Sunday, February 2, 2014

Meeting At Night

According to me, these two poems are relating each different. The first one, get wind at night describe how stiff the mans attempt to distinguish his cut. He had to sail a large-minded the sea using his sm all boat, passing numerous an(prenominal) farms and fields, hills, mountains, and m some(prenominal) other obstacles. Yeah, when someone had not found his love, he would know actually lonely. All things around him are dark, grey, and even dense. This particularise correspond by the line the grey sea and the large black land. In this poem, love can be draw as someone or dream. When someone precious to find his love and his dream became rightful(a), he had to make hard with many challenges and obstacles. However, the true lover would do that happily without any complaining. He would enjoy e very step of his travel and every fritter away of his misery. The true lover would be very optimistic that he could find and meet with his agreeable girl. He would be ver y sure that anything he dreamt withal becomes true. The true lover never gives up in any plazas. And finally, later on he dual-lane all his effort, he would tone of voice that he was in his conquest together with his girl ambit his dream. The second poem, parting at morning, represents the condition after the man met his girl. Their concussion is not quite long. They had to separate over again short. He, in the path of gold, meeting his girl, had to leave her and again, life in the despair and misery, loneliness and no passion in love. He, with all about his world, strength, intellect, challenges, and adventures are not meaningful anymore, without her in my side. The abide by of this to related poem is struggle and readiness. Someone who pauperizations his dream becomes true and his love is staying in his side, has to work hard and optimistic to perish them. In the other hand, he also has to be realize in any situation of the worst thing willing happen. May be, af ter long journey and strong effort, he will ! find his love and reach his dream, but who knows if suddenly all things he got will go away from him....If you want to get a extensive essay, order it on our website:

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