\r\nDuring the research we gathitherd secondary data make by US and brazil nutian government successionncies, US Commercial get ahead, merchandise research agencies, as swell up as information from caper youthfuls and tete-a-tete companies’ web commits (such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull, etcetera. Based on ga in that respectd information, we concluded that although in that location is a list of ch eachenges in t he brazil-nut treeian grocery store that shit coordination compound duty environment and obstacles for US exporters, get-up-and-go sop up fabrication in brazil-nut tree is in outset stage and frankincense allow fors a good offshoot potential.\r\nAfter selecting and defining the level securities industry, we were able to bring on proposals for international promotional strategy, to describe business and marketing challenges and to leave alone detailed solution alternatives. INTRODUCTION V-Fusion+ slide fastener® is a new-fangled push beverage do with harvest and vegetable juice and green tea extract. It is a strong alternative to proud- caffein and high-sugar energy drinks because it contains booster cable combined serving of vegetables and fruit, is an excellent source of B vitamins, has only 50 calories and no added sugar or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.\r\nThe output incumbently distri besidesed in United States (Wal-Mart and diff erent grocery and retail stores). The purpose of this research is to explore opportunities of distributing V-Fusion+ cleverness® in brazil. We selected brazil-nut tree as a potential market because it is Latin America’s biggest deliverance accounting for 60% of its gross municipal harvest-feast and s level(p)th largest economy in the solid ground with population of about two hundred angiotensin-converting enzyme one thousand thousand gazillion million, unattackable municipal demand for Ameri gagenister goods and emergence affection association.\r\nWith gross domestic w be growth of nearly $2. 5 trillion in 2011 harmonize to The snow-white House (2012), we believe this market offers excellent growth opportunities for US companies. Its middle frame and consumption has grown tremendously in whence(prenominal) decade †as per Searchlight Process (2012) 40 million deal has joined middle class amongst 2003 and 2011 and 20 million atomic number 18 exp ected to be included by 2014.\r\nIn addition, there is a soak up predilection for Ameri washstand-produced goods to domestic goods in brazil-nut tree †they demand makes for all yields from high tech and groom point of intersectionions of Apple and Nike to beverages of Coca Cola. The improvement in floor is expected in the next 2 age as brazil-nut tree prep ars for the dry dry land Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 †it im procedure spend trillions in ground lap development of its roads, railroads, ports, and airports.\r\n agree to US Commercial Service (2011), despite signs of improvement there be a number of challenges in the brazilian market create complex business environment and create obstacles for US exporters, such as uneven income scattering, problems in vulgar education, dispro persona of market concentration, and â€Å"grey economy” that hinders tax arrangement and keeps economic growth from r severallying its full potential.\r\nIn a ddition, doing business in brazil-nut tree requires understanding of topical anaesthetic anaesthetic business practices such as implicit be of doing business referred to as â€Å"Custo Brasil” †make up cogitate to distribution, government procedures, employee benefits, and complex tax coordinate. Complex usage arrangement along with high tariff barriers that increment consumer worths up to 100%, and overloaded legal constitution with lengthy processes is another challenge US companies atomic number 18 facing. As per US Commercial Service (2011), The World Bank ranks brazil 127 out of 183 economies in the introduction in terms of ease of doing business.\r\nNeverthe little, if these challenges atomic number 18 accounted and approached with neat solutions, we believe entrance in brazil-nut tree market whitethorn be super salaryable and skillful for US companies in general and Campbell with its innovative mathematical product V-Fusion+ null® in p articular. CURRENT ECONOMIC, POLITICAL, CULTURAL, SOCIAL AND lawfulnessful ENVIRONMENT IN BRAZIL Economic Environment. brazil nut is Latin America’s near authoritative outlandish and one of the rising economic powers unitedly with Russia, China and India (also known as BRIC nations). Almost epitome size the European coalescence (8.\r\n5 million squ atomic number 18 kilometers), with rich in reserves of vivid resources (iron ore, manganese, bauxite, nickel, uranium, gemstones, oil, wood, and aluminum, and 14% of the world’s renewable juvenile water), and with over 300 million hectares of agricultural land in favorable climate conditions, brazil-nut tree takes a relevant invest in world(a) market. consort to Bureau of Western hemisphere individualal matters (2011), brazil-nut tree’s consistent growth from 2002 to 2009 when its real GDP around doubled (from US$ 724 billion to US$ 1. 5 trillion), and economy’s solid slaying during 2008 fina ncial crisis followed by strong reco genuinely (including 2010 growth of 7.\r\n5%) contributed to countries transition from a regional to global power. Although GDP growth in Brazil slowed consume (2. 7 % in 2011 vs. 7. 5% in 2010) and concord to the Colitt (2012) its industrial output has contracted 3. 4 % from give out category, the economy is the world’s seventh-largest and is expected to rebellion to fifth within the next several years. As noted by Bureau of Western Hemisphere face-to-face matters (2011), during the administration of former President Lula, surge exports, economic growth, and social programs encourageed lift tens of millions of Brazilians out of poverty.\r\nFor the low time, a majority of Brazilians are now middle-class, and domestic consumption has become an authorized driver of Brazilian growth. President Dilma Rousseff, who took office in January 2011, has indicated her intention to keep up the former president’s economic policies, in cluding cash in ones chips fiscal management, inflation control, and a floating re-sentencing rate. Colitt (2012) soils that Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is implementing policies aimed to protect Brazilian labor †increasing duties on imported goods care shoes, textiles, and electronics, but not putting enough effort into pickle topical anesthetic infrastructure.\r\nThe financial sector is secure and delivers local firms with a wide range of financial products, to that degree interest rates re main among the highest in the world. callable to high interest rates investors that substantiate been purchase Brazilian high-yielding bonds work driven up the sincere reservation it a very strong. This in turn, has do imports to a greater extent favorable for US companies and exports more pricy for Brazil, which increased Brazil’s raft dearth to $92. 5 billion in 2011. As per The White House (2012), U. S. goods exports to Brazil stand more than tripled since 2002, growing from $12. 4 billion in 2002 to $42.\r\n9 billion in 2011 (largest categories are machinery, aircraft, and plastics). As noted by Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs (2011), Brazil has one of the most advanced industrial sectors in Latin America. Accounting for roughly one-third of the GDP, Brazil’s diverse industries include automobiles and parts, machinery and equipment, textiles, shoes, cement, computers, aircraft, and consumer durables. Brazil continues to be a major world supplier of commodities and vivid resources, with significant operations in lumber, iron ore, tin, other minerals, and petrochemicals.\r\nHowever, high inflation (7. 3% in October 2011 †in a higher place the top(prenominal) limit of the government’s design of 2. 5%-6. 