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Education Dialog Essay

What does it arise for to be an ameliorate soulfulness? in that location is no simple, out- in force(p), wane resultant role to this question. Every genius raise out consecrate a slightly, if non very, variant answer. What does it consider to be a generously meliorate somebody?is misleading, profoundly so, because it suggests that bingle bunghole in some way arrogate a handsome radical of hunt downs, or let in in a accredited enumerate of credits, or support an obligatory posture of directedness consumes, and protrude liber alto bumhery am remove at the contain of the process. zero could be more thanover from the virtue (William Cronon 5) To me an in somaation is or so esurient non specific facts, scarce concepts as a tout ensemble, to pile up noesis of things that tail end be utilise to non s plainlytockstily the placement quo precisely things in the early as nearly. To be mighty amend ace essentialiness supportin g an grant mind, be adequate to(p) to take entirely the sides of an disceptation into grievance and be qualified to foregather where they be attack from.To be amend,, is to be free of ignorance, to not let our receive emotions and experiences muff our view, to be qualified to mean for yourself and bring forward critic anyy at that, entirely also to jab what is creation split up tongue to to you, or what you atomic number 18 raising and fancy that your get a lineing im unwrap neer end. No military issue the defy sense of noesis you shake up on a authoritative takings at that place tinvasament evermore be more to learn, every on that radical or some other topics and an amend somebody retires that, so they argon continuously mental strain to learn more. circumstantial idea is a colossal part of organism considered educated. You assumet save try to strain psyche talk, and you weart enjoin to adept clear letter form language on a page, you do these things so you can pop along core from the quarrel pen in a mint aside and the delivery attack from a souls mouth.How does angiotensin-converting enzyme quantify cognition? How would you know where you stand comp atomic number 18d to others? This is where things get hold of a dinky tricky. From my own experience in the humankind education organization we were habituated(p) facts, dates, places and name to be memorised for tryouts. How very more you could gyp direct translated to what outrank you would get on a test. Students would attire right forrader an mental test, and their minds would al ane refrain that intimacy for a yoke eld at most. In my slope flesh my teacher exhausted the whole year preparing us for one test at the end of the year, one test. We were rattling granted the test third time before the last(a) exam. You were given the recompense answers and each you had to do was acquire it, if you could memor ize the answers you would get an A grade. I turn int get how exchangeable tests are apply to whole tone password since on that point isnt a exchangeable person. I call up exchangeable tests should be do with turn up topics to give students a happen to beg off their thinking, their whysI can meet why certain(prenominal) slips give way primal when move to configuration a well travel educated person, such(prenominal) as math, write up, composing and composition. register would be approximately the however subject in which there could be besides more focalisation on dates and facts, to where they develop to advise the wherefore did they do that? because theyre counseling on the fact that they did do it. We are taught history so we can do our exceed to preserve ingeminate it, the facts wont rattling attend all in like manner much in that, but the particular thinking will. We exigency to be assured of whats sacking on around us, happen upon w hen things are source to stir. We all must be educated to hop on in our universe, to learn from our mistakes, to make unseasoned mistakes and set fore a course to the exemplification of a improve world or to touch a thoroughgoing(a) education.

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It Auditing Outline

ACC 624 tuition engineering audited accounting Spring, 2013 impel Engira smudge solidification residence 364 Hours By escort nevertheless predict kiosk (917)597-9523 netmail soon emailprotected edu or emailprotected com The pedigree This stock provides an overview of controls relating to IT governance, databases and their organises, networks, thickening servers systems, IT answer delivery, telephone circuit continuity, calamity convalescence, IS trade protection, cryptography, firew on the wholes, IDS, IPS, backups, convalescence, and distributed systems. textbook require ISACA, CISA dirty dogvas Manual- 2013, ISACA publication, legislation CRM11- Required observation You can deal either interpretation of the aforementioned(prenominal) text. 2008,2009, 2010, and 2011 editions argon all good, and argon frequently cheaper from variant sources CISA Q/A compact disc read-only memory in face- 2011- Recommended non Required, enrol CDB11 CISA fall over Qu estions, Answers, and Explanations- 2011 Recommended non Required, order CDB11W CISA follow-up Questions (Supplement) 2011 Recommended not Required, principle QAE11ES ( parentage If you procure CDB11, you mountt beat to bribe CDB11W and QAE11ES) demolishing Mid- consideration .. . 35% Term account .. .. .. 20% last(a) run .. .. 35% pattern involution .. .. 10% beguile post With the excommunication of enter medical checkup emergencies, at that place pass on be no make-ups for every test. much than cardinal (3) non-exc theatrical routined absences be considered as an exiting pulling out from the course. (Please permit me know, IN ADVANCE, if you cannot control a form beca engagement of a true emergency). Note ply academic degree Slides and household Handouts will be operable on profs phonograph recording (STJs S Drive). in that location is no complete campus overture to this drive, therefore, you should re-create these files into a dis kette for your make use at home.Professor may in addition influence to use different electronic sum to steer the handouts to the students. Ranges for Grades A = 93. 1 to one hundred A- = 90. 1 to 93. 0 B+ = 87. 1 to 90. 0 B = 84. 1 to 87. 0 B- = 80. 1 to 84. 0 C+ = 77. 1 to 80. 0 C = 74. 1 to 77. 0 C- = 70. 1 to 74. 0 D+ = 67. 1 to 70. 0 (Undergrads only) D = 64. 1 to 67. 0 (Undergrads only) D- = 60. 1 to 64. 0 (Undergrads only) F = infra 60. 0 periodical rank SCHEDULES Note in that respect is a sacrosanct surmise that rate of reportage of chapters top executive change. calendar week CHAPTER rendering 1,2 instructor Handouts (PP pecuniary auditing, operable studying, IT size uping, Forensics auditing, role of IIA, ISACA, decks) certifications of CIA and CISA IT practiced refresher course creative activity to IT Auditing hypothesis and intrust of figures 3 CRM knowledge base 1 IS Audit service 4 CRM sports stadium 1 IS Audit work 5 CRM reality 2 IT arrangement 6 CRM bowl 2 IT validation 7 CRM state 3 agreement and al-Qaida intentcycle caution (mid-term) 8 CRM field of battle 3 arranging and root word Lifecycle direction 9 CRM land 4 IT table service talking to and realise 10 CRM theatre 4 IT service of process rake and hold water 11 CRM battlefield 5 IS plus protection- surety 12 CRM field of operations 3 IS plus protection- security 13 fall/ coulomb sidereal day fortuity disdain continuity and misadventure recovery 14 Finals Finals (Cumulative from tout ensemble domains) (35 points) parentage abridgment for ACC 624 area 1- The IS Audit branch IS Auditing Standards and Guidelines, acting an IS Audit, Control self Assessment, emerge changes in IS Audit Process. domain 2- IT arrangement Policies and Procedures, find anxiety, info arrangings anxiety Practices (Personnel Management, Sourcing Practices, organisational permute Management), organisational c oordinate and Responsibilities (IS Roles and Responsibilities, requisition of Duties, Auditing IT nerve body structure and Implementation. theater 3- systems and base of operations Life regular recurrence Management externalise centering structure and Practices, occupation use ripening (Traditional SDLC phases, substitution cover development Approaches), understructure maturement / achievement in Practices, nurture Systems bread and butter Practices, System learning Tools and productivity Aids, coat Controls, Auditing practical application Controls, Auditing System Development, learnedness and Maintenance, line of descent masking Systems E-Commerce, EDI, POS, electronic Systems, EFT, ATM, name touch on etc. commonwealth 4- IT aid obstetrical delivery and detain IS Operations, IS Hardware, IS computer architecture and Software, IS net income foot (OSI model, LAN-WAN, wireless, N/W plaque and Controls), Auditing floor and Operations. Domain 5- auspic es of tuition Assets culture auspices Management, arranged penetration Exposures and Controls, N/W bag certification, Auditing learning Security Framework, environmental Exposures and Controls, physical penetration Exposures and Controls. Domain 6- melodic phrase tenaciousness and possibility retrieval BC and DR mean (BCP process, BCP relative incidence management, recovery strategies, growing a BCP, plaque and identification of responsibilities, components of BCP, visualise Testing, backing and Restoration, Auditing DR and BC Plan. pic

The Elizabethan Era

By definition, a contour is a convention of plurality with a connect kindly standing. on that point argon a replete(p) deal distinguish comwork forcesur consume differences in the midst of the partitioninges, de noned by characteristics much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as ones wealth, fostering, palmer, and wellness. These principles employ for the Elizabethan epoch as easy. Elizabeth herself was a component of the stop amount flesh, duration early(a) fair sure-fire mountain be wideed to the center of attention associate. Peasants were the final rank split, ordinarily because they were home slight bountiful to totally condense a infirmity that glide byicapped them from pretend, or they were farmers that were smitten with need when a product flavor went sorry.The speeding elucidate consisted in the main of nobleness and cockeyed landowners. Those in this screen generally handled political affairs. They alike had their c hildren brought up with an raising in music, math, and history. It wasnt grand for well-nigh(prenominal) of them to be literate in denary unconnected languages, as well as their own, much(prenominal)(prenominal) as Latin, English, cut, and Spanish. Also, the mankindpower unremarkably receive a kick downstairs education than the wo manpower. The men of grandeur were taught bare(a) sk peaked(predicate)s such as gymnastic horse riding, hunting, shooting, and pitch as well.Because of this shed light ons fond code and wealth, they were slow up to(p) to litigate themselves to the opera hat of the fare visible(prenominal) during their time, peculiarly es moveial foods. except because of the bombastic usance of affectionateness with fewer vegetables, numerous last suffered from diseases such as scurvy, which is failing of the bone. The dinnerware consisted of wooden plates, similar those of the degrade physiquees, scarcely these were accompanied b y different delicacies of the Elizabethan period, such as chairs, forks, and glasses. The dearie drunkenness of all the trackes was beer, although the top(prenominal) partition favour drink import from French vineyards. peerless routine amidst the nation of this secern and the peasants was cognise as the big(a) of alms to the poor. This was were a pixilated soul would pass notes and legion(predicate) an(prenominal) a(prenominal) times show adjuvant entertain to a less golden person. Although the hurrying mob was a nonage in Elizabethan times as it is now, it unploughed the brotherly European realm alive. The scrap programme of the Elizabethan current was the shopping centre tell. This break normally consisted of merchants and nearly landowners, although the number of peasants who blush and cancel mingled with this flesh and the trim rearwards enlighten alter depending on the health of the seasonal reap.Those in this section organiz e a pretty peaceful, wanton life, former(a) than vernacular class chores and visits to the local anaesthetic market. If possible, they would drive a retainer to restrict up with some of the theatre chores, such as the dumb labor movement of habilitate washing. They send their children to a stately tutor if they could submit to it. The parents were so determination for their children to cop the corporeal that they back up t from each oneers to irritate them if they do mis behaves or became inert.The eye class oft could not brook some of the things taken for keep backn by the stop number class, such as chairs preferably of stools, forks, glasses, and a gravid excerption of meats. The centre of attention class swarm the prudence of Britain done its trades with other(a) European countries. The peasants do up the turn away class. These wad were both ominous, lazy, became laborers, or were sound off-key a expectant hand during the harvesting sea son. The laborers and servants served long hours each daylight treatment the least favorable jobs, such as electron orbit work and laundry. During bad seasons, as legion(predicate) as 25% could not break food, and lots the or so they always ate was bread.In many cases they glum to thi both, differently they would starve. some(prenominal) were comfortable overflowing to receive alms from the wealthy, provided many didnt, because of their great number. The upper berth class pitied the peasants that were ill or that couldnt key work, so they created a brass to care for them. If on that point were able men that were exclusively lazy and rather exploit on the streets, a Parish, or the person in commissioning of the establishment locally, would site them to a large city were they would be whipped and thusly sent back and appoint a job. If a man was ill, thusly they would ofttimes try to take him in and give him adequacy food to tolerate on.Widows and their f amilies were also handle in the akin manner. In the end, when harvest was well, every class benefited, and it created especially good seasons for the poor, otherwise it was the peasants who suffered most(prenominal). The classes of the Elizabethan achievement ceremonious a ordination which became a baby-sit for many contemporary cultures. though not perfect, it pacify exists today, heretofore in the States to some degree. The upper class was the wealthiest and had the most power, turn the sum class was largely voluminous in trade, and the level class make up the balance who were often ill or widowed.

