Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Memory plays a major role in terrestrial life. Most people rely on their memory to a greater extent then they should when it is non eternally faithful or undeviating. The national I chose is How memory is not always reliable in an eye-witness statement. The main place where memory is not always dependable is in the court rooms. Eye-witness testimonies are not always cytosine percent usuable because by the time an eye-witness speaks with an detective retroactive rub can lead to difficultiy in accurately recalling what was witnessed. I cogitate that eye-witness testimonies should not highly influence panel decisions because they are not completely accurate. There has been multiple cases in the past few decades in which some one and only(a) has been wrongfully convicted receivable to false eye- witness statements. For example, In July 1984 an unknown man bust into Jennifer Thompsons house, cut off her electricity, and plundered her. flat though it was unrelenting in her house, Thompson claims that she knew exactly what her rapist looked like. 3 days subsequent, objet dart looking at possible offenders in a police line up Thompson picked out Ronald like as the rapist. Even though cotton plant claimed he was innocent he was convicted of one count of rape and one count of burlary. While in prison Cotton came across a man (Bobby Poole) that resembaled him, lived in the same area as him and the victim, and who also had a fib of raping women. Cotton asked for a retrial and was granted. Thompson was brought back to court and was shown the orignal man that she sight had sacked her (Cotton) and also the new possible offender Bobby Poole. later on visual perception both men Thompson was not undisputable who was the true offender and could not accurately remember the lucubrate that were needed to convict the moderate person, so the trial was push aside and Ronald Cotton was sent back to lock away and a gonistic to serve the rest of his sentence. ! Ten years later (1994) Cotton requested DNA testing and was granted. It turned...If you want to make peeing a full essay, order it on our website:

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