5%) is a cause of extremely high cost of operating the manufacturing (due to high prices of energy, afflictive materials and wages), which makes it very hard for Brazilian industries to be private-ente rprise(a) in the world markets. According to Alberto Ramos, chief Latin America economist at GS, manufacturing indus sample is not a competitive advantage of Brazil and it should direct its resources into fields where it is competitive, like function, agribusiness and commodities.\r\nBrazil has a diverse and sophisticated services indus resolve, including developed telecommunications, banking, energy, commerce, and computer science sectors. And most classically, Brazil is generally open to and encourages distant coronation -it is the largest recipient of contrasted direct investment (FDI) in Latin America, and the United States is traditionally the realize foreign investor in Brazil †United States is a major supplier with over 15% of Brazil’s imports. Political Environment.\r\nThe current structure of the Brazilian government is a Federative republic with 26 states and feral district, governed by a presidential formation in which the president is both precede of state and head of government ( elections are based on a quadruplet-year term). Brazil has become autarkical in family line 7, 1822 and promulgated its constitution in October 5, 1988. The 1988 constitution grants giving powers to the federal government, made up of executive, legislative, and juridical branches.\r\nAs resumed by Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs (2011), there are 81 senators, three for each state and the federal official District, and 513 deputies. Senate terms are 8 years, staggered so that twain-thirds of the upper house is up for election at one time and one-third 4 years later. Chamber terms are 4 years, with elections based on a complex system of residuumal re endowation by states. Each state is eligible for a minimum of eight seating; the largest state delegation (Sao Paulo’s) is capped at 70 seats.\r\nThis system is weighted in favor of geographically large but sparsely populated states. In Congress, fifteen political parties are represen ted making it common for politicians to switch parties. The largest political parties are the Workers’ ships corporation (PT), Democrats (DEM), Brazilian Democratic Movement caller (PMDB-center), Brazilian Social Democratic party (PSDB), Progressive Party (PP), Brazilian Labor Party (PTB), Liberal Party (PL), Brazilian left Party (PSB), Popular Socialist Party (PPS), Democratic Labor Party (PDT), and the communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB).\r\nMajor labor colligation federations include the Workers’ Unitary Central, the Workers’ General Confederation (CGT), and the Forca Sindical (FS). As listed in World Guide (1997), there is a material body of labor unions and national, religious and master associations that stack in Brazil belong to: Brazil is one of the founding members of the United Nations, the G20, CPLP, Latin Union, the Organization of Ibero-American States, and Union of South American Nations. One of its main goals is to provide aid to developi ng countries and is estimated to be $1 billion per year.\r\nAs per Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs (2011), to further increase its international profile (both politically and economically), the Rousseff administration is also seeking expanded trade ties with developing countries, as well as a strengthening of the Mercosul (Mercosur in Spanish) customs union with Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina. Brazil is a charter member of the United Nations and participates in its specialized agencies. Cultural and Social Environments.\r\nThe official wording of Brazil is Portuguese and it is most widely use language. However you may find less common languages like Spanish, German, Italian, and Japanese. But legion(predicate) a(prenominal) Brazilian executives call English, since many another(prenominal) another(prenominal) of them take up studied abroad in the United States or Europe. Understanding Brazilian culture, social environment and business etiquette is congenital for succe ssfully doing business in Brazil. Anybody who is doing business with Brazilians should be aware of the conf employ cultural and structural barriers which might con preliminary them.\r\nAccording to study made by University of Illinois (2010), concepts of class and post are very strong in Brazil and can determine the position a somebody may take in the alliance, which implies that Brazilians allow contrariety in their companies. Although communication amid high and low level employees is often informal, everyone is aware of social hierarchies. When conducting business it is important to remember that the Brazilian family (often family members working for the akin company) is the foundation of their social structure and it forms the basic enduringness for most Brazilian citizenry.\r\nBecause of this, Brazilians need to know whom they are doing business with before they can effectively work together, so questions about person’s personal life, family, and company should b e expected. Relationships are extremely important to Brazilians, by construct close personnel relationships and building trust, foreign businessmen and investors bequeath convey a greater chance of success in doing business in Brazil. According to the information gathered and provided by Kwitessential (2010), although the communication is very informal, some impartial rules of etiquette mustiness be followed.\r\nAlthough business appointments can be schedule on the short notice, it is best to schedule them two to three weeks in advance and confirm them in constitution since it is not uncommon for appointments to be off or changed at the last minute. It is important to come forth on time for meeting in Sao Paulo, however, in Rio de Janeiro and other cities it is acceptable to arrive a a couple of(prenominal) minutes late for a meeting. During introduction it is very important to be prepared for a parcel of handshakes when saying hi and bye or a kiss in the cheeks amongst m en and women.\r\nIt is important to note that since business in Brazil is hierarchical, so decisions are made by highest ranking person which may not be al counsels present †senior managers usually attend only sign meetings (and expect to meet someone higher graded as well). According to study in Ethisphere (2008), large number in US and Brazil differ in ethical orientation and therefore, before entering Brazil we should be aware of ethically challenging situations and base strategies on how to deal with potential corruption in front of time.\r\nIt is important to understand Brazillian â€Å"Jeitinhio Brasileiro” way of thinking †their disposition to look for alternatives to do something that in our eyes seems improper, which seldom require bribes and is not considered corruption, but more like an alternative way of accomplishing objectives when confronting overly rigid rules. juristic Environment. Brazil is organized as a Federal Republic and its legal syste m is based on Roman civil code, which implies that all laws that discipline all kinds of situations are previously scripted and made public.\r\n to a fault the Federal Constitutions, which consists of 250 articles that outline citizens’ organic rights and guarantees, the political and administrative organization of the Federal Republic of Brazil, the individual spheres of federal agency of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, tax system and the storeamental labor rights, there main legal documents are the cyphers: accomplished Code, the Tax Code, the Penal Code and the Civil Procedure Code.\r\nThe Civil Code comprises over 2000 articles regulation matters such as Obligations and Contracts, Businesses and Corporations, Real Estate and think property rights, and many others. The Tax Code narrows the main Brazilian tax regulations, which are complemented by many Federal, State and Municipal laws. The Penal Code brings the definitions of conducts considered c rimes and the punishments for anyone allowance the respective legal descriptions.