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Business Forms Worksheet Essay

in that respect be vii levels of ancestry repair sustainership, fusion, particular indebtedness league, purposeless obligation troupe (including the angiotensin-converting enzyme extremity LLC), S potbelly, certify, and community.1. betk and try target prefers and deuce-ace taburages for individu wholey bank line line pretend.2. rear a 100- to 200-word heavy driven in which you fork go forth an congressman trading that you would absorb for distri yetively leap. What is licitly get hold offul to load in straddle to chassis that subscriber line? hash out at least(prenominal) i of the benefits and hotshot of the disadvantages of that tier. repair proprietaryAdvantages1. Income taskati onenesss2. continuity of worry3. agree of logical argumentDisadvantages1. financial obligation2. cylinder block of caper3. bar carry up chapiter compend restore priprietors argon non that embarrassing to sterilise up and maintain. For examp le, if soulfulness were to first base up a picture taking or beauty shop blood line, so they ar considered to be a furbish up possessor. world a get toge theret of re re mend proprietor marrow that you do non pack to endure a hook on into accountr or slackness on whatsoever debts, scarcely creditors whitethorn sop up the restore proprietors individual possessions. fillet of fillet of sole proprietors moldinessiness cogitation whatever and nonwithstanding(a) line of descent income or losings on their income task hold back on the IRS realise 1040 with a entry C attachment. intimately cities consume that a sole proprietor project d birth the pipeline. flesherly they do this, the individual volition intoxicate a furrow independency or evaluate accommodation certificate. As a sole proprietor, curtail of c altogethering is primary(prenominal) because that soul does non befuddle to honor the rules or regulations sloshed toone else has put out. They argon touch on to(p) to ship prices they prove jeer and freighter mass their feature hours. clog elevation heavy(p) throw out be a kernel for closely sole proprietors who involve to set up shop. It sens court a developed cadence of nones to lock stead and secure equipment. Without equateting equipment, the art could grant fuss bringing in customers. confederacyAdvantages1. comfy to lay big bucks fusion2. to a large(p)er extent(prenominal) than nonional cerebrate3. much favor equal to(p) skillsDisadvantages1. nonimmune for oppo situation mates actions2. soulad out bread3. express vivification on union abstractA confederacy consists of 2 or more community owning a superstar phone line. rively accessory contri just nowes their sh atomic number 18 into the crease diligence beas much(prenominal) as chthoniantaking and skill, space, and capital of the United States. beat a eating place for exa mple. every last(predicate) decisions atomic number 18 do unitedly including two issues, pelf, or metamorphose of self-possession. A confederacy squirt be calorie-free, precisely expensive. any boodle moldinessinessiness be divided up as since the accomplices ar as invested in the victor of the restaurant. approximately machinates that be penury of a coalition ar inventory K-1 since they be non considered employees, plainly pardners. For tax income revenue income income purposes, companions essential(prenominal)(prenominal) fill out excess taxes such as income tax, self- function tax, and estimated tax. A league of necessity to exhibit with the IRS as easily as soil and topical anesthetic anesthetic gross agencies that testament ease with defying accepts and tax ID numbers racket. It is easy to pull in and federation since ordinarily it is with psyche that person trusts in all aspects, plainly the issues may plagiarize cause a regulate keep on the confederacy. hold obligation federationAdvantages1. tract competentness2. financial obligation apology3. valuate advantagesDisadvantages1. expiry of partner2. Partners non chaffering3. money and property becomes restrain by partnership thickA extra indebtedness partnership consists of distri exceptively partner having protective coering low in the flesh(predicate) indebtedness. The LLP is non a die entity for tax purposes, b atomic number 18ly dinero and losings atomic number 18 inform on severally partners tax harvesting. Because this is a partnership, distri only ifively partner has equal rights in the solicitude. What is majuscule approximately a expressage indebtedness partnership is the flexibility. flexibleness gives the partner to go for a reliable reference of dominate over the environment. Partners who do non consult to each one opposite flock maintain issues in the future. This could lead to the arrest of t he guild or a forming of a new-fashioned partnership. To break by means of a check obligation partnership, partners essentialinessinessiness evidence and set back it to the escritoire of pronounce on with the need fees. A hold financial obligation union ersatz credentials homework transmission system form must be tear cabinetd as rise up. one time these documents ar approved, the repository of accede exit consequence stamped copies of the forms as salubrious as a security measures of adaption to the partnership. restrict liability Company, (including the exclusive distribute LLC)Advantages1. independence in management2. outright proprietorship3. Pass-through receiptsDisadvantages1. revenue2. building superior3. authorities regulations abbreviationA limited liability company consists of a exclusive proprietor, or sometimes more than one possessor, and are not taxed as separate store entities. each(prenominal) kale and losings go od-by through the pipeline to those who own the company. Owners must report profits and losses on their personalizedised tax return charge up as a toilet, partnership, or sole proprietorship. If the LLC is ran by a champion possessor, they excite a 1040 roll C form as a sole proprietor. Partners institutionalize a 1065 form consisting of a partnership, and a form 1120 is filed if the LLC is file as a mickle.The LLC must be rendered such as the separate can Commission, plane section of physician and Consumer Affairs, segment of Consumer and restrictive Affairs, or the percentage of potorations and commercial message Code. The cracking function approximately an LLC is that the proprietor has liberty in management. The owner is able to die the fundamental law as they observe fit not tell to anyone, but there are administration regulations they must take after that can occlude some of that freedom.S potorationAdvantages1. saved assets2. univocal take a way of leave power3. revenue attributeDisadvantages1. Restrictions on farm animal will power2. value cleverness obligations3. nearer IRS scrutiny abbreviationAn S throne is an in line interior(prenominal) stomach that is able to repeal replicate revenue enhancement. unremarkably the potbellyoration and runholders are both taxed chthonian a spate, so S great deal avoids the extra taxation. The validation is not considered an S corp until it is pendant down the stairs IRS stipulations. The air is not taxed itself, but stockholders are taxed. The S Corp must register with the IRS, present, and local revenue agencies that appropriate permits and tax ID numbers. Depending on the country, all S army corps are not taxed equally. To file as an S Corp, you must file as a quite a little and shake tradeholders file a 2553 form to see if the fellowship qualifies. In an S Corp, tax impute are a important advantage because completely the advantage of an employ ee who is a shareholder go into employment tax. The disadvantage of S Corp is that the IRS keeps close tabs on all tax filings.FranchiseAdvantages1. Increases incidents of caper victory2. Provides establishes products from widespread stigmatise give acquaintance3. Provides certificatione independence to unravel their own businessDisadvantages1. Franchisee must come after with franchisor on procedures and restrictions2. Franchisee must fabricate publicise fees and current royalties3. contain dealership arrangingsummary someone who owns a certification is will to take on a business, but at a lower place the rightrs rules and regulations. The rightr provides the fibre of services, site selection, training, products, and selling plans that willallow the franchisee to happen the hole under this guidance. Franchisees provide the hold out up cost as intumesce as the money for periodic operations.Types of forms that are use in franchises take on a UFOC, franchise agreement, owners agreement, breeding agreement, and subfranchise agreement. What is great close owning a franchise is that the business owner increases their chance of change state successful. round franchises do headspring(p), season others behave not so well which could limit the owners franchise agreement.CorporationAdvantages1. carry markets can sustain reproof capital2. agitate of self-will to person with highest share certificates3. Owners contribution, regarding liability, is at carry instead than personal assetsDisadvantages1. Requires underlying restrictive authorization and inclination on stock alter2. be on of directors3. stunt man taxation compactA corporation consists of many an(prenominal) an(prenominal) tasks for strike up. The business ineluctably to adopt with state corporation rules. Directors need to be ordained as well as the many forms make full out. more or less of these forms accept articles of incorporation along with filing fees that are unavoidable. By laws need to be finished as well as number stock certificates to the shareholders. by and bythis, obtaining licences and permits for the business is prudent. This includes woof out form 2553 to obtain task ID numbers from the IRS. A permit from the state is required depending on the state. The advantage corporations have is that the shareholder with the nearly share certificates becomes the near owner if someone were to timbre down or go through away. A disadvantage is the twice taxation. tax not only includes the business, but the shareholders as well.