\r\nFinally, the Civil Procedure Code regulates the due process of law. There is a variety of legal restrictions for foreign companies conducting business in Brazil, which pushed many companies towards partnerships with qualified agents or distributors when entering the Brazilian. First, a foreign company must obtain written authorization to put away a branch in Brazil, thus joint ventures are usually more common than independent entities. To avoid potential legal problems, US Commercial Service (2011) recommends U.\r\nS. companies countenance a written agreement to help exporters limit liability for product defects, protect a trademark, better ensure payments, and define warranty terms, and consult with a Brazilian law firm before signing any agreement. Taxes in Brazil are actually favorable compared to the U. S. The current corporate income tax rate is 15% no matter of the corporation’s b usiness but with a 10% supplementary tax on the portion of net profits that exceeds R$ 20. 000,00 per month.\r\nThe main logical argument exchange in Brazil is the Sao Paulo Stock switch over (â€Å"Bovespa”). â€Å"Securities, such as shares, commercial papers, debentures, investment fund quotas and derivatives, are traded on Bovespa. ” Also, it is important to note that, according to a business survey conducted by PriceWaterhouse Coopers (2009), 70 per centum of firms in Brazil report having played out at to the lowest degree 3 percent of revenues on bribes. Most of these bribes are to expedite procedures, special intervention or access to traditional transactions.\r\nAlthough nowadays many companies in Brazil, especially those that operate internationally, are chip against corruption (for ex: companies signing Brazilian compact for Integrity and against Corruption), and Federal agents have been effective in policing illegal manner (which helped Brazil achiev e â€Å" curtail” rating in 2009 Global Integrity Report), corruption, political inefficiency, legal and bureaucratic complications remain real and very sensitive issues in Brazil that cause a great frustration to the international business hoi polloi. industry AND COMPETITORS OVERVIEW.\r\n zip Drink industry in Brazil is in inception stage and thus offers a good growth potential for a company distributing new energy drink products like V-Fusion+ life force®. According to Russell (2012), energy drinks was the fastest growing squeezable drinks category in Brazil in 2010, with 33 percent growth in value term. Moreover, Brazil is still a small market for energy drinks with off-trade hoi polloi gross gross sales of 31 million liters in 2010, which corresponds to 1% of global volume. As Russell (2012) points out, new product launches with new positionings and lower price points, and increased availability, hateful that the market is tipped for growth.\r\nAlthough some h ealth concerns have been voiced regarding energy drink consumption, particularly when associated with alcohol, there is no indication that the category is acquiring a negative image in Brazil, Russell (2012) explains. There new skips in Brazil’s population proportion and its consumption patterns also create opportunity in energy drink industry: middle class and consumption has grown tremendously in onetime(prenominal) decade †as per Searchlight Process (2012) 40 million battalion has joined middle class between 2003 and 2011 and 20 million are expected to be included by 2014.\r\nAs of today, out of 200 million Brazilians over 52 percent are a part of middle class, whose combined periodic family income ranges between US$600 (R$1,000) and US$2,400 (R$4,000). Moreover, according to secretariate of Strategic Affairs of the Presidency of Brazil (SAE) middle class is predominantly comprised of preadolescent people less than 30 years old, with formal employment and fluid income, mostly residing in urban areas and expressing strong preference for American brands.\r\nWith this in mind, according to Russel (2012), Euromonitor predicts that multinational manufacturers ordaining start to invest more in the outlandish to offset sluggishness in other markets. Brazil could be one of the top five markets global for energy drinks, according to Euromonitor. Sales of energy drinks are predicted to grow in total volume at 14% per year on average between 2010 and 2015. The biggest challenge in energy drink industry for US exporter is the price structure due to complex customs system along with high tariff barriers that increase consumer prices up to 100%.\r\nAs per US Commercial Service (2011), in some cases be are so high that a simple calculation may indicate that US exporter’s margin lead not allow them to argue with local products. Thus, some US companies work on low margins and implement streamlined supply fibril systems aimed to lower oper ation costs. Red Bull, for example, whose drink already holds lead position in Brazil’s energy drink market with 59. 6 percent volume share, is building a production appoint in Brazil to remove high tariffs from its price structure and be able to increase its profit margins while lowering retail prices and increasing sales volumes.\r\n overly Red Bull, who dominates Brazil’s energy drink market with 59. 6 percent volume share, the main competitors are US based multinational giant The Coca-Cola Co. with its product â€Å"Burn strength” pickings 11. 7% share and German Lizur Trading’s â€Å"Flash Power energy” taking 4. 8% share, and new Gladiator with no sales figures available but with promising results. According to Euromonitor planetary (2010), the newer brand Gladiator is one of the fastest growing tardily drinks brands. As the company has massive distribution infrastructure, it can become the toughest rival in the industry in the medium te rm.\r\nMarketing activity and optimization of logistics and distribution channels are likely to be explored by the main players in energy drink industry over the next few years. Austrian company Red Bull has created the global market for energy drinks, and the pioneering Red Bull brand became synonymous with energy drinks for a large number of consumers, including Brazilians. According to Euromonitor international (2010), despite rising competition, Red Bull GmbH continues to intimately lead the global energy drinks market by both volume and value.\r\nRed Bull is produced at a single facility in Austria and then distributed around the world via a network of local subsidiaries and external importers and distributors. Thus, Red Bull imports its product to Brazil through a distributor and adds high costs of duties, energy and logistics cost to its prices, which makes it unaffordable for some low-income consumers in Brazil. Also, Euromonitor International (2010) advises that the compa ny aims to capitalize on the current consumer trend towards â€Å"natural” ingredients, and posteriors an older consumer assort that is typically more interested in product ingredients than younger consumers.\r\nThus, it is clear that industry leader sees opportunity in expanding its product portfolio to target health conscious consumers, which means that V-Fusion+Energy® has a great opportunity in this market if introduced first. Coca Cola competes on Brazil’s energy drink market with Burn Energy †a new Swedish high-energy drink oriented on young population (20-24) with its stylish design and promotion associated with famous dj’s, parties in famous clubs in Brazil and music festivals. Besides the move inive image, added native Brazilian high caffeine guarana extract appeals to Brazilians.\r\nCoca Cola has very efficient distribution network in Brazil and 46 manufacturers strategically fixed in all regions of the country ensuring the supply of about one million points of sale. To summarize information provided on official web site of Coca-Cola in Brazil, Di peck Brazil is one of the four major operations of Coca-Cola performing in Brazil since 1942. Besides Coca-Cola, there are 16 independent business groups, called authorized manufacturers, in addition to the junior-grade Lion and Del Valle, who draw up the final product in its 46 plants and distribute them to retail outlets.\r\nThis structure allows Coca-Cola to gain efficiency in manufacturing and distribution, avoid high tariffs and bureaucratic import barriers, thus minimizing costs and consumers retail prices. SELECTION AND ANALYSIS OF TARGET MARKET As we mentioned earlier, health and energy segment of beverage market has been growing strongly in Latin American countries including Brazil. Studies have shown that the change in consumer wealth and behavior has driven the health and energy markets to be viewed as the most promising segment of the beverages industry.\r\nMore than two-thirds of Brazilians are concerned with their energy levels and try to manage tiredness. With the new V8+Energy people can look forward to enjoying a combined serving of vegetables and fruit with the add together of caffeine that is comparable to the leading energy drink or a cup of coffee. By targeting upper and middle class we will be able reach out to over 80 million of people living in Brazil. Huge loss between rich and poor is the direct flat coat why social classes have such relevancy for segmenting demography in Brazil.\r\nNovias (2011) classified contemporary Brazilian society from letters A-E, as follows: 1. Educational take aim • partes A and B: usually composed by those who established higher education. The younger generations of these classes tend to be fluent in several languages. • fork C: most people in this class have accurate high school and there is also a significant quantity of people who completed higher education or at least have a technical level degree. • phratry D: people who have not finished high school. • Class E: people who have not finished elementary school and untaught people. 2. Occupation.\r\nThe educational levels previously presented support the level of complaisance among five different classes. This employment relationship is presented as: • Class A: composed by bankers, investors, business owners, major landowners and people with extraordinary skills for the industry they operate in. • Class B: composed by directors and managers, politicians, judges, justices, prosecutors, well graduated professors, doctors, well qualified engineers and lawyers, etc. • Class C: composed by those who provide services directly to the wealthier groups, such as teachers, managers, mechanics, electricians, nurses, etc.\r\n• Class D: composed by people who provide services to Class C, such as housemaids, bartenders, bricklayers, people who work for the civil construction compa nies, small stores sellers, low-paid drivers, etc. • Class E: composed by people who earn minimum salaries, such as cleaners, pass sweepers, and also by unemployed people. Our primary target is classes A-C. Consumers in these classes are hardworking people (ages 18-35) that have proper education to know the benefits of drinking V-Fusion+Energy® and want a smart, bouncing, and effective way to gain their energy back.\r\nIn terms of the geographic locations there are some regions where there is a strong dominance of classes D and E like the North, northeastern United States and Central-West regions in which we will not focus on. However, it is the larger cities such as Sao Paulo in which social differences are mostly visible and is where many of the upper classes are found, as well as Brasilia, capital of Brazil. Our age segmentation can vary mostly because the V-Fusion+Energy® drink can be consumed by almost anyone at any age.\r\nMade with natural ingredients, it is sinewy for any age group to drink including young teens from ages 12-19 as well as for seniors. However, our primary target is working social classes A-C that belong to 18-35 age group and teenagers who are following newest trends , interest and youthful lifestyle. promotional STRATEGY Introducing Acai Berry Flavor. In order to prepare the product to the Brazilian people, we will introduce a new flavor of V8 Fusion Energy: Acai Berry. Acai is the most popular fruit in Brazil, and it is enjoyed throughout the year by both young and old.\r\nBy creating an acai flavor, we will be able to expand our market, because our product will appeal to all Brazilians. We will also attract more customers to our target market, mostly healthy individuals who consummation regularly. Acai is one of the healthiest fruits in the world: it contains powerful antioxidants that can help defend the body against life’s stressors. It also contains anthocyanin and flavonoids, which play a key billet in the body’s cell security measures system, help slow down the aging process, and may promote fat loss.\r\nAll these health benefits are the reason why acai is often referred to as a â€Å"super fruit” by nutritionists. Processing the acai fruit into an energy drink does require time and resources, but considering that Brazil is an upper-middle-income country with a newly, rapid industrializing economy (Keegan), we have determined that the acai strategy will be successful. Localizing our product by including something that everyone in Brazil is known with and enjoys will be a successful sign promotional strategy.\r\nIt will define our target market, because of acai’s health benefits. It will also expand the market, since many people will buy and drink our product, only because they enjoy the flavor of acai berry. bazaar. The Rio Carnival is the perfect place to market out V-8 Fusion Energy drink. We will be considering a couple of strategies at the Rio Carniv al: 1) we will have our sales employees offer people the drink for free, and 2) we will occupy small marketers, located around the carnival and sell our product there. dislodge sampling will initiate the promotion of our drink.\r\nWe have strong belief in the quality and judgment of our product, which is why we believe that once people try it, they will be returning customers. The second strategy will be used for customers wanting to try the other great flavors of our product: Peach Mango, and pomegranate Blueberry. This strategy will also be used as primary research. We will be most monitoring our sales, considering factors such as: location of vendor and flavor of drink. Employees will collect the data electronically, which will be used to determine which flavor is more popular in which area.\r\nWe will also have employees conduct observational surveys. They will be writing down data of approximate age of customers, as well as their facial expressions after drinking, to help d etermine if customers enjoyed our product. Soccer †Campeonato Brasileiro. The most popular play in Brazil is soccer. It is so popular, that it is not even considered a sport; it’s a way of life for most Brazilians. Soccer is played all over: on the streets, on the beach, in parks, and in professional soccer clubs. Professional soccer players in Brazil are the most famous and recognized people in the country.\r\nThis is why we plan to promote V8 Fusion Energy through professional soccer groups We will offer a contract to the professional team †Santos to place our product name on the front of their uniforms. Santos is currently the team with the best-selling jerseys and apparel in Brazil, and we would like to be associated with a popular, winning team. research has showed that when a product is associated with a successful team, sales increase as well. We will also offer personal contracts to one or two star players from the team. They will play a key part in our advertising commercials and promotional campaigns throughout the country.\r\nOur vision is to promote V-Fusion+Energy® as a healthy source of energy and gain strong position on energy drink market in the country, thus we see tremendous potential to market our product in the professional soccer league. Brazil does not have a specific drink associated with sports (such as Gatorade in the United States). We will use an aggressive market strategy and make our V8 Energy Fusion the official drink of Brazilian soccer possibly sports in general. Our product will be placed on the sidelines of all games. Players coming in and out of the game will drink our product for energy and hydration.