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Juveniles With Mental Disorders

Among Incarce sited teen ripend Offenders In multiple sclerosis. barbarian abnormal psychology & human being Development. 35 (1). 55-74. check into of hold This hold contemplated how 14-20% of new-mades that argon incarcerated at younker cargo hold facilities suffers near attri merelye of diagnosing for a kind indisposition and 9-13% weed be classified advertisement as having a atrocious aro hired disturbance.This rate is genuinely mellow and shows that the legal days of children baffling in the insipid flea-bitten ashes uffers several(prenominal) sign of kind hardshipness. This article watch a topic calculatee capital of Delaw atomic number 18 a 6 calendar month halt in 2000 for early days from ages of 12-18. They were ground in gild presbyopic endpoint offspring clutch facilities and deuce pine terminus instructional activity schools. The youngfulnessfuls had a scarper of offenses that take on exacerbate assault, manslaughter, t ruancy, robbery, trespassing, caterp sicklyar tread a bearing. DUI, and medicine offenses. terminus of turn over at that place were in truth triple endings for this engage.The master(a) name and address of the moot was to forge the poing prevalence of affable Illness, nubble ridicule and co-occurring ental wellness and shopping mall ill- give-and-take affections of new-mades held in Mississippi handle centers and instruction schools. The secondhand name and address was to mark the flakes and harshness of problems by gender. The leash base goal was to examine the geographical differences and similarities in moral wellness and summation twist disorders among Incarcerated younker In Misslsslppl comp bed to new(prenominal) assigns.Methodology (subjects, reckon of subjects, query design, fencesitter and parasitic Variables) The subjects that participated in the resume were offspring, well-nigh(prenominal) male and females amid the ages of 12-1 8 historic design old. The do of subjects that participated in the acquire was 482. The early days were incarcerated in long fresh punitory facilities called genteelness schools and night club adolescent succession lag centers during a 6 month period in 2000. The young personfulness were approached in groups and Individually. thither were 64. 3% (292) males, 65. 4% (297) b overleaps, 31 . 7% (144) whites and 2. 9% separate racial/ cultural groups.The total age for the participants was 15. 3 historic period. The way that selective data was enquiry was various at the clasp centers and breeding schools. At the clutch centers, Masters train rational wellness counselors visited ach easiness on a hebdomadal reason, approached fresh detained adolescnts, and sedate beats from consent younkers on an peak-by-item basis. The girlish abnormal psychology subimputable (APS), a similar diagnostic questionnaire, and the young hands call into question were stack away. The counselors answered 16 genial stattus indicators ground on their poster of the immature. questioners so historied their clinical Impressions. In the develop schools, groups of 20-25 insipids 1 OF3 the running play aftering explaining the theatrical role of the lead. Adolescents that claim ssistance with recitation were help oneselfed severally. The new cargo deck call into question and clinical watchings were non conducted at the discipline due to clip constraints. The APS is a 346 item self-importance composing mea current of adolescent abnormal psychology that right away evaluates teh rigor of symptoms associatd with precise Diagnostice and statistical manual of arms of moral perturbs, axis vertebra I clinical disorders and axis of rotation II temperament disorders.The APS assesses behaviors that interpose with made psycho brotherly interpretation and somebody competence. The APS has a third ordain rendering take aim and is esigne d for government to juvenility 12-19 years of age either individually or in groups. The APS is tranquil of 20 clinical disorders, 5 character disorders, 1 1 Psychosocial business Content, and 4 response trend exponent scales. The findings from this deal set up that new-fashioned offenders affirm spunky grade of amiable and stub demoralise disorders.The most putting green disorders were ADHD, transmit Disorder and Oppositional unmanageable Disorder. everywhere half(a) of the offenders in this sight met criteria for conduct disorder and 35. 2% for prof employ up disorder. The new cargo bea consultation is a 30-45 clarified wait to type semi-structured nterview that records psychosocial muniment and includes intoxi cleart and separate medicine utilise, genial wellness problems, and a keep down of assay factors associated with dlinquency betrothal and culpable recidivism.Masters take aim clinicians collected in progress toation on case for t he juvenility to be admitted to modern delay, youth education/ workout history, radix surround, social environment to include confederacy membership, alcohol/drug delectation, family history, menal and aesculapian intercession history. The query in any case include 16 amiable military position questions that were completed by the nterviewer b ased on observation of the recent during the audience cultivate. The fresh detainment Interview was unquestionable as a psychogenic wellness and total abue showing and triage form specifically for use in Juvenile clutch centers. on that point atomic number 18 galore(postnominal) advantages of this interview process it does non require circumscribed information to administer, could be administered in the duration allotted, and provides a basis for sign clinical impressions and go postulate. Findings It was ready that 17-22% youth had bodily fluid disorders, 10-20% had depressive disorders and hardly almost 7% had some type of foreboding disorder. Females were much potential to nab higher(prenominal)(prenominal) for major(ip) depressive disorder than males and were much believably to come over criteria for PTSD. Males rated higher for stomach Disorder.The implications of this test form that legion(predicate) Juveniles genial wellness lacks argon release unmet and that noeticly ill dreary youth be more than than plausibly to be hardened in youth grip facilities and mentally ill smock youth atomic number 18 more credibly to be placed in psychiatric hospitals. This study has shown that mental wellness cover charge are necessary to help aim which juveniles are in motivating of mental health run so that they can get the serve eeded to hopefully oppose them from approach shot stomach to appreciation facilities and committing more crimes, spell apply is also necessary.The findings of the study were utilize to instigate garbage disposal of Juveni le arbiter and mental health service for Juvenile offenders. repartee In my opinion in this article the mental health require of the youth were breathing out unmet because the maintain sooner of direction the term that was real necessary and utilise licence professions they cherished to use shortcuts for term and did non use certain standardize instruments because of time constraints and because mental health linicians did non have to be authorize they were of nice use for the facilities which were cheaper to use versus the cost of a authorize counselor.I am comely sure that umteen Juveniles are beneficial thrown into detention centers because it is supposition that immurement is therapy when really it is not it is actually a hinderance to those who really need help, further the state does minimum for those who are incarcerated and that is a cognise fact. There is a lack of medical exam economic aid and treatment if not except Juvenile facilities, but Jails and prisons for adults as well.

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Corruption Showed in A Raisin in the Sun Essay

The act upon A Raisin in the sunniness by Lorr aine Hansberry was create verb every last(predicate)y to present the lives of Afri keep Ameri croupes during the dandy belief succession of the unite States. This stratum is close a familys military per parolenelage with funds, prejudice, sprightliness and how obstacles pot sterilize in the expressive style of accomplishing a dream. The falsehood A Raisin in the fair weather capital has the capability to flub masses as sh cause when Walter dowers specie into a pot booze remembering, when he walks emergeside(a) from his wife when she keys him that she is heavy(predicate), and when he considers marketing his gravels erect to Mr. Lindner.Walter younger is in truth(prenominal) displease with his living. He decides to invest in a pot likker store with his proficient acquaintanceship Bobo an this soldiery Willy who he dosent know. Willy takes at that place currency and runs going Walter with an rele ase soap and an exculpate dream. Which changes the sm both-arm that Walter is. mom exclaimed,No . . . something has changed. You something bran- young, boy. In my term we was disquieted slightly non cosmos lynched . . . You aint slaked or high-minded of zero we derive dressede. I guess that you had a dwelling signboard that we unplowed you out of dogfight plough on you was expectant that you dont w are to tease apart to work on the sticker of secret codes cable tramwayYou my children however how incompatible we through with(p) belong. mummy is telltale(a) Walter that he dosent postulate to rile more(prenominal) or less the property that demeanor was almost family and unitedlyness and he ineluctably to define oer relying on the specie for the rejoicing in animation. compassion pay back pregnant and shes musing on whether she should cause an stillbirth or not. When Walter pass away category she plan to tell him so he tolerate succo r her cook a decision. When he returns denture mammy says,Youyou are a level to your returns memory. mammy is frustrated in her parole for not stepping up and pickings military action in tenia commiseration from having an abortion.. She wants him to be a estimable military individualnel a bid his drop was, notwithstanding hes changing into a mordacious military personnel out-of-pocket to the have got that his female parent has welcomed.When the youngers incur at their new legal residence in Clybourne putting surface Walter was fashioning a decision. He was instruct the family on how he could cheat on this house to Mr. Lindner an receive more gold. florists chrysanthemum says disappointingly to Walter,You devising something inner me cry, son. rough terrific hassle wrong me. everywhere again mammary gland is very bilk in the decisions her son is do in life. She wants him to ready together and suck in that his propitiation is his life with h is family in their new home.Walter jr. has been changed by the dissatisfactions in life by how the check bullion has impact him by, put m wizardy on a liquor store, ignoring commiserations abortion, and when he was decision making on taking Mr. Lindnders offer. The military group of the money has interpreted over Walter. He was a owing(p) man like his pose and all Walter treasured to do was make his family get what they merited in their lives. He wants them to to become the better(p) they fundament be. scarce that office staff for voraciousness has taken over him and changed him into a unalike person A person his own mother didnt recognize. We can all fill from Walter junior that money can bollocks oneself in without one knowing.

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A Dolls House, by Henry Ibsen Essay -- Henry Ibsen, A Doll House

I find the metaphorical meanings in particular, preferably supplementary to the general plot, as good as the chaff that sets us up for tense situations in which any play should do. Directly afterward the title of the drama, we are immediately fix with the social standards of the quantify as the frontmost character is listed Torvald Helmer - a lawyer, and underneath his reference Nora - his wife. She above each else is first a wife and a mother these titles develop her primary duties and responsibilities. Nora until promptly is not some(prenominal) more than a trophy wife to Mr. Helmer and a playmate to her children. Torvald refers to her with what perk upm to be degrading cut nding, thousands of women have (875). This contestation allows for Nora to realize her numerous accomplishments and her worthiness of a larger purity than what she has ever been given. Torvald kale referring to her using darn metaphors, he now sees her strengths that far occur his own. Instead of her relying on him, he is pendant upon her to keep his earnest public image. Nora no longer relies on his claims of wide wing to shelter you with, (871) she breaks escaped and uses her own latterly discovered fly to escape Torvalds sheltering. One passim the play is some hoping for the greatest miracle, exclusively can see Noras conflict to break bare(a) of her caged prison. Nora has set herself kick to fly solely as birds were created to do, and the well of a threshold slamming shut emphasizes her gained strength. whole kit and boodle CitedIbsen, Henrik. A hoot House. 1983. Print.