\r\nOur goal is for people to associate our product with energy, success, and health, which is exactly what V8 Fusion Energy is †a healthy energy drink for success!\r\nBUSINESS AND trade CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS To achieve a successful outcome in launching the V-Fusion+Energy® product in Brazil, it is essential to highlight the barriers to entry and marketing challenges. We have determine three key areas that present a challenge; un-even income distribution, public perception and consumer education, and a foreign judicial system that includes a complex tax system and testing custom laws.\r\nFirst, un-even income distribution in society refers to the possession of the production factors and the price the owners get in the market. Focusing on this issue results beneficial considering we can’t put our product out there if the consumer population does not have a stable income in the different cities or areas, and the production cost are unknown . Therefore, in order to tighten production costs we can create a joint venture with a pre-existing Brazilian beverage companies. furthermore, we will focus on the local agriculture; I. e invest in local agriculture.\r\n'

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'Descriptive Art History Essay\r'

'Jade Richards-Butler Professor Jonathon Farris ARTH ascorbic acid Descriptive Essay This work resembles a four-legged wolf wearing a masquerade party with merciful features. It is a mold in the round created using an bilinear method. The smooth, highly polished texture and reddish colouring material of the sculpture give the impression that the material is ceramic. The sculpture’s head displays both human and carnal(prenominal) qualities. The ears argon positioned symmetrically, slightly off center of the head.They atomic number 18 of a triangular fig and stand kick upstairs in a pointed manner resembling ears similar to those of near dog breeds. They ar slightly concave and appear frontwards. Around the face there is a increase layer of the material creating the illusion that a sham has been superimposed onto the sculpture. The â€Å"mask” is a slightly different colour than the head and covers what would be the sculpture’s face. Right in the center of the â€Å"mask” are human features. The eyebrows are slightly raised and hapless set, sitting unusually close to the eyes.The eyes come erupt slightly from their sockets. They are almond shaped with incisions outlining the eyeballs. The poll of the search begins between the two eyes, lengthwise it occupies somewhat a third of the â€Å"mask”. It is highly project with a sharply defined bridge. Under the nose there are two raised areas denoting lips. in that location is an indentation representing the space in between the lips, which is curve slightly upwards suggesting a smile. The ears sit half(a) panache obliterate the â€Å"mask”, they are comparative to the mask features with slightly exaggerated ear lobes. there is a hole in the right lobe that appears to be an delicious choice rather than a preservation problem. The inner(a) edges of the hole seem scratched, perhaps there was previously an item sitting in the hole. The front legs are short in comparison to the suspension of the body. in that location is an outward bend half way down to each one leg. The base of the legs taper off slightly, resembling paws. There are three equally distributed indentations on each paw, the indentations span from the where the legs begin to taper to the tip of the paws.These indentations delimitate toes on the paws. The patronage is not in counterbalance with the rest of the body as it is quite big and sits slightly off the ground. It is a bulbous shape and suggests that the dog is overweight. This could be a signal of the domestication of this particular breed of dog. The breed was probably domestic to the area of the artwork and consequently domesticated, serving as companions to humans. The rotundness may suggest that they were pampered, idolized animals. Unlike the two front legs, the two prat legs are solely straight.They do not have bends or indentations to resemble paws, instead they slightly flare out toward s the bottom. The base also does not resemble the coffin nail of any known animal. In proportion to the rest of the statue the tail is extremely wide. It is rounded and appears hollowed out. It appears to be diagonally sliced downwards, the highest point being at the back of the tail. This suggests the sculpture could have a dual occasion as an ornament and a storage vessel. The tail could be an opening to a hollowed out stomach that would provide an appropriate storage facility for cereal grass or liquid.The sculpture’s purpose of population could be symbolic of shamanism. The mixed representations of human and animal features are possibly the artist’s way of exploring the relationship between these life forms. The human mask could be demonstrating the shamanist practices in which animal inspirit work in harmony with a human host through ritualistic trance states. In summary it could be concluded that the artwork could be used both for decorative purposes and fo r a deeper uncanny use within the rituals of its social setting.\r\n'

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'Twilight 22. HIDE-AND-SEEK\r'

'22. HIDE-AND-SEEK\r\nIt had taken frequently less time than Id ideal †exclusively the terror, the despair, the shatter of my heart. The minutes were ticking by more lento than usual. Jasper s money box hadnt come derriere when I re housecelled to Alice. I was afraid to be in the uniform mission with her, afraid that she would compute… and afraid to hide from her for the uniform reason.\r\nI would apply thought I was furtherther beyond the ability to be surprised, my thoughts tortured and unstable, alone I was surprised when I saw Alice transfigure form everywhere the desk, gripping the edge with two custody.\r\nâ€Å"Alice?”\r\nShe didnt counterbalance when I c on the wholeed her name, scarcely her judgment was s kickoff gearly rocking array to side, and I saw her memorial tablet. Her eyeball were blank, dazed… My thoughts flew to my mother. Was I al wee a equal late?\r\nI move to her side, stretch extinct mechanical every(pr enominal)(prenominal)y to touch her sink.\r\nâ€Å"Alice!” Jaspers character whipped, and because he was properly back tooth her, his hands curling over hers, loosening them from their grip on the table. Across the room, the door swung shut with a low click.\r\nâ€Å"What is it?” he demanded.\r\nShe turned her sheath a direction from me, into his chest. â€Å"Bella,” she utter.\r\nâ€Å"Im right here,” I replied.\r\nHer head twist honest aboutwhat, her eyes lockup on mine, their view still strangely blank. I agnise at at one time that she hadnt been speaking to me, shed been answering Jaspers question.\r\nâ€Å"What did you read?” I grade †and there was no question in my flat, uncaring piece.\r\nJasper looked at me sharply. I kept my expression vacant and waited. His eyes were complicated as they flickered swiftly between Alices face and mine, sense of touch the chaos… for I could guess what Alice had upliftn now.\r \nI matt-up a tranquil atmosphere settle roughly me. I welcomed it, using it to watch over my emotions disciplined, below control.\r\nAlice, too, recovered herself.\r\nâ€Å"Nothing, rightfully,” she answered finally, her office remarkably calm and convincing. â€Å"Just the same room as before.”\r\nShe finally looked at me, her expression smooth and with faten. â€Å"Did you want breakfast?”\r\nâ€Å"No, Ill go by at the airport.” I was really calm, too. I went to the bathroom to shower. intimately as if I were borrowing Jaspers strange un motivationed sense, I could feel Alices wild †though well-concealed †desperation to rush me out of the room, to be alone with Jasper. So she could tell him that they were doing something wrong, that they were going to fail…\r\nI got ready methodically, concentrating on each shortsighted t command. I leftover hand my cop mess, swirling approximately me, covering my face. The peaceful sensory system Jasper created worked its focussing with me and encourageed me think clearly. Helped me plan. I delve by means of my bag until I found my eff full of money. I emptied it into my release.\r\nI was ill at ease(p) to quiver to the airport, and glad when we left by s hitherto. I sit alone this time in the back of the unfairness car. Alice leaned once against the door, her face toward Jasper however, behind her sun field blures, shooting glances in my direction every few seconds.\r\nâ€Å"Alice?” I asked indifferently.\r\nShe was fishy. â€Å"Yes?”\r\nâ€Å"How does it work? The things that you see?” I stared out the side window, and my piece go awayed bored. â€Å"Edward said it wasnt definite… that things convince?” It was harder than I would wee thought to say his name. That must bind been what alerted Jasper, why a fresh wave of serenity filled the car.\r\nâ€Å"Yes, things change…” she murmured †c onfidefully, I thought. â€Å"Some things are more certain(p) than others… like the weather. People are harder. I unaccompanied see the line of credit theyre on while theyre on it. Once they change their head teachers †generate a young decision, no matter how microscopical †the whole succeeding(a) shifts.”\r\nI nodded thoughtfully. â€Å"So you couldnt see James in ca rivalal of Arizona until he decided to come here.”\r\nâ€Å"Yes,” she agreed, wary again.\r\nAnd she hadnt seen me in the mirror room with James until Id do the decision to wager him there. I tried non to think attached what else she energy have seen. I didnt want my panic to make Jasper more suspicious. They would be watching me twice as carefully now, any(prenominal)way, aft(prenominal) Alices vision. This was going to be out of the question.\r\nWe got to the airport. Luck was with me, or by take on it was expert good odds. Edwards plane was landing in termina l quad, the largest terminal, where well flights landed †so it wasnt move that his was. But it was the terminal I needed: the biggest, the most confusing. And there was a door on direct three that might be the lone(prenominal) chance.\r\nWe put on the fourth blast of the huge garage. I led the way, for once more whopledgeable slightly my surroundings than they were. We took the elevator d give to level three, where the passengers unloaded. Alice and Jasper fatigued a commodious time looking at the departing flights board. I could hear them discussing the pros and cons of New York, Atlanta, Chicago. Places Id neer seen. And would never see.\r\nI waited for my opportunity, impatient, unable to s coronate my toe from tapping. We sit down in the long rows of chairs by the metal detectors, Jasper and Alice model to people-watch except really watching me. Every indium I shifted in my seat was prosecuteed by a promptly glance out of the box seat of their eyes. It wa s hopeless. Should I natural spring? Would they dare to stop me physically in this public channelise? Or would they apparently follow?\r\nI pulled the unmarked envelope out of my pocket and set it on top of Alices black trounce bag. She looked at me.\r\nâ€Å"My letter,” I said. She nodded, tucking it under the top flap. He would beget it curtly abundant.\r\nThe minutes passed and Edwards arrival grew underweightr. It was astonishing how every cell in my body seemed to spot he was culmination, to long for his sexual climax. That make it very hard. I found myself trying to think of excuses to stay, to see him first and and so make my escape. But I knew that was impossible if I was going to have any chance to confirm away.\r\nSeveral times Alice offered to go follow breakfast with me. Later, I told her, not yet.\r\nI stared at the arrival board, watching as flight aft(prenominal) flight arrived on time. The flight from Seattle crept closer to the top of the boar d.\r\nAnd then(prenominal), when I had unless thirty minutes to make my escape, the numbers changed. His plane was ten minutes early. I had no more time.\r\nâ€Å"I think Ill eat now,” I said promptly.\r\nAlice stood. â€Å"Ill come with you.”\r\nâ€Å"Do you head if Jasper comes instead?” I asked. â€Å"Im feeling a small-scale…” I didnt finish the sentence. My eyes were wild teeming to convey what I didnt say.\r\nJasper stood up. Alices eyes were confused, but †I saw to my relief- not suspicious. She must be attributing the change in her vision to some maneuver of the trackers kind of than a betrayal by me.\r\nJasper walked silently beside me, his hand on the small of my back, as if he were directional me. I pretended a lack of engross in the first few airport cafes, my head scanning for what I really wanted. And there it was, or so the corner, out of Alices sharp sight: the level-three ladies room.\r\nâ€Å"Do you mind?” I a sked Jasper as we passed. â€Å"Ill upright be a moment.”\r\nâ€Å"Ill be right here,” he said.\r\nAs currently as the door shut behind me, I was running. I remembered the time I had gotten lost from this bathroom, because it had two exits.\r\nOutside the farthest door it was only a short sprint to the elevators, and if Jasper stayed where he said he would, Id never be in his line of sight. I didnt look behind me as I ran. This was my only chance, and even if he saw me, I had to hap going. People stared, but I ignored them. approximately the corner the elevators were waiting, and I dashed forward, throwing my hand between the closing doors of a full elevator headed down. I squeezed in beside the irritated passengers, and checked to make for sure that the button for level one had been pushed. It was already lit, and the doors unsympathetic.\r\nAs shortly as the door undefended I was off again, to the sound of annoyed murmurs behind me. I slowed myself as I pass ed the security guards by the baggage carousels, only to break into a run again as the exit doors came into view. I had no way of knowing if Jasper was looking for me yet.\r\nI would have only seconds if he was following my scent. I jumped out the automatic doors, nearly smacking into the glass when they opened too slowly.\r\nAlong the crowded curb there wasnt a cab in sight.\r\nI had no time. Alice and Jasper were every about to realize I was kaput(p), or they already had. They would find me in a heartbeat.\r\nA move to the Hyatt was undecomposed closing its doors a few feet behind me.\r\nâ€Å"Wait!” I called, running, waving at the driver.\r\nâ€Å"This is the go to the Hyatt,” the driver said in confusion as he opened the doors.\r\nâ€Å"Yes,” I huffed, â€Å"thats where Im going.” I locomote up the steps.\r\nHe looked askance at my luggage-less state, but then shrugged, not caring enough to ask.\r\n closely of the seats were empty. I sat as far from the other travelers as possible, and watched out the window as first the sidewalk, and then the airport, drifted away. I couldnt help imagining Edward, where he would stand at the edge of the road when he found the end of my trail. I couldnt cry yet, I told myself. I still had a long way to go.\r\nMy luck held. In front end of the Hyatt, a tired-looking friction match was getting their put up suitcase out of the soundbox of a cab. I jumped out of the chick and ran to the cab, skid into the seat behind the driver. The tired couple and the shuttle driver stared at me.\r\nI told the surprised cabbie my mothers address. â€Å"I need to get there as soon as possible.”\r\nâ€Å"Thats in Scottsdale,” he complained.\r\nI threw four twenties over the seat.\r\nâ€Å"Will that be enough?”\r\nâ€Å"Sure, kid, no problem.”\r\nI sat back against the seat, sheepfold my ordnance across my lap. The familiar city began to excite around me, but I didnt look out the windows. I exerted myself to maintain control. I was determined not to lose myself at this point, now that my plan was successfully completed. there was no point in foolery in more terror, more anxiety. My path was set. I just had to follow it now.\r\nSo, instead of panicking, I closed my eyes and spent the twenty minutes\r\ndrive with Edward.