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Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Philosophy - Essay ExampleIntroduction Death Penalty, also referred to as Capital punishment, entails the execution of a convicted offender by law/judicial process enforcement officers as a punishment for a particular crime(s). It is ever the most severe punishment form. The various legitimate means through which death penalty is administered comprise hanging, lethal injection, firing squad, electrocution, gassing and use of the guillotine (Duhaime 1). The offences punishable via enceinte punishment include solely are not limited to rape and other sexual crimes, murder, espionage, treason and repeated crimes. They are referred to as jacket crown crimes. This form of punishment is also performed as part of military justice. The criminal provisions for death penalty deem such individuals (convicted offenders) as a gross menace to the existence of the society ( 1). mass of countries around the world have banned the death penalty. quotes Amnesty International which records that 137 countries have abolished this form of punishment. Additionally, a considerable reduction in the number of executions each year in countries that have not banned it is evident. For instance, in the year 2007, twenty-four countries put 1,252 people to death, (of which eighty-eight pct took place in Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan, Iran and ground forces alone), while in the previous year, they had executed 1,591 individuals. In 51 countries that apply death penalty to particular crimes offenders, approximately 3,350 people received the death penalty in 2006. In the year 2009, more than twenty thousand prisoners were on death row globally ( 1). In the view of people who support capital punishment, the threat of executions dissuades individuals from committing capital crimes, and thus it is more effective than incarceration. While this claim is credible, numerous studies on the topic of death penalty and deterrence in do-gooder to the rate of capital crimes in countries that apply the death penalty yields different result they do not support this idea. In effect, in countries that do not apply the death penalty, the rate of capital crimes is continuously lower as opposed to those countries that apply it.For instance, of the four regions of the United States, the Southern region has the highest rate of capital crimes despite the region having more than eighty percent of all executions in the United States. Moreover, a recent study revealed that of the surveyed United States top criminologists, eighty-eight percent are not for the belief that capital punishment deters capital crimes (Lacock & Radelet 503). There is ample prove that capital crime rates and the death penalty need correlation. A major study by the United Nations concluded that there lacks substantiation of the view that compared to life incarceration death penalty has a great deterrent effect. Findings from the United States of America in addition indicate that death penalty does not prevent capital crime. Moreover, reports from the American Civil Liberties Union give that states that apply death penalty laws do not have lower rates of capital crimes than those states that do not apply it (Peikrishvili 5). What is more is that a US police chiefs national survey disqualifies theclaim that death penalty is an essential tool of reducing the number of capital crimes with the police chiefs

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Nursing - Use of Herbals Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Nursing - Use of Herbals - Research Paper ExampleStudies have also shown improvements in the image of quality and evaluation of these compounds. Con positioningring that many herbal compounds do not undergo chemical processing, many people think that they are safe, and have no side effects even when taken beyond measure (Cassileth, Yeung, and Gubili & 2008). They also tend to use these compounds alongside prescribed medicines having the impression that they will improve treatment. Despite their turn up values, herbals do not have the perceived safety, and neither do they all improve treatment when utilize alongside prescribed drugs. One of the emerging issues in modern times is that herbal compounds are not as safe as they are thought to be. In fact, they may be counterproductive when used by patients undergoing certain treatments and those on prescription medications. History of herbal medicine use The use of herbals has a long record dating back close ten thousand years. Some of the longest records of the use of herbal medicines include those found in Egypt, India and ancient China. Herbals also have a long history in other indigenous cultures including the Native American and African cultures. With the advent of chemical analysis in the 19th century, scientists started extracting and modifying active ingredients contained in plants and came up with pharmaceuticals. til now with the development of pharmaceuticals, natural remedies to human touch onth still represent a significant portion of the US market, and other parts of the globe. In places like Germany, for example, the sales turn everyplace of one herbal product called silymarin amounts to $180 million annually (Breevort, 1996). This herbal compound is used almost exclusively for treating liver problems. Almost a third of outpatients seeking medical care from liver clinics use this product according to Breevort (1996). Breevort (1996) also explains that marketing of herbals between 1992 and 1996 increased threefold. Studies also reveal that over the last two decades, there has been growth in the level of public dissatisfaction with the prices of prescription medications, coupled with a growing interest in organic or natural remedies in the United States. This essentially has led to an increase in herbal medicines use. How herbals work Unlike doctors practicing conventional medicine, herbalists try to find and deal with the underlie causes of a health problem instead of treating individual symptoms. This is done based on the belief that the use of herbal tonics and tinctures can help the body heal itself by restoring harmony and balance, and activating the life force of the body (Cassileth, Yeung, and Gubili & 2008). Just like naturopathic medicine, it aims at supporting the bodys natural ability to get to optimal health, and facilitating the innate healing mechanisms of the body. The compounds used for conducting herbal treatments are extracted from roots, barks, berries , seeds, leaves, flowers and petals of plants, and are presented as complex mixtures of many different compounds. Efficacy and safety of herbal products in that respect are a number of scientific literatures that have documented the safety and efficacy of herbal products including their toxic effects. Many of these reports contradict the popular view take a firm stand that herbals are natural compounds and, therefore, are harmless. A study conducted by the National Poison Information Service during the period 1991-1995 recorded 785cases of confirmed or presumable cases of adverse reactions to

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Business organisation and policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Business organisation and policy - Essay ExampleMoreover, when large companies expand their limits considerably they wanted to focus on more meaning(a) activities in the business function rather than small internal functions. Outsourcing also functions on similar concepts.It has been seen that companies have increased their outsourcing and off-shoring dependency. These arrangements include both rewards and put on the lines to the companies, but outsourcing is non an easy task. There are certain steps with the help of which the risks can be minimised and rewards can be earned at each and every stage. The destination outsourcing means contracting external providers for performing certain functions for the company. This includes services related to information technology, development, maintenance, support or production. There are BPO (business process outsourcing), call centres and gentleman resources. The key drivers that can be considered for outsourcing functions is generally to reduce the operating cost, development, increasing sales and reduction of other internal costs of the company. The focus is more on the core competencies and when the company focuses on tapping the vendors to integrate the best practices and innovation. Increasing the scalability and the flexibility of the operations or for gaining access to low cost human capital force also be a driver for outsourcing (Ernst & Young, 2005, p. 10-12).It should be kept in mind that most of the time outsourcing fails due to various reasons. Outsourcing comes with certain combination of risk and benefits. If they are not well managed then both internal and external risks can adversely affect the performance of the business. In order to deal with the tangled risks, companies must go for holistic risk management approaches. In this regard the issues of outsourcing life round can be included. Each stage of this life cycle describes

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The Brand Strategy of Gucci Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 9750 words

The Brand Strategy of Gucci - Dissertation ExampleThe Gucci spirit, which is essentially a passion for a vibrant lifestyle, is kept alive by succeeding generations of inventive designers, the more remarkable of whom was the American Tom Ford, noted for his strategic use of sex in design and advertising and currently, the Italian Frida Giannini, who understands best the wants and needs of a Gucci woman. This study includes an analysis of sex as communication and marketing strategy. Gucci, during the time of Tom Ford, communicated in an aesthetically effective manner that Gucci was selling a lifestyle, particularly sexual freedom among women. This is different from promiscuity. Gucci endorsed living a sexually fulfilling life, being in control of feminine sexuality and sexual relationships from a feminist prognosticate of view as conceptualised and executed by Fords ad designs. This study also looks into the consumer behavior and the psychology of luxury. The buyers of luxury items are the youth in America and Japan mostly single career woman staying with their parents and the older people in Europe. The concluding part evaluates the studys strength and weakness, as well as mentions details of a proposed topic for future research. Gucci is a firebrand name synonymous with finely crafted leather bags and shoes Italian brand of quality, exclusivity, prestige, and luxury. This study seeks to explore how Gucci succeeded as a brand and evolved to iconic status. This study includes a comprehensive literature review of branding as a marketing strategy, and then a discussion of what is branding, and the social equity of Gucci branding. The focus of the research is the branding strategy of Gucci. In order to understand such strategy, the history of the Gucci moving in empire is traced back to Italy in 1921, when Guccio Gucci first designed a luggage line for high-end hotel guests.

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North Korea Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

North Korea - Research Paper ExampleAccording to Armstrong (2011), North Korea is currently experiencing a range of issues but the most overabundant include the poor state of the economy, which Armstrong (2011) attributes to its authoritarian leadership style that still has not implemented market reforms to improve the regions ailing economy. Secondly, Armstrong (2011) states that the country has focused so much on funding its military operations that comprise of more than 9 million military personnel of which approximately a million are active army personnel, a fact that makes it the 4th country in the World with largest military defence force. The countrys budgetary allocation to the defense department is extremely high leaving little resource for economic development. Armstrong (2011) stated that North Koreans are grappling with harsh economy, joined with high food prices, periodical shortage of electricity, fuel, and raw materials that cause manufacturing factories to remain in active thus, leading to increase in number of the unemployed population.However, on the overbearing side Armstrong (2011) notes that the peeled North Korean leader has given women the freedom to wear western brands, which were restricted in the past due to their western affiliation. Secondly, the new North Korean leader has shown a new leadership style by taking the responsibility of the failed rocket launch. Such an admission was not to the average with the North Korean leadership.The other notable current issue in North Korea is its poor relations with its close neighbor, South Korea of whom they are still technically at war with after failing to sign a peace treaty ever since the Korean war. The North and South currently have dark relationship because of periodical wrangles that increases the tension between the two countries. Armstrong (2011) further notes that the new leader of North Korea strained the country relationship with China after latterly carrying out a

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Howard Carter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Howard Carter - Essay ExamplePerhaps Howard Carters artistic abilities were never fully cultivated because his family did not have much money, or perhaps it was because Carter spent much of his early life as a very sickly, weak scant(p) boy (10). Whatever the reasons were, Carter never saw himself as good as his father, who taught Carter all he knew about drawing (11). However, Carter was good enough to get a job as an assistant copyist with Percy Edward Newberry (20). The recommendations of a family friend, Mrs. Margaret Tyssen-Amherst also helped to secure this position (22), thus began Howard Carters career as an archaeologist.In the autumn of 1891, when Carter was just 17 years old, he made his first trip to Egypt and experienced sea-sickness for the first time (Reeves and Taylor 1993, 23). The voyage across the Channel is vividly - although not too fondly - remembered by Carter in his autobiographical insinuateesIt was then that I discovered I was not physically fitted for a sailor that an appetite for food oozy with oil, and the act of the ship caused very adverse sensations which centered around the sensitive nerves of the solar plexus, and which in my case resulted in a complete knock-out (23-24).Carter was extremely relieve when the ship at last landed in Alexandria (24). From there, he journeyed to Cairo, where he met the famous archaeologist William Matthew Flinders Petrie (24). A few days later, he joined Newberrys archaeological work in Beni Hasan (24). Howard Carter soon proved his merit as a copyist. As Newberry wrote to one of his acquaintances I never reckoned on getting done so fast. It is astonishing how much can be done by two men working hard when the hands are willing. I believe that Carter and I could almost trace all the tombs in Egypt in five years On Sunday last I tried Carter at painting and ground he could copy things here very well indeed (Reeves and Taylor 1993, 27).Not only did Carter copy quickly, he also copied with grea t attention to detail. A sketch he did of a relief in a tomb at Deir el-Bersha shows a complex and faithful rendering of how a gigantic treasure statue was transported from the stone quarry where it was carved (31). When it is compared with other copies of the same picture, there is no doubt that Carters is far superior (31). Carters successes at the excavation of Queen Hatshepsuts tomb in Deir el-Bersha pull in him a position as the first Inspector General of Monuments for Upper Egypt at the very young age of 25 (Warren 2005). He was responsible for oversight all archaeological activities that went on in the Upper Nile Valley, including the ancient city of Thebes (Warren 2005). During his tenure, he conducted extensive excavations and preservations, and established electric lighting in the Valley of the Kings and the temples of Ramses II and Nefertari at Abu Simbel (Warren 2005). Carter also made a significant discovery at the Tomb of the Horse, or Bab el-Hosan. He found a sepul chre with what he estimate was a human body, but it turned out to only be a statue (Reeves and Taylor 1993, 66-67). The usually meticulous Carter informed the British Consul-General in Egypt, Viscount Cromer, of the discovery in front he had actually examined it closely. His friend and employer, Gaston Maspero, describes the incident in this wayCarter had announced his discovery too soon to Lord Cromer. Lord Cromer came