\r\nI imagined that I had stayed at the airport to meet Edward. I visualized how I would stand on my toes, the originally to see his face. How quickly, how gracefully he would move through the crowds of people separating us. And then I would run to close those sustain few feet between us †reckless as always †and I would be in his marble arms, finally safe.\r\nI wondered where we would have gone. conglutination somewhere, so he could be outside in the day. Or maybe somewhere very strange, so we could lay in the sun together again. I imagined him by the shore, his skin sparkling like the sea. It wouldnt matter how long we ha d to hide. To be trapped in a hotel room with him would be a kind of heaven. So many questions I still had for him. I could dialogue to him forever, never sleeping, never leaving his side.\r\nI could see his face so clearly now… or so hear his voice. And, despite all the horror and hopelessness, I was fleetingly happy. So involved was I in my idealist daydreams, I lost all track of the seconds speed by.\r\nâ€Å"Hey, what was the number?”\r\nThe cabbies question punctured my fantasy, letting all the colors run out of my lovely delusions. Fear, innocent and hard, was waiting to fill the empty space they left behind.\r\nâ€Å"Fifty-eight twenty-one.” My voice sounded strangled. The cabbie looked at me, nervous that I was having an episode or something.\r\nâ€Å"Here we are, then.” He was anxious to get me out of his car, probably hoping I wouldnt ask for my change.\r\nâ€Å"Thank you,” I whispered. there was no need to be afraid, I reminded myse lf. The house was empty. I had to press forward; my mom was waiting for me, frightened, depending on me.\r\nI ran to the door, reaching up automatically to grab the key under the eave. I unlocked the door. It was gamy inside, empty, normal. I ran to the phone, bit on the kitchen light on my way. There, on the snowyboard, was a ten-digit number written in a small, sporty hand. My fingers stumbled over the keypad, making mistakes. I had to hang up and start again. I concentrated only on the buttons this time, carefully pressing each one in turn. I was successful. I held the phone to my ear with a shaking hand. It rang only once.\r\nâ€Å"Hello, Bella,” that easy voice answered. â€Å"That was very quick. Im impressed.”\r\nâ€Å"Is my mom all right?”\r\nâ€Å"Shes perfectly fine. Dont worry, Bella, I have no quarrel with her. Unless you didnt come alone, of course.” Light, amused.\r\nâ€Å"Im alone.” Id never been more alone in my entire life.\r \nâ€Å" rattling good. Now, do you know the ballet studio just around the corner from your home?”\r\nâ€Å"Yes. I know how to get there.”\r\nâ€Å"Well, then, Ill see you very soon.”\r\nI hung up.\r\nI ran from the room, through the door, out into the baking heat.\r\nThere was no time to look back at my house, and I didnt want to see it as it was now †empty, a symbol of business organisation instead of sanctuary. The go bad individual to walk through those familiar rooms was my enemy.\r\nFrom the corner of my eye, I could almost see my mother stand up in the shade of the big eucalyptus channelize where Id played as a child. Or kneeling\r\nby the scant(p) plot of dirt around the mailbox, the cemetery of all the scarperers shed tried to grow. The memories were breach than any reality I would see today. But I raced away from them, toward the corner, leaving everything behind me.\r\nI matt-up so slow, like I was running through wet sand †I couldnt seem to get enough purchase from the concrete. I tripped several times, once falling, catching myself with my hands, scraping them on the sidewalk, and then lurching up to plunge forward again. But at last I sensitivee it to the corner. Just another course now; I ran, sweat pouring down my face, gasping. The sun was hot on my skin, too noctilucent as it bounced off the sinlessness concrete and blind me. I entangle dangerously exposed. More ferociously than I would have envisage I was qualified of, I wished for the green, protective forests of Forks… of home.\r\nWhen I rounded the last corner, onto Cactus, I could see the studio, looking just as I remembered it. The parking lot in front was empty, the vertical blinds in all the windows drawn. I couldnt run anymore †I couldnt breathe; exertion and fear had gotten the best of me. I thought of my mother to keep my feet moving, one in front of the other.\r\nAs I got closer, I could see the sign inside the door. It was written on hot pink paper; it said the dance studio was closed for spring break. I stirred the handle, tugged on it cautiously. It was unlocked. I fought to catch my breath, and opened the door.\r\nThe lobby was dark and empty, cool, the air conditioner thrumming. The plastic mould chairs were stacked along the walls, and the carpet smelled like shampoo. The watt dance floor was dark, I could see through the open viewing window. The east dance floor, the bigger room, was lit. But the blinds were closed on the window.\r\nTerror seized me so strongly that I was literally trapped by it. I couldnt make my feet move forward.\r\nAnd then my mothers voice called.\r\nâ€Å"Bella? Bella?” That same tone of hysterical panic. I sprinted to the door, to the sound of her voice.\r\nâ€Å"Bella, you scared me! Dont you ever do that to me again!” Her voice continued as I ran into the long, extravagantly-ceilinged room.\r\nI stared around me, trying to find where her voice was com ing from. I perceive her laugh, and I whirled to the sound.\r\nThere she was, on the TV screen, tousling my hair in relief. It was Thanksgiving, and I was twelve. Wed gone to see my grandmother in California, the last yr before she died. We went to the beach one day, and Id leaned too far over the edge of the pier. Shed seen my feet flailing, trying to reclaim my balance. â€Å"Bella? Bella?” shed called to me in fear.\r\nAnd then the TV screen was blue.\r\nI turned slowly. He was standing very still by the back exit, so still I hadnt spy him at first. In his hand was a remote control. We stared at each other for a long moment, and then he smiled.\r\nHe walked toward me, quite close, and then passed me to put the remote down next to the VCR. I turned carefully to watch him.\r\nâ€Å"Sorry about that, Bella, but isnt it bettor that your mother didnt really have to be involved in all this?” His voice was courteous, kind.\r\nAnd suddenly it hit me. My mother was safe . She was still in Florida. Shed never gotten my message. Shed never been terrified by the dark red eyes in the abnormally picket face before me. She was safe.\r\nâ€Å"Yes,” I answered, my voice virgin with relief.\r\nâ€Å"You dont sound angry that I tricked you.”\r\nâ€Å"Im not.” My sudden high made me brave. What did it matter now? It would soon be over. Charlie and Mom would never be harmed, would never have to fear. I mat up almost giddy. Some analytic part of my mind warned me that I was dangerously close to snapping from the stress.\r\nâ€Å"How odd. You really mean it.” His dark eyes assessed me with interest. The irises were nearly black, just a hint of ruby around the edges. Thirsty. â€Å"I will give your strange coven this much, you piece can be quite interesting. I guess I can see the draw of observant you. Its amazing †some of you seem to have no sense of your own self-interest at all.”\r\nHe was standing a few feet away from me, arms folded, looking at me curiously. There was no threaten in his face or stance. He was so very average-looking, nothing remarkable about his face or body at all. Just the white skin, the circled eyes Id grown so used to. He wore a pale blue, long-sleeved shirt and faded blue jeans.\r\nâ€Å"I suppose youre going to tell me that your companion will avenge you?” he asked, hopefully it seemed to me.\r\nâ€Å"No, I dont think so. At least, I asked him not to.”\r\nâ€Å"And what was his tell to that?”\r\nâ€Å"I dont know.” It was strangely easy to converse with this courtly hunter. â€Å"I left him a letter.”\r\nâ€Å"How romantic, a last letter. And do you think he will find it?” His voice was just a small-minded harder now, a hint of sarcasm marring his polite tone.\r\nâ€Å"I hope so.”\r\nâ€Å"Hmmm. Well, our hopes differ then. You see, this was all just a subaltern too easy, too quick. To be quite honest, Im disap pointed. I expected a much greater challenge. And, later all, I only needed a shortsighted luck.”\r\nI waited in silence.\r\nâ€Å"When capital of Seychelles couldnt get to your father, I had her find out more about you. There was no sense in running all over the planet chasing you down when I could comfortably wait for you in a place of my choosing. So, after I talked to Victoria, I decided to come to Phoenix to pay your mother a visit. Id perceive you say you were going home. At first, I never dreamed you meant it. But then I wondered. Humans can be very predictable; they like to be somewhere familiar, somewhere safe. And wouldnt it be the perfect ploy, to go to the last place you should be when youre hiding †the place that you said youd be.\r\nâ€Å"But of course I wasnt sure, it was just a hunch. I usually get a feeling about the prey that Im hunting, a sixth sense, if you will. I listened to your message when I got to your mothers house, but of course I couldn t be sure where youd called from. It was very useable to have your number, but you could have been in Antarctica for all I knew, and the blue wouldnt work unless you were close by.\r\nâ€Å" whence your boyfriend got on a plane to Phoenix. Victoria was monitoring them for me, naturally; in a game with this many players, I couldnt be working alone. And so they told me what Id hoped, that you were here after all. I was prepared; Id already been through your charming home movies. And then it was exclusively a matter of the bluff.\r\nâ€Å"Very easy, you know, not really up to my standards. So, you see, Im hoping youre wrong about your boyfriend. Edward, isnt it?”\r\nI didnt answer. The braggadocio was wearing off. I sensed that he was coming to the end of his gloat. It wasnt meant for me anyway. There was no glory in beating me, a spineless human.\r\nâ€Å"Would you mind, very much, if I left a little letter of my own for your\r\nEdward?”\r\nHe took a step back and t ouched a palm-sized digital video camera balance carefully on top of the stereo. A small red light indicated that it was already running. He adjust it a few times, widened the frame. I stared at him in horror.\r\nâ€Å"Im sorry, but I just dont think hell be able to resist hunting me after he watches this. And I wouldnt want him to miss anything. It was all for him, of course. Youre simply a human, who unfortunately was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and indisputably running with the wrong crowd, I might add.”\r\nHe stepped toward me, smiling. â€Å"Before we begin…”\r\nI felt a curl of nausea in the pit of my stomach as he spoke. This was something I had not anticipated.\r\nâ€Å"I would just like to rub it in, just a little bit. The answer was there all along, and I was so afraid Edward would see that and divulge my fun. It happened once, oh, ages ago. The one and only time my prey fly me.\r\nâ€Å"You see, the vampire who was so stupidly fond of t his little victim made the choice that your Edward was too weak to make. When the old one knew I was after his little friend, he stole her from the foundation where he worked †I never will understand the obsession some vampires seem to form with you humans †and as soon as he freed her he made her safe. She didnt even seem to notice the pain, poor little creature. Shed been stuck in that black hole of a cell for so long. A hundred years earlier and she would have been burned at the stake for her visions. In the nineteen-twenties it was the asylum and the shock treatments. When she opened her eyes, strong with her fresh youth, it was like shed never seen the sun before. The old vampire made her a strong new vampire, and there was no reason for me to touch her then.” He sighed. â€Å"I done for(p) the old one in vengeance.”\r\nâ€Å"Alice,” I breathed, astonished.\r\nâ€Å"Yes, your little friend. I was surprised to see her in the clearing. So I guess h er coven ought to be able to take in some comfort from this experience. I get you, but they get her. The one victim who escaped me, quite an honor, actually.\r\nâ€Å"And she did smell so delicious. I still repent that I never got to taste… She smelled even better than you do. Sorry †I dont mean to be offensive. You have a very sensitive smell. Floral, somehow…”\r\nHe took another step toward me, till he was just inches away. He lifted a lock of my hair and sniffed at it delicately. Then he gently patted the chain back into place, and I felt his cool fingertips against my throat. He reached up to stroke my cheek once quickly with his thumb, his face curious. I wanted so bad to run, but I was frozen. I couldnt even squint away.\r\nâ€Å"No,” he murmured to himself as he dropped his hand, â€Å"I dont understand.” He sighed. â€Å"Well, I suppose we should get on with it. And then I can call your friends and tell them where to find you, and my little message.”\r\nI was definitely sick now. There was pain coming, I could see it in his eyes. It wouldnt be enough for him to win, to feed and go. There would be no quick end like Id been counting on. My knees began to shake, and I was afraid I was going to fall.\r\nHe stepped back, and began to circle, casually, as if he were trying to get a better view of a statue in a museum. His face was still open and friendly as he decided where to start.\r\nThen he slumped forward, into a turn away I recognized, and his pleasant smile slowly widened, grew, till it wasnt a smile at all but a contortion of teeth, exposed and glistening.\r\nI couldnt help myself- I tried to run. As useless as I knew it would be, as weak as my knees already were, panic took over and I bolted for the emergency door.\r\nHe was in front of me in a flash. I didnt see if he used his hand or his plunk, it was too fast. A crushing blow touch my chest †I felt myself flying backward, and then heard t he crunch as my head bashed into the mirrors. The glass buckled, some of the pieces shattering and splintering on the floor beside me.\r\nI was too stunned to feel the pain. I couldnt breathe yet.\r\nHe walked toward me slowly.\r\nâ€Å"Thats a very nice effect,” he said, examining the mess of glass, his voice friendly again. â€Å"I thought this room would be visually prominent for my little film. Thats why I picked this place to meet you. Its perfect, isnt it?”\r\nI ignored him, scrambling on my hands and knees, front crawl toward the other door.\r\nHe was over me at once, his foot stepping down hard on my leg. I heard the sickening snap before I felt it. But then I did feel it, and I couldnt hold back my scream of agony. I twisted up to reach for my leg, and he was standing over me, smiling.\r\nâ€Å"Would you like to rethink your last request?” he asked pleasantly. His toe nudged my broken leg and I heard a piercing scream. With a shock, I realized it was mine.\r\nâ€Å"Wouldnt you rather have Edward try to find me?” he prompted.\r\nâ€Å"No!” I croaked. â€Å"No, Edward, dont-” And then something smashed into my face, throwing me back into the broken mirrors.\r\nOver the pain of my leg, I felt the sharp rip across my scalp where the glass cut into it. And then the warm wetness began to spread through my hair with alarming speed. I could feel it dripping the shoulder of my shirt, hear it dripping on the woodwind instrument below. The smell of it twisted my stomach.\r\nThrough the nausea and dizziness I saw something that gave me a sudden, final tear up of hope. His eyes, merely intent before, now burned with an contumacious need. The blood †spreading crimson across my white shirt, pooling rapidly on the floor †was driving him mad with thirst. No matter his original intentions, he couldnt draw this out much longer.\r\nLet it be quick now, was all I could hope as the flow of blood from my head sucked my consciousness away with it. My eyes were closing.\r\nI heard, as if from underwater, the final growl of the hunter. I could see, through the long tunnels my eyes had become, his dark material body coming toward me. With my last effort, my hand instinctively elevated to protect my face. My eyes closed, and I drifted.\r\n'