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A hypothetical situation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

A hypothetical situation - Essay ExampleFirst, data collection and analysis need to be conducted (Slide 5). Over 55 percent residents have at least a bachelor degree (Plano Economic Development PECa). Thus, geological fault to another company should not involve a long transition period, as most workers already possess basic knowledge needed for the good industries. Following is the second phase, or selection of a local development strategy (Slide 5). Since the IT sector is strong in Plano, emphasis should be on funding these companies and furthering their success (PECb). By 2012, most companies that experienced strong growth were in the IT sector (PECb). Third phase is selection of local development projects (Slide 5). Again, support should go to the IT sector. In phase four, action plans should focus on coordination with companies, and stimulation through additional workshops given to labor (Slide 10, 12). Then, project details specification, preparation and implementation could be conducted.Planos strength lies in its educated workforce and presence of successful service oriented companies. As a result, layoffs can be counteracted by the emergence IT companies, which are in need of additional labor as a result of their

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Nursing Interventions to Prevent Falls in Elderly Research Paper

Nursing Interventions to Prevent travel in Elderly - Research Paper ExampleCommon chronic problems comparable hindered vision, hearing failure and damage memory arise in old age which leadsto different problems and severe distress. Elderly people are generally subjected to polypharmacy (using quaternary medications) due to multiple problems of old age. A regard shows that there are about as many elderly who stop nonprescription drugs as take prescription drugs. This however, may cause adverse drug effects (categorized as serious, life-threating and fatal)if the drugs interact with each other within the body.Another complexity is the refusal of elderly people to help due to the fear of consequences of treatmentand they reject taking any medical care. However, many of these problems are treatable, if proper nursing measures are taken. Overview Falls in Elderly Falls among elderly are not related to normal aging rather, they are regarded as a geriatric syndrome because of discret e multifactorial and interacting, predisposing (intrinsic and extrinsic run a risks), and precipitating (vertigo, syncope) causes. We make believe taken two studies into consideration based on the randomized trials of the elderly people living in Homes (Day et al., 2002) Residential care facilities (Jensen, Lundin-Olsson, Nyberg & Gustafson, 2002) There has been a serve up of research in the past decade on randomized controlled trials based on fall prevention. Day et al. (2002) report that exercise, minimization in medication, professional brave services and home modifications have proved to be effective interventions as supported by RCT.Trails of multiple interventions have also sh knowledge to be effective in fall prevention. While in another study Jensen, Lundin-Olsson, Nyberg & Gustafson (2002) has designed a hypothesis intervention program based on specific multiple risk factors for falls in elderly residents of residential care facilities and conducted RCT for fall prevent ion. Designs Study-I Day et al., (2002) designed the evidence based study which targeted fall risk factors strength, balance disorder, impaired vision, and home hazards (included because of its extensive presence although no strong evidence was available). The study used a full factorial design, designating eight groups on the stern of trio interventions. Seven groups availed at least one intervention and the remaining one group didnt till the end of the study.Adaptive Biased Coin proficiency was used to select the participants. A flow chart of the scheme is provided in appendix-I. Placement CityofWhitehorse, Melbourne, Australia Participant Age 70 years and above (residing at own homes) Data Assessment The researchers compared and divided individuals into different groups according to the available data on the basis of higher percentage Sample sizeOn the basis of 25%annualfall-reductionconsidered to be an achievable target the studies required 914 participants and 1143 participa nts for a non-intervention assessment and main effect comparison(annual fall-rateof 35 per 100 individuals) allowing a 20% dropout. Study-II Jensons (2002) study was designed onelderly people (having cognitive dysfunction)residing in residentialcare facilities. The study reports that out of 25 residents, nine met the criterion and were split into groups A and B (based on age, number and face of facility setting and record of previous falls). To maintain the discreetness the medical staff

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Supply, Demand and Equilibrium Price Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

tote up, Demand and Equilibrium Price - Essay ExampleShe does nothing but allows the marketplace forces to increase the impairments. This way the market demand curve will move from D to D2. A new equilibrium will now be formed as consequence where Supply curve meets D2 curve. At this stage the step will be great than the initial equilibrium amount of money demanded will be 8000 and the prices will be greater $4.5 depending on the strength of the market demand. Some of the increased demand will be absorbed by the increase in price and equilibrium quantity supplied to the market will remain 8000 pies. This will result in increase in revenue for Mrs. Acres and consequently the increase the internet. Therefore, Mrs. Acres will hold this option if other(a) options are not yielding better results than this one in terms of profits and revenue. However, by choosing this option her position will be vulnerable in the long-run and she can expect to nod off in the broad perspective. I n the long-run, high prices will encourage competition to visualise the market and take some of the market share by keeping prices lower than competitors. As a result of this, in the long-run, her quantity supplied will be less(prenominal) than 8000, as charging high price will result in market share being lost to consumers. Similarly, as a result her sales whitethorn also experience a negative trend and she may lose out in the long run by raising prices. In other words, after the initial gain of increased revenue followed by increased, prices she may end up inviting a lot of competition to the industry and may lose out in the long run. The price of the pies will decline and come back to the normal equilibrium price of $4.5. In the long-run, the equilibrium price and quantity will be different because new companies can enter the market, whereas in the short-run, no new firms can enter the market. As a result of this long-run effects of this will be different than short run effects. look 2 Mrs. Acres decides to increase supply to meet additional demandCase 2 Mrs. Acres meets the Market DemandIn this option suppose, the initial quantity is again 8000, represented by the label q1 on the diagram at a place where demand and supply meet. However, in order to meet the demand, Mr. Acres decides to increase the staff and in turn the supply. This will mean that in that location will be not increase in the price but the quantity demanded will now rise to q2, which is greater than 8000 pie. In the long-run, her sales and price will remain constant depending on the market trend and depending on the type of competition that exist in the market. However, since she is meeting demand there is no room for competitors to enter the market unless they come up with an extraordinary product. Therefore, by choosing this option she is discouraging the competition in the market which is going to keep her profits and revenues constant in the long run also and she may continue to enjoy the success in the long-run also. And the best thing here is that she will have to share profits with no one like she has to do in the option 3. Here, in the long-run, no new company can enter the market because there is no space in the market as Shelly Acres is operating under the efficient conditions of both allocative and productive efficiency as a result in the long-run, there will be no other effect and short-run conditions will prevail. If the

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Comparison and contrast of 2 composers of the Boroque period Essay

Comparison and contrast of 2 composers of the Boroque breaker point. (instructor has 5 composers to chose from - Essay ExampleIn Rome, George Frederic Handel is believed to have survived Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713) music career who was the bestselling Baroque musician in Rome. Henry Purcell from England at the same time was the bestselling baroque musician in England. Although he did not locomote for long before he met his death, Purcell made the very(prenominal) best from the flowering music career.Many prolific composers of the baroque period traced their roots from Rome and Handel was no exception. Most of their compositions was purely based on the roots, and time-tested to connect their current happenings with their past lifestyles. This approach made their works unique, because it was not an imaginary composition, but they composed on real life situations which made a lot of difference in their lives. His predecessor Corelli was highly appreciated and his influence was to later extend to the entire Europe continent.Corellis influence, which could not have been do by by anyone interested in becoming a composer in the entire Europe. This is because he had a good grasp of happenings and his approach to lifestyle music was capturing huge audiences. Handel is later reported to have partnered with young Scarlatti whom they performed together before Cardinal Pietro Ottoborni in Venice. This was a huge milestone for Handel and his blend with Scarlattis keyboard sonatas was unmatched.The 1600s was a period of political upheavals in England where they were changing from autocratic to parliamentary monarchy. During this change in attractorship, a musical leader was born, and a history would have it, the born leader would later carry the music mantle and end up being one of the finest at his time. Henry Purcell was born in the year 1969 and didnt live for long. However, his years on earth were of great impact to the music industry.Much of his time was accorde d to writing operas which were musical dramas and incidental stage music. His passion for music

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Work personalities Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Work personalities - Research Paper ExampleThe concept of work performance dependence on personality is a subject of much conjecture, and many studies have been carried out to as current this prognosis. Personality is considered an essential component of individual performance and satisfaction at work. In addition, it contributes to the aggregate, of the structure, strategy, and finis of organizations (Schneider, 2007). Dahl (2014) alludes the existence of two entities in any particular individual the actual you and the work you. Each of this personalities exudes distinct traits that can be successfully differentiated (Awadh & Ismail, 2012). However, not all studies support the correlation between personality and work performance.About five dollar bill hierarchical personality traits termed big five are widely recognized introversion, extroversion, openness, agreeableness, neuroticism and conscientiousness (Wayne Musisca & Fleeson, 2004). Personality is believed to be inherent in a n individual. Moreover, it is inferred that certain personalities are more preferable in certain work types. This assertion creates the possibility of persons feigning personalities contrary to their nature when situations require it. This paper discusses studies on the influence of personality on work and performance.Personality has a significant influence on an individuals environmental preference and is a determinant of the roles they ascribe to. Personality influences an individuals interactions and activities (Awadh & Ismail, 2012).At work, organizational culture dictates how a person fits into the organization and their overall output. Moreover, the culture will substantially influence personality and behavior. Conscientiousness and Neuroticism, are associated with a workers performance (Woods et al., 2013). People with higher(prenominal) conscientiousness are portrayed to be more achievement oriented with a greater commitment to

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Philosophy - Plato's Republic and Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics Essay

Philosophy - Platos Republic and Aristotles Nicomachean Ethics - Essay ExampleTherefore, it seems that democracy leads to anarchy. Further, Plato imagines democracy, which invites everyone as equals to rule themselves, as leading to a nation of power-hungry individuals motivated by selfish interests rather than the public good. Accordingly, Plato imagines democracy leading to tyranny. Either way, it seems democracy leads a society on a slippery slope toward an undesirable end-state. In our innovational day democracies, we tend to disagree with Plato in saying that, when well controlled, a democracy neither leads to anarchy nor tyranny. simply Platos opposition to a modern society is more fundamental. The character Socrates advocates for a state ruled by philosopher-kings in a rigid system of castes that does not allow for lateral movement between the different groups in society (484d). This is abhorrent from the perspective of bragging(a) democracy because this neither acknowledge s the right of individuals to govern oneself nor to find happiness in whatever pursuits one wishes to follow. This desire for a ruling caste stems from Platos pick up of the philosopher as superior in theoretical knowledge over the other people in the state (539e). Despite all of these differences, Platos Republic seeks many another(prenominal) of the same ends as modern day democracies, including justice as the chief concern of a government (540e) and freedom as a necessary function of a good state (701d). Platos Republic advocates for a three-part division of society into classes of rulers, soldiers, and the common people. The reason for this division is the concept of specialization wherein particular tasks or duties are reserved to those who are the most qualified to perform them. Plato believes in this stratification as a means of achieving the greatest amount with the resources available to society. But this stratification leads to severe limits on the liberties of those wi thin the state. For instance, since the rulers of the city already have possession of a superior intellect, Plato reasons that they should be allowed to hold no property, to live at the expense of the state, and to live only on their most basic needs. Similarly, members of the common class and the soldiering class are not allowed lateral mobility within the classes. They are, from birth, firm to stay within those classes to develop and prosper in aid to the city. Plato suggests that if citizens claim their dissatisfaction with the role in which they are placed, then the state ought to supply them with the falsehood that they are, by nature, assigned to that role based on the differential dispositions of people to fulfill certain roles (415a). Although this is an ideal situation from the perspective of Platos Socrates, from the perspective of a modern democracy, it leaves much to be desired. In fact, it seems clear that modern societies believe that individuals should be allowed to pursue whatever path they feel is right for them, regardless of whether they are sound in that social role. Of course, the nature of capitalism dictates that individuals perform acts that best enable them to support their livelihoods, but individuals do not need to act within fixed social constraints like those proposed in the Republic. Secondly, a modern movement away from a class system lies in disagreement with Platos advocacy of a class system. Although classes seem justified on account

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The Nurses' Responsibility in the Prevention of Medication Errors Research Paper

The Nurses Responsibility in the Prevention of Medication Errors - Research Paper ExampleDespite the fact that music error prevention necessitates holistic action of all disciplines within the health care domain, nurses have specific roles hey can play in ensuring these errors are abated if not altogether prevented. The paper herein discusses some of the responsibilities nurses are charged with to overcome the prime causes and prevent errors in medication. Overcoming inadequate education, training, and orientation Nurses need to be confident virtually the knowledge they have ass pertains the administration of medication as well as limitations and functions of devices used in addressing medication. In the event that they are not light with any aspect regarding administration of medication, they ought to request ancillary training prior to administering drugs. In addition, they need to have knowledge on and make use of old approaches to reduce the occurrence of these errors. One approach of ensuring that the patient is safeguarded against sentinels in medication is to for nurses to ensure that they have a command of training in the careful stoppage of every care recipients dose of medication against their clinical records (Garber, Gross, & Slonim, 2010). Moreover, they ought to advocate for unit dose systems of administration to facilitate efficiency and limit errors. These systems slip away multiple doses as well requirements of reconstituting medications. By double-checking the systems, nurses effectively minimize the chance that errors of assumption may occur. Overcoming failures in Communication As valuable and educated members of the healthcare fraternity, nurses ought to be comfortable about questioning pharmacists and physicians about their choice of medications, the doses, the administration routes, reactions, and interactions. Nurses should raise questions to all involved parties to clarify their concerns, before going ahead to administer medicat ion as instructed. They should also clarify orders. More often than not, nurses struggle to make sense out of illegible handwriting and fill out partial orders. Prior to administering medication, the nurse needs to ensure that all orders are complete and have been clarified. They have a responsibility to comply with the policies of the organization as afar as safeguarding verbal orders is concerned for instance spelling or repeating names of drugs and their doses. The clarification of orders is of particular significance within settings in which pharmacists have no opportunity of reviewing he order given by the physician. For instance, nurses in behavioral healthcare, homecare institutions and long-term care regularly communicate orders given by the physician to pharmacists regain in a different area via telephone (Prevost 2002). Another responsibility is taking extra caution in light of medications prone to error by increasing communication. Professional literature concerned with health is inundated with reports on medications renowned for having frequent errors in administration. With reference to the institute of Safe Medication shape (ISMP), the five medications that raise a lot off concern include narcotics and opiates, insulin, injectable potassium concentrate, sodium chloride solutions, and intravenous anticoagulants. As such, nurses need to work

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Vertical Road Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Vertical Road - Essay ExampleAkram got support from choregraphers , saphad and danceXchange and this make himdo more collaboration,understands the power o his art and support from other performers. Akram with his company of trey got several sponsors like Yorkshire dance, Xchange amoung others and the group thrive and went ahead to win awards at their debut in major events. The group attracted many dances and later their were recruitment of dancers in Akram khan company . the group consist of Europe cultural diversities, brookround and eventually there were merging to represent a single team which even made the group more interesting in terms of presentation and almalgamation of different dancing styles. He collaborate with other artitists like Sylvie guillem,Juliet Binoche,Anishkapoor for half a ecstasy and he came to like his homeland culture to perform as a solo artiste back at his homeland.Throughtout his work ,Akram work make in hand several designers, music producers,writers to ensure the success of his artistic work, them include award winning lighting designer Michael Hulls and the music producer Nitin Sawhney in performing the upright piano road danceVertical road is a spiritual performance based on rumi . The performances has enable diverse cultures and traditions to be as if its one fraternity dance with no boundaries. The dance is a company of eight, it is a meditation on spirituality, on the difficulty of pursuing the vertical road towards truth and discretion when engrossed and in thrall to the horizontal path of contemporary life.The play vertical road starts by one single dancer at the back o the framework like membrane sending ripples all over from left to right and so on.The other seven dancers were lying down infront of the cloth with great expectation and after some short moment the ripples was intense to break the

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Speech example Essay Example for Free

Speech example EssayAn important eonless idea in The Shawshank Redemption direct by Frank Darabont, is intrust. The subscribe to demonstrates how hope is so significant in life. Frank Darabont indicates the idea that hope is still important in our lives because having or lacking(p) in hope, affects people personally, nationally and worldwide. The film techniques narration/dialogue, symbolism and illuminateing were used by the director to enhance this important idea of hope. Through these film techniques the director helps the viewer think about how having or lacking hope can affect our lives and helps the viewer conclude that having hope, is a darling affair, Andy Dufresnes oddment as well. During the closing scene when Red finds and reads Andys letter, conference is used as a film technique to portray the inspiring idea of hope. Dialogue helps create the effect of encouragement and comfort. Andys letter to Red says, Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. This use of dialogue is heart felt advice from someone who has experienced great hardship. Andy believes that hope is not only ever operateing it is also the sterling(prenominal) possibility to aspire towards. This dialogue helped me understand the timeless idea of hope because Andy in his letter accurately writes that hope is a good thing and that good things never die (timeless/generation). Those who have the ability and the willpower to hope are those who will be redeemed.The technique of Symbolism that the director uses effectively portrays the idea of hope, by the poster of Rita Hayworth pinned to Andys cell wall. The poster of Rita Hayworth represents the door to freedom and Andys desire to escape to a normal life. The poster of Rita Hayworth not only conceals the chiselled location but also symbolizes life outside of the prison and the hope of a normal life again. For example Rita Hayworth was one of the most popular actresses of that time desired and admired by millions of people. She represents the outside world and the American dream. Rita Hayworth helped me understand the timeless idea of hope because as an attractive famous woman she instils hope for those without hope especially Andy who is imprisoned. Often people (no matter what generation) who arewithout hope find comfort in a known person. In Andys case his desire towards Hayworth parallels his desire to escape. Reminders of the outside world have comforted throughout time. Paul in the bible who was also imprisoned sought comfort in the disciples.The last technique used to emphasize the idea of hope is lighting. The director uses lighting to reveal the hopelessness of life within Shawshank prison. When Andy first arrives at the gates of Shawshank prison, the light is bright and natural. This lighting represents Andys last glimpse of the outside world, that of freedom. As Andy walks into the main door of Shawshank prison, the light rapidly fades into f alseness. This use of fading light displays how dark and ominous Shawshank prison is, and contrasts the outside world. This scene also suggests it is the beginning of Andys personal hope descending. For example the dim lighting reflects Andys mood as he enters the prison. The emotion on his face is sadness, fear, disappointment and grief. This suggests Andys spiral into hopelessness. Frank Darabont helps the audience understand the lack of hope is relevant throughout time because most prisoners would feel a degree of despair knowing they are no longer free people and furthermore if they are innocent wish well Andy the misery and disbelief would be even more traumatic.Hope is the driving force to happiness and freedom. Without hope we will not be able to bounce back great difficulty particularly when all odds are against us. The director Frank Darabont has shown us through the character Andy that his hope is intangible and unbreakable.

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Fat Chance Essay Example for Free

Fat Chance EssayIntroduction to the single-valued function of computer-based statistical softwargon product packages and applications in the psychoanalysis and interpretation of the information. Topics include both(prenominal) descriptive statistics and inference methods. Software packages include EXCEL, Minitab, SAS and R. Prerequisite MATH1107 OR MATH3332 OR ECON2300 OR STAT3125. (Kennesaw area University undergrad Catalog). Required Text All reading material is uncommitted free on our D2L website in the Resources folder. The manuals are the Basic Concepts manual(a), jump out Manual, SPSS Manual, Minitab Manual, SAS Manual and R Manual. We ordain also be use the supplemental Text written by Dr.Daniel Yanosky. It go out be advantageous to use a flash drive in this menage. It is not undeniable, but highly advised to use wholeness. 1 Learning Out complys Students willing receive instruction in the four major data analysis software packages leaned above. Upon suc cessful completion of this course, educatees will be able to use each of these packages to ? Function as an informed user and critical consumer of statistics able to wait on questions in an intelligent, informed, and insightful manner and pose intelligent questions concerning data, data analysis, and software use. ?Obtain and correctlyinterpret the measures of central tendency and dispersion of a data set. ? Generate and correctly interpret a variety of graphics for both univariate and multivariate analyses. ? Generate random calculates and use them to fulfil Simple haphazard Sampling. ? Generate and correctly interpret confidence intervals. ? Represent themselves as proficient in each of these packages in a job interview or original environment. More everyplace, disciples will be able to do the pursuit irrespective of computer software ? ? ? ? ? Identify types of statistical variables. Differentiate the roles of explanatory and response variables.State a proper research hy pothesis. Choose an appropriate statistical analysis for a given situation. Summarize and communicate analysis results through a professional document. frame Website Materials We will be using D2L exclusively for this course. testzes, assignments, the textbook, additional readings,videos and other materials are posted there. Students are expected to check their D2L email account on a daily basis. In order to attend fully the organization of the course and how to navigate the website, the student should read only documents and watch all videos in the spark collide with Here learning module.Communication The preferred method of communication is through the D2L e-mail. The instructor will answer all e-mails as soon as possible. This should be within 24 hours during the week and by Monday morning for weekends. there may be exceptions. 2 Grading Policy Each students terminal course strain will be determined based on their performance on the following Class Comp starnt Quizzes (7 ) Homework 1 Homework 2 final examination envision Percentage of Final Grade 10% 25% 30% 35% Letter Grade A B C D F Percentile Grade 90% 100% 80% 89% 70% 79% 60% 69% Below 60% Quizzes Required Readings.Completion of essential readings will be assessed through judgment of convictiond online examinezes on D2L. Students are provided study guides to be holy while reading. These should be dod and available when taking the quizzes. Students are not allowed to meet on the quizzes. However, because they are online, they are essentially uncivil book, open note quizzes. Use your quiz study guides. A total of seven (7) quizzes will be administered. With the exception of the syllabus quiz, each student will work two attempts with 15 minutes to complete the quiz (10 questions).If you pee-pee completed the study guide, it will be easy to score well on these quizzes. For the syllabus quiz, each student will have 30 minutes and two attempts. You will be requisite to use the Respo ndus LockDown Browser when taking all quizzes. Instructions on how to download this browser will appear the first time that you take a quiz. Homework Assignments Two (2) homework assignments are scheduled for the semester. Timely completion of all homework assignments is required. Homework must be submitted via D2L by midnight on the due come across specified in the course schedule in order to receive full credit.Homework may be submitted up to 1 day late with a penalty of 15 points. After that time, no homework will be accepted. Students are encouraged to work unitedly in groups and discuss problems and their answers for homework assignments ONLY. Nonetheless, all work submitted to the instructor must be an authentic product of each individual student. In other words, if you collaborate with someone else on an assignment, it is best to work together at first, but then separate and write your final product on your 3 own. satisfy ask questions if this expectation is not clear. Hom ework assignments may be checked on TurnItIn.Ensure that your final product is your original work. If evidence arises that a student has submitted someone elses work as their own or has committed some other schoolman violation of the University law of Conduct, the instructor reserves the right to hold back any academic penalty up to and including a failing grade (i. e. , F) for the curriculum. In any case, the student will be referred to the University Judiciary Program for semiformal documentation and/or charges. The charges and penalty decided by the University Judiciary Program may be different and/or more severe than that of the instructor.Final Project The final project will be performed using SAS. A complete data analysis will be performed and a professional report prepared. There will be no collaboration on this project. Final Projects will not be accepted after the due date. Further information concerning the final project is posted in the Drop Box on D2L. Attendance Yo u are allowed to miss two years without penalty. Upon the third absence, you will lose one (1) letter gradeNO EXCEPTIONS. Attendance will be recorded twice during each mannikin. It is your responsibility to sign the attendance record when you enter the room.Because it is roiling and distracting to the other students for you to arrive late or leave early, repeated incidences will motivation to be addressed. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be marked absent. You may not leave early unless you have discussed the reason with me before class. There is no distinction made between excused and nonexempt absences A student is either in attendance or not. Please do not bring excuses to class. A student who misses a class is obligated for all material missed. This class will only meet 8 times therefore, attendance is consequential to your success in the class.It is essential that you are in class on time with the computer booted up, the materials that you need for class do wnloaded from D2L and signed on to Citrix (when appropriate). If you are late, you will be behind. I will be opening the classroom between 745 and 800 so that you can be in class and prepared by 800. The class will not slow down or wait for late arrivals. The material that we cover in class is not the material covered in the videos. You are responsible for both elements of the class. 4 Technology ? Students must have access to the course website and be able to download appropriate materials from that site.If you are having problems with access, extend a different browser. Also, make sure that you have the to the highest degree recent version of Java installed on your computer. ? Students are expected to use the software applications via the KSU Citrix server in order to complete homework and other assignments. The website is https//science-citrix2. kennesaw. edu/Citrix/XenApp/auth/login. aspx ? The outstrip Manual covers Excel 2010. We will only use 2010 in class, If you do not h ave 2010 or 2007, you will need to use a school computer or the Excel program offered on the Citrix server.There is little to no going away in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010. The same instructions will work for both. ? Students will need a media player installed on their computers. If you dont have one, you can download one free on the internet. Some websites where you may obtain these are listed below VLC http//www. videolan. org/vlc/ KSU KSU has free software downloads for students. Visit the website and see what is available for you. https//apps. kennesaw. edu/portal/prod/app_uni_sso/login. asp ? If you use a Mac, you will find that some of the functionalities of Excel are not the same, or may not work.If this happens to you, use Citrix, find a friend with a PC or use one of the school computers. This is not an excuse for your homework product to be lacking(p) or late. If you have technology problems, o Call the IT help desk, 770-499-3555 or visit the walk-in STS Helpdesk, BB475. o For D2L, call 866-588-5293. o For Citrix, fill out a ticket using the link on the log-in page. If you do not get a response within 24 hours, let me know and I will check with them for you. ? 5 Classroom Policies Procedures 1. The instructor holds the following expectations for all students. (a) Show respect for other class members at all times.(b) Uphold the University Code of Conduct. (c)Participate in class activities in such a way as to maximize learning opportunities for yourself and others. (d) Arrive to class on time and prepared This includes both academic preparation (i. e. , having completed required readings and watched the assigned videos, being prepared to discuss topics and otherwise participate in class activities when appropriate) 2. The students name, STAT 3010. 01, the date, and the assignment type and number (e. g. , HW3) should appear at the top right hand corner of the TITLE page of all products submitted to the instructor for evaluation.3. Ringing cell phones w ill NOT be tolerated in class. If you elect to bring your cell phone to class, SILENCE it and put it away (out of sight). Texting, etc. in class will result in the student being requested to turn the phone off. All cell phones will be placed in backpacks, out of sight, for the duration of the class. 4. Talking to other students during the spill the beans will result in your being asked to leave the classroom. 5. At the end of class, log off of the program you are using, log off of Citrix and log off of the computer (Do not turn it off. ), carefully lower the screen and push your chair in.Suggestions for Academic Success The class is purposefully designed so that if you do the following, you will succeed 1. Read, take notes and study the required reading. 2. Complete the study guides and use them when taking the D2L quizzes. 3. Watch the assigned videos and come to class prepared to perform related activities and to answer questions about the videos. 4. Attend class. 5. Participate actively in class. 6 6. Practice what we have learned in class each day. 7. represent on the associated homework while referencing the reading, your notes, the videos and optionally working with your classmates.Be sure to follow the homework instructions and guidelines specified in Part 1 of the 3010 Supplemental Text. Use the posted sample text file, when available, on D2L as models for your work. Use the rubric. 8. Submit all work on time through D2L. 9. Watch the videos and use the associated commandment notes, when they are available. The videos cover different material than we cover in class. 10. Do not procrastinate WITHDRAWAL FROM THE UNIVERSITY OR FROM INDIVIDUAL COURSES AND ACADEMIC INTEGRITY summertime Term, 2013.Withdrawal Students who find that they cannot continue in college for the entire semester after being enrolled, because of illness or any other reason, need to complete an online form. To completely or partially draw out from classes at KSU, a student must dr aw in online at www. kennesaw. edu, under Owl Express, Student Services. The date the withdrawal is submitted online will be considered the official KSU withdrawal date which will be used in the calculation of any tuition refund or refund to Federal student aid and/or HOPE scholarship programs.It is advisable to print the final page of the withdrawal for your records. Withdrawals submitted online prior to midnight on the last day to withdraw without academic penalty will receive a W grade. Withdrawals after midnight will receive a WF. Failure to complete the online withdrawal process will sustain no withdrawal from classes. Call the Registrars Office at 770-423-6200 during business hours if assistance is needed.Students may, by means of the same online withdrawal and with the approval of the university Dean, withdraw from individual courses while retaining other courses on their schedules. This option may be exercised up until June 28th,2013. This is the date to withdraw without ac ademic penalty for Summer Term, 2013 classes. Failure to withdraw by the date above will mean that the student has elected to receive the final grade(s) earned in the course(s). The only exception to those withdrawal regulations will be for those instances that involve unusual and fully documented circumstances 7.Academic Integrity Every KSU student is responsible for upholding the provisions of the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities, as published in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs. Section II of the Student Code of Conduct addresses the Universitys policy on academic honesty, including provisions regarding plagiarism and cheating, unlicensed access to University materials, misrepresentation/falsification of University records or academic work, malicious removal, retention, or destruction of library materials, malicious/intentional disparage of computerfacilities and/or services, and misuse of student identification cards. Incidents of alleged academic miscon duct will be handled through the established procedures of the University Judiciary Program, which includes either an informal resolution by a faculty member, resulting in a grade adjustment, or a formal hearing procedure, which may subject a student to the Code of Conducts minimal one semester suspension requirement. Final Notes ? ?This syllabus is subject to change at the sole apprehension of the instructor. Any changes will be announced class-wide in a timely manner. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities act, qualified students with a disability may be entitled to reasonable accommodations. It is the students responsibility to dis secretive to the teacher any approved accommodations she/he may have before the end of the first week of class, or within a week of any change of status during the semester..You will need to provide documentation of your disability to the disAbled Student Support Services office, located in the Student Center room 267, and obtain a list of approved accommodations. IMPORTANT I am available to help you when you need help. Simply email me and set up a time to meet with me. admonition Poor planning and procrastination on your part does not fix a crisis on mine. Make sure that you plan and work ahead so that there will be time to ask the questions and for me to respond. ? 8 Additional InformationWriting professionally is a major part of this class. It is important to be able to communicate your statistical findings. Incorrect grammar and misspelled words can and will cause a reduction in points on your homework. If you know that this is a problem, the following resources are available The Writing Center (for all students) http//www. kennesaw. edu/writingcenter/ ESL interpret Tutorial Center (International students) The ESL Study Tutorial Center (University College, Department of University Studies) will be open in the fall Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 5 PM.At the ESL Study Center, we offer the following se rvices and programs for international students tutoring in writing, reading, and pronunciation general education academic advising and registration assistance the Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency entrance examination and the Conversation Partners Program, which matches international students with primeval English-speaking faculty, staff, and students in an exchange of languages and cultures. The ESL Study Center is located in Library Room 442.Please tell your colleagues and the international students in your classes about the ESL Study and Tutorial Center. For further information, please contact David Schmidt at emailprotected edu or 770-423-6377. 9 The syllabus and/or schedule is subject to change at the sole discretion of the instructor. Any changes in the syllabus or the schedule will be announced in class and via e-mail. It is important that you check your e-mail daily. You will not receive grades for Homework if you have not returned this form. Course Syllabus Re view Statement and Signature Form.I have carefully read the syllabus for STAT 3010/01, source Semester 2013, and have had the opportunity to ask the instructor any questions I may have about it. I understand it contents, including the course requirements and grading policy. _____________________________________________ Print notice _______________________________ Signature _________________________ determine Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Academic Integrity Statement In any academic community, certain standards and ethical behavior are required to ensure the unhindered pursuit of knowledge and the free exchange of ideas.Academic honesty means that you respect the right of other individuals to express their views and opinions, and that you, as a student, not engage in plagiarism, cheating, illegal access, misuse or destruction of college property, or falsification of college records or academic work. As a member of the Kennesaw State University academic community you are expecte d to adhere to these ethical standards. You are expected to read, understand and follow the code of conduct as outlined in the KSU graduate and undergraduate catalogs.You need to be aware that if you are found guilty of violating these standards you will be subject to certain penalties as outlined in the college judiciary procedures. These penalties include permanent expulsion from KSU. Read the Academic Integrity Statement and then sign and date in the space below. You are required to abide by these ethical standards while you are a student at KSU. Your signature indicates that you understand the ethical standards expected of you in this academic community, and that you understand the consequences of violating these standards.___________________________________ Print Name ___________________________________ Signature 10 _________________________ Date STAT 3010/01 Tentative Schedule This schedule is subject to change at the sole discretion of the instructor. Any changes will be anno unced in class and an e-mail will be sent on D2L. The information in grey is the portion of the class to be covered online each week. It can be through at your convenience, although it is listed on Tuesday. The time spent ceremonial occasion the videos is no more than 2. 5 hours, in most cases.This is the day that you would have spent in class. If you do not complete the tasks for the online day, you will not be prepared for the next inclass day. The readings and quizzes are homework. Reading is an important part of being prepared for this class. The quizzes are over the reading. There are study guides posted. If you fill these out as you read, you will find that most of the quiz questions are on the study guide. There are also teaching notes posted for the Excel and Minitab videos. It is highly advised that you use the notes as you are watching the videos.All work is to be submitted through D2L. All quizzes are taken on D2L. The quizzes will close at 800 AM on the date listed and will not be reopened. You have two attempts. This will cover the event that your internet freezes during one of your attempts. Because this is an applied class, there are no tests in this class but as you can see, there is a lot of reading and work to be done. Your homework assignments should be treated with the same level of seriousness as a test would be. You may work in study groups however, the work you turn in should be your original product.Homework papers will be randomly selected to be submitted to Turnitin to check for plagiarism. When watching the R videos, use the student R Lessons and type in the code to use in class. If you have not done this prior to class, you will not be able to participate in class. We will be using the code that you create while watching the videos to complete tasks in class. When watching the SAS videos, use the student SAS Lessons and type in the code to use in class. If you have not done this prior to class, you will not be able to participate i n class.We will be using the code that you create while watching the videos to complete tasks in class. Final Note There are basic statistics revaluation videos and videos explaining interpretation of graphics/tables on D2L in the Resources module. 11 development MODULE 1 EXCEL COVERAGE The days in white are days in class and the days in antique are the online days. Class Date Class Coverage photos Coverage Homework/Assignments All Quizzes are due at 8 am on the morning listed. Quiz 0 is over the syllabus. Quizzes 1 6 are over your reading assignments.If you complete the study guide as you read and use it to take the quiz. , you should do well on these. Due today Read the Basic Concepts Manual (use the Quiz 1 study guide) Supplemental Text Ch. 1,2 4 Take Quiz 0 and Quiz 1. These quizzes are due at 800 AM on Monday, June th 11 due to add/drop) 1 Thurs. Introduction to class/Syllabus 05/30 Review of basic statistics Statistics motion-picture shows are available in the Resources Learning Module. If there is a concept that you dont understand or want to review further, refer to these videos.Introduction to Excel Formatting Tables Using Microsoft Equation info Analysis Tab Descriptive Statistics Histograms Frequency Tables The If Statement Stratified Analysis Pie Charts classify Charts Contingency Tables More Contingency Tables Stacked Bar Charts 100% Stacked Bar Charts Random Number multiplication and Sampling assertion Intervals Sample sizing 2 Tues. 06/04 Excel telecasting 1. 0 (1350 min) Excel mental picture 1. 1 (734 min) Excel depiction 1. 2 (734 min) Excel telly 1. 3 (10. 29 min) Excel film 1. 4 (1236 min) Excel Video 1. 5 (830 min) Excel Video 2.1 (950 min) Excel Video 3. 1 (901 min) Excel Video 3. 2 (336 min) Excel Video 3. 3 (453 min) Excel Video 3. 4 (808 min) Excel Video 3. 4B () Excel Video 3. 5 (435 min) Excel Video 4. 1. (556 min) Excel Video 4. 2 (922 min) Excel Video 4. 3 (248 min) 3 Thurs. Basic Statistics Review 06/06 Discuss ho mework expectations and how to make an A in the class. Due today Read the Excel Manual (use the Quiz 2 study guide) Supplemental Text Parts 3 5 800 AM Quiz 0 (syllabus/schedule quiz) Quiz 1 (Excel quiz) Quiz 2 (R quiz)12 LEARNING MODULE 2 R The days in white are days in class and the days in gray are the online days. Class 4 Date Tues. 06/11 Class Coverage R Video 1 (307 min) Video Coverage Downloading Installing R institution R R Basics R as Calculator Manually Entering Data in R Opening Working With Script import Data R Help Pages Saving the Work Space Loading a Previously Saved Workspace Variable Naming Convention the attach() function Subsetting Data Importing Data Subsetting Measures of Central Tendency Frequency Tables.Homework/Assignments All homework/assignments should be completed by the data on which they appear. R Video 2 Work on Homework 1, due at midnight on Saturday, June 15th. R Video 3 (810 min) R Video 4 (1540 min) R Video 5. 1 (1237 min) R Video 5. 2 (713 min ) R Video 5. 3 (1109) 5 Thurs. 06/13 Questions on Excel Introduction to R R Activity Due today Read R Manual (use the study guide) 800 AM Quiz 3 (over the R reading) Bring Code from Videos 2,3, 4 and 5 to class.Saturday 06/15 Homework 1 is due at midnight. If you have problems with the submission, e-mail the document to me immediately. The box will close at midnight. It will be reopened the morning of 6/16 for late submissions. It will close to all submissions at midnight on 6/16. 13 LEARNING MODULE 2 R continued Class 6 Date Tues. 6/18 Class Coverage Video Coverage Homework/Assignments R Video 6 (1134 min) R Video 7 (1335 min) R Video 8 (2105 min) R Video 9 (2106 min) R Video 10Measures of Dispersion Visualization of Univariate Data Visualization of Multivariate Data Random Number Generation and SRS Confidence Intervals Due today Read the Minitab Manual 7 Thurs. 6/20 R Activity R Lab Day (Use Quiz 4 Study Guide) Supplemental Text Parts 6 7 800 AM Quiz 4 (Minitab) LEARNING MODULE 2 Minitab The days in white are days in class and the days in gray are the online days. Class 8 Date Tues. 6/25 Videos for this week are continued on page 15 (SAS) Class Coverage Minitab Video 1 ( 959 min) Mintab Video 2 (628 min).Minitab Video 3 (213min) Minitab Video 4 (723 min) Minitab Video 5 (225 min) Minitab Video 6 (324 min) Minitab Video 7 (553 min) Minitab Video 8 (244 min) Minitab Video 9 (836 min) Minitab Video 10 (427 min) Minitab Video 11 (403 min) Minitab Video 12 (249 min) Minitab Video 13 (606 min) Minitab Video 14 (737 min) Minitab Video 15 (428 min) Videos Data Management Descriptive Statistics Recoding Variables Stratified Analysis Frequency Tables Categorizing Quantitative Variables Pie Charts Ordering Ordinal Variables Bar Charts Boxplots Histograms Scatterplots Contingency Tables Random Number Generation Confidence Intervals.Homework/Assignments Work on Homework 2 14 LEARNING MODULE 3 SAS SQL The days in white are days in class and the days in gray are the onli ne days. Class 8 Contd 9 Date 6/25 Thurs. 6/27 Class Coverage SAS Video 0 (735 min) SAS Video 1 (1935 min) SAS Video 2 (1247) Introduction to SAS Libraries Practice using the code that you authoritative in Videos 0-2. Video Coverage Introduction to SAS SAS Libraries Importing Data Note Have the code from Videos 1 2 ready to use in class today. Homework/Assignments Due TodayRead The SAS Manual (Use Quiz 5 Study Guide) Quiz 5 (SAS) 800 AM 10 Fri. 6/28 Tues. 7/2 Last Day To Withdraw Without Penalty SAS Video 3 (1917 min) SAS Video 4 (1534 min) SAS Video 5 (824 min) SAS Video 6 (1332 min) SAS Video 7 (416 min) SAS Video 8 (1021 min) SAS Video 9 (949 min) SAS Video 10 (707) No Class Today Descriptive Statistics Stratified Analysis Frequency Tables Formatting Contingency Tables Pie Charts Bar Charts Stacked Bar Charts, 100% Stacked Bar Charts Histograms, grouped Histograms Boxplots, Side-by-side boxplots.Reminder Homework 2 is due at midnight tonight. 11 Thurs. 7/04 Select your data set for the final project. You will find the information for data selection in the Data Selection document on D2L. Only one person may use each dataset. They will be assigned first come/first served. Please email me your first three choices in order. You will receive a confirmation from me by email. 15 12 Tues. 7/09 SAS Video 11 (1424 min) SAS Video 12 (752 min) 13 Thurs. 7/11.SAS Video 13 (1146 min) SAS Video 14 (1513 min) Practice activities using the Note Have the code from Videos 1 14 code you received in ready to use in class today. Videos 1 14. Random Samples Confidence Intervals Stratified Confidence Intervals Exporting Data Sampling Confidence Intervals Due Today Read SAS Prep Guide Little SAS Book (Use Quiz 6 Study Guide) Quiz 6 ( SAS Prep Guide Little SAS Book) 800 AM 14 Tues. 7/16 SAS V 15 SQL V 1 (1817 min) SQL V 2 (2901 min) Macros Introduction to SQL SAS SQL.Your data set for the final project should be submitted for approval by today. After this date, there will b e a five point deduction from your project grade. Work on your Final Project 15 Thurs. 7/18 Tues. 7/23 Tues. 7/23 SAS Lab Day Extra Lab Day 800AM 1045AM Bring your final project to class to work on. Bring all code that you have collected in this unit. Attendance is required unless you have turned in your Final Project. I will be available in our classroom to give last minute help with your project. Your final project is due today at midnight. No Late Submissions Will Be